Radiation During Pregnancy – How Much Harmful for Mother?


In this article, we are going to talk about radiation effects on pregnancy. If you are pregnant and anticipating new guest you need to read this article. Likewise others precautions before birth, you should be more concern on it.

What Do We Mean By Radiation?

In a normal sense, radiation is one type of energy that moves in the air in the form of rays or particles. It’s quite an innate phenomenon that happens regularly in our planet. In the broad sense, radiation refers to the emission of energy mostly known as EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) which covers very low radio waves to high radio frequency gamma waves. The premium trait of radiation is it can attach to any material like powder, liquid or dust.

In our daily life somehow we get in touch with radiation. Actually, we are surrounded by radiation. You can ask how? Let me tell you, radiation comes off different sources of material and space. One big natural source of radiation is sun rays whereas the human-made sources- microwave, x-ray machine, mobile phone also give off radiation. However, the good news is scientist says that this level of radiation extract from this source do not harm our body even though on a pregnant body. So, you can relax. Moreover, if you get exposed by a massive amount of radiation such as nuclear power plant exploration then it can be perilous for your body as well as can be harmful your baby too.

How Radiation Can Affect During Pregnancy?

In reality, we are living in the ocean of radiation but this does not harm our body as well as the baby in the mother’s womb. Sometimes we hear from people that mobile tower give off radiation which is very dangerous for the human body. To be honest, this tower exposed radiation also not at that level which can harm our body. However, there is not any serious problem here but it can be a paramount problem in case you swallow or breathe radioactive material in your pregnancy period. It might cause birth defects and other problem. The amount of detriment of you and your baby depends on how much close and duration you were or how much you take.

You might remember the history Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom exploration in 1945. If you get in close to this type of situation you might not get sick but your baby may face a serious problem. Scientist says that a heavy amount of radiation is equal to 500 X-ray at a time. Though it is very uncommon again you must know that baby remain in premium sensitive position during the first 2 to 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Problems Might Occur During Pregnancy:

  • Baby’s overall development.
  • Birth defects- obstruct mentally or physically development.
  • Slowness in baby’s growth.
  • Cancer might happen to your baby.
  • Miscarriage- the death of a baby in the womb before 5 months of pregnancy.

Do you know the history of nuclear power plant accident in 1986 in the Chernobyl, Ukraine? The effect was almost 5000 x-ray at a time. The exposure was so extreme that women faced a lot of problems instant! Such as- Headache, losing hair, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea. I do not wish you fall in this situation at any time in your life. But, if you get in close in this situation then immediately contact the Health care provider.

How to Protect You and Your Baby From Radiation:

Though the high amount of radiation is uncommon in our surrounds some precautions must be ensured to the betterment of your upcoming child and you.

It is very common to get in various tastes during pregnancy. Most of the tests are computerized and use radiation to get the result such as- CT OR CAT scan, X-ray and so on. So, tell the doctor that you are pregnant and discuss with him to recommend you radiation less test like ultrasound.

The most important fact that can affect your baby during pregnancy is using a mobile phone or laptop. It is highly recommended to not using mobile phone or laptop in pregnancy.

However, if you need to use it emergency keep it at least 2-3 feet distance from your belly. Moreover, while sleeping keep it 2-3 feet away from yourself. In case of working in radiation prone area or sector then talk to your boss that you are pregnant or else take leave from the job.

Finally, if you face any high radiation exposure then follow the guideline of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Get in the middle of the room and close the door and window as well. In the case of eating, container food is and bottled water is safe.

Final Words:

Be concern of yourself and your upcoming angel all the way. In any emergency, talk with your health care provider immediately. Wish you a happy pregnancy time and best of luck.

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