11 Tips to Avoid Back Pain Due To Breastfeeding


A mother is all in all to her baby. Whether you are a newbie or experienced mother you might know breastfeeding is a divine pleasant time for a baby and a mother. A child’s first feeding comes from the mother. How sweet the moment is! No? Can’t explain in a word.

However, a newbie child needs to feed 10-12 times in a day. In that case, your this exquisite moment can be destroyed or seem to be painful due to back pain while breastfeeding.

It is observed that there are some common issues which are most liable for the back pain of a rookie mother. Among them, the wrong posture during the feeding is the premium cause of back-pain, tension, stress, fault technique are also liable for this.

Let’s have a look how you can get relief from this pain or take initiative so this won’t happen with you in future.

Causes of Back Pain of Rookie Parents:

Before beginning let’s know why could be a backache/back-pain might happen of newbie mother as well as experienced.

Wrong Posture of Breastfeeding:

The prime reason for breastfeeding pain is the improper way of sitting while feeding baby breast. Maximum time parents do not give any heed on this and suffer in the long run.

Pregnancy Labor:

Normally, women experience heavy pain and labor during pregnancy. Sometimes the leftover pregnancy labor pain could be a reason for back pain.

Weighing Up:

Another vital reason is increasing much weight during pregnancy and carrying it for the long run. If you do so, then while feeding your baby you might be fallen in back pain.

Lifting Heavy Objects:

Back pain could be caused off lifting up heavy things/objects before or after pregnancy.

Accidental Fact:

Back pain could be happened due to previous any accident. In addition, pregnancy makes it more painful.

Tips to Get Relief from Back Pains:                                                            

Here are some effective tips to reduce or prevent back-pain due to breastfeeding.

Change Your Posture Frequently:

You don’t need to have the same position for a long time. Try out different breastfeeding posture to give relax of your spinal. You can go for a different position like- lying on the bed, sitting on the chair, standing with a baby carrier. Most important is what best suit you and your baby. Again, you can counsel with experienced mother to know the best position of breastfeeding.

Get Close Your Baby’s Mouth To Your Breast:

While breastfeeding always remember one thing, get your baby’s mouth to your breast for feeding. Never bring your breast to your baby’s mouth- it causes two problems.On one hand, you might keep bending your body while feeding hence your spinal may get affected. On the other hand, in case of large breast, your baby face might get stuck as a result breathing problem.

Sitting On The Appropriate Chair:

If you need to breastfeed on chair be sure it is straight and firm. So that while you breastfeeding on it your spinal stay straight.It is the very healthier posture of breastfeeding. If you are on the sofa or deeply cushioned chair you must keep your body straight through it is strenuous.

Use Pillow During Breastfeed:

Keep a soft pillow underneath your baby while feeding on hand. It will give you wall support during feeding.

Using Baby Carrier Or Wrap While Feeding Stand:

Feeding breast while standing and moving is a good habit to give a break your day sitting. But you must remember, using a baby carrier or a wrap can give you an extra privilege while feeding your little angel! Safety is a paramount issue for a baby so when you use a carrier or wrap you are out of tension if your baby suddenly moves.

Take Spa or Body Massage:

Normally, newbie mother forget their own health caring while taking care of their newborn angel. In that case, I would like to recommend you to get a spa or body message when you get free time. You can get it from your family members or friends. Regular messaging the neck, shoulder and spinal would lessen your back-pain as well as give you a refreshing feeling.

Drink Adequate Water Daily:

Be hydrated during the pregnancy as well as after born of your angel. If you get dehydrate for drinking lack of water it may lead to weakness as well as body pain. Drink at least 3-4 liter water daily. You can fill up a 60-65 ounce bottle or pitcher at morning and be confident to drink the whole by ending the day.

Commence Exercise & Regular Walking:

You should start exercise after the birth of your baby. It could be in two places. Home exercise or “Mommy & Me” yoga class. There are tons of videos on YouTube regarding regular home exercise. Moreover, while your baby is sleeping or napping you could take a walk for 10-15 minutes daily. It will makes your body strong and out of body hazards.

Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps:

A mother never sleeps. Yes, all the way yes. Normally, a newborn baby needs to sleep 10-12 hours daily. Hence, you might also sleep during your baby sleep because you may not get time to sleep when your baby is awake.

Ice & Hot Water Remedy:

An excellent way to get relief from back pain is to alternate heat with cold compress in the pain area. The technique is, keep an ice bag on the pain area for 20 minutes then take a break for 10 minutes and again keep applying heat in the same pain area for 20 minutes. However, keep doing this throughout the day while you are free until getting relief from the back pain.

Maintain A Positive Look:

To be honest, I think God especially gave this opportunity for women to make the mother most precious person in the world! No one can value a bit of mother’s milk by selling the whole world. Be proud and positive all time while breastfeeding. Mediate, breathe deeply especially while sitting, watch television ultimately get relax. Keep yourself always entertain and comfort.

Final Words:

Do not try any experiment with your baby. If it looks hard to taking care of baby then get help from others.Moreover, counsel with others experienced mommies or join online mommies group. You can get loads of experience or problem’s solution out there.


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