Nutrition Foods for Newbie Mother – Every Mom Must Know


However, you are a mother now. A mother of a new baby who does not know the do’s and don’ts activities during pregnancy. Now you are the person who has to take all the responsibility of bringing up your baby. From my personal experience, I can say that after giving birth a woman gets busy with her child forgetting her own health care.

Moreover, the energy she lost in the pregnancy she does not heed any attention on it. As a result, after some days she becomes unhealthy as well as weak. Furthermore, neither she cares of her child nor her so a disaster picture paints on her life. I experienced this situation and saw a lot of mother doing this. But, a bit of concern can be a vital effect on mother and baby’s overall health improvement.

As you lost heavy energy during pregnancy and delivery so after the delivery you need to frame a new diet plan for you. You can discuss with your Doc or health care provider for suggesting the diet.

Nutrition Foods A Mother’s Need:

Below, I have presented a list of nutritious foods that really need you after the delivery. You must eat these foods for gaining the energy to boost yourself again, according to American Pregnancy Association. Keep in mind always the first few months your baby gets food from you. So, having a healthy diet leads your baby a healthy life ahead.


Likewise other fatty fish Salmon could be the best food for the new mother’s diet. It contains loads of DHA which needs every new mother for their baby’s development of the nervous system. Mother’s milk (breast milk) contains DHA so for your baby’s overall health improvement as well as yours you could keep the salmon fish in your diet. Remember one thing; do not cross the limitation of eating salmon 12 ounces per week.

Low-Fat Dairy Products:

Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and milk are full of calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D. We know, vitamin D is the best source for making strengthening the bone. In case of calcium, your baby can get from your breast milk and you can get it from the milk.

Lean Beef:

If you are looking for some energy, protein and vitamin B-12 source of foods then lean beef could be the best source of all of these. As you are weak so you need to be more energetic and refresh to meet up the demands of your angel. You can keep it in your diet to boost up your energy.


Legumes is another source of iron-rich beans. It is also called kidney beans. Best for the breastfeeding mother who is vegetarians. You may find it on the low price a great source of non- animal protein.


An excellent choice of fruit that contains loads of vitamin and minerals as well as carbohydrates for boosting mummies energy levels. It is ideal to keep a couple of fruits or juice in the diet every day. Without hesitation, you can pick the yummy berries for you.

Brown Rice:

Contain calories that need to produce quality milk for your baby. Try to keep mix healthy whole grain in your daily diet to boost up the energy levels.


Another yummy and nutritious fruit should keep in nursing mother’s diet. Likewise, other citrus fruits orange also full of vitamin C that is very essential for newbie mother compares to pregnant mother in order to boost energy and increasing taste of foods.


What to say about eggs? We all know that eggs are a versatile source protein and vitamin D. It must must must keep in your daily diet. You may have it on your lunch or dinner making a scrambled egg or hard boil even salad.

Whole-Wheat Bread:

Baby’s overall health improvement (first few months) related to mummies health. In this case, folic acid, fiber, and iron are also very important for the mother and baby as well. Try to keep enriched whole grain bread or pasta in your diet for a healthy improvement of both.

Leafy Greens:

Adding leafy greens in your diet would be a plus. It contains vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C, iron and antioxidants to keep your heart healthy. Spinach, broccoli, and Swiss chard are the sources of leafy greens veggies.

Whole-Grain Cereal:

You might pass a lot of sleepless night due to your newborn baby. Hence, lacking energy might leads you too weak and unhealthy. In this case, make your good morning with the yummy blueberries, eggs, milk and the whole –grain cereal.


Drinking ton of water is not only good for the new moms but also good for everybody. Water helps to keep you hydrated as well as improving metabolism. If you feel boring drinking water then you could recover it through other fresh fruits juice, coconut water, soups, and milk. Be aware of taking a cold drink as it might cause gas and caffeine like coffee or tea because it might lead you to a sleepless night.


An ideal food for the new mom. Almond is fortified with carbohydrates, vitamin 12, fiber as well as minerals such as copper, zinc, calcium, potassium and so on. Keeping almond in the new mom’s diet would be great for her as well as your baby too.

Final words:

I wish above-mentioned foods could be very beneficial to you. Moreover, you can talk to your health professional for let you help to make your diet plan after delivery. Always remember that you should avoid junk foods or oily foods.

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