How Often Should I Change the Baby’s Diaper at Night?

Changing diapers whenever possible during the day is one thing. And I get it.

However, babies don’t stop at night either. So should you change the diaper at night? If so, how frequently?

These are some of the most common questions and in this post I’m going to answer them all.


The Rule: Change it as Often as Possible. but for Nighttime…

I would recommend changing diapers as often as possible. However, for nighttime that’s not possible.

What you can do is assess your baby’s condition. If the diaper is too soiled and wet, then you should change it at least once during night time. But if you see the baby is sleeping and the diaper isn’t that wet, leave it as it is.

Sometimes the baby might wake up at night and that’s the moment you should change the diaper even if it’s a little bit wet. If the diaper is not wet yet and your baby is awake, wait for him to release and then change the diaper.

If you want to get away without changing a single diaper at night, you should look for super absorbent overnight diapers. These diapers are perfect for most heavy wetters.

How to Know When to Change a Diaper at Night?

Most disposable diapers these days have a wetness indicator to judge the condition of the diaper. But until the indicator doesn’t reach its extremity, don’t change the diaper. There’s no point in waking up a sleeping baby.

Another good indicator is your baby’s cry. My baby used to start crying at night when the diaper became wet and I knew it’s time to change the diaper.

Newborn Diaper Changes Frequency

Newborns can urinate almost 20 times a day and of them 1-2 times during the night. So, you should be changing diapers every 2-3 hours. Considering a newborn sleeps 14-17 hours, you should be changing at least 4-5 diapers during this time. But for nighttime, during the time you actually sleep, once or twice is enough.

What About If  You Use Cloth Diapers Instead of Disposables?

Cloth diapers are more comfortable and in some cases safer than disposable diapers. However, I don’t recommend cloth diapers for nighttime use. Cloth diapers should be changed every 1.5 hours and that’s not possible at nighttime.

If you still want to use cloth diapers, look for super absorbent multi-layer versions available in the market. These diapers won’t match the absorbency of disposable diapers, but are better than normal one layer cloth diapers.

Nighttime Diaper Changes Hacks

There are tons of diaper hacks you can look up. For nighttime, follow these tips:

  1. It’s always a good habit to change your baby’s diaper before bedtime. So, your baby gets a fresh start and you won’t have to change frequently.
  2. It’s always best to use a super-absorbent diaper at night. And during the day, you can use your normal disposable diapers or cloth diapers.
  3. If you aren’t worried about diaper rash, you can leave the wet diaper on throughout the night. If it’s not soaking through the pants, then don’t bother waking the baby.
  4. The fit of the diaper also matters. Loose diapers will soak no matter how good the quality is. Experiment a bit at the beginning and see which size fits your baby right.

Final Words

Changing nappies at night can be a pain for most moms. However, if you can establish a routine, you will find yourself awake exactly when your baby wakes up for a nighttime feed. You can utilize this interim period for changing the nappies. Once during the night is okay and won’t be a problem for most parents.

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