About Me


Hi, this is Sujana. I am an independent strong woman. My noteworthy identity is I am a mother of two children and also a baby site blogger. Besides, the part of my job I love to help parents by giving them useful and practical suggestions that I gained through many difficulties.

Normally, we use many products or items for our baby. As a mother, I know how difficult to choose the best product for your baby. In addition, if you are a rookie parent then it’s much more difficult. You have to talk to real parents.

That’s why I share my experience and feelings upon the best baby products and parenting tips.

How I choose the best baby products:

Firstly, I see the products quality which I am going to review. All the products of my site are deeply researched and certified from lots of parents who share their views on the different forum or social groups.

Secondly, I believe on the quality, not the quantity. I think if we do compromise with the money it’s okay but comprise with products quality is not okay especially when it is baby products.

Finally, I do surf on the internet for a particular product on their different e-commerce platforms for the real purchaser. That’s how; I finally select a product for my site.

You can also share your feelings or experience of a product with me. Send me the picture and verdict to me so that after some procedure I can share it on my site.

Thank you a ton for being with smilyparents.com