12 Easy Tips & Tricks to Prevent the Scariest Diaper Moments


Diapers are the single most amazing inventions ever made!

Well at least for moms like us that’s true!

But still there can be a few scary moments when you really think you can’t handle that poopsplosion. Been there, done that and I think you can do it too.

I have 12 tactics for you. Although they aren’t totally new or out of the world, they should be an opener for you. I would say you will be able to mitigate almost 60% of those bizarre moments, if you follow these tactics.

Let’s get started.

12 Diaper Hacks to Prevent the Scariest Diaper Moments

1. Make Use of the Onesie Effectively— Most Parents Overlook This!

Onesies are some of the most amazing things a parent of a newborn can buy. Apart from being comfortable, they are a lifesaver when it comes to diaper changes.

Have you ever wondered what the shoulder flaps are there for? When the baby makes a huge mess, you can open these flaps and roll the onesie down the baby.

Plus, you can also roll it up and keep the baby’s hands from touching the poop. As a mother of two children, this trick never failed.


2. Diaper That Fits Right, Leaks Less

Often the scariest diaper moments happen because of a misfitting diaper.

So, don’t buy in bulk right away. You need to understand exactly which size fits your baby right.

Take a closer look at the sizing data on the diaper box. Buy a few and look at the fit. It should be snug and should cover the butt completely.

If you find that there’s no red marks or soaking issues, then it’s good to go.

3. Life Saving Hack— Portable Changing Station

Traveling with a baby is one of the toughest things I faced in my life. Where to keep the food, where to keep the diapers and stuff like that always worries a mom.

The worst of the situations is you went shopping and your baby had made a mess. And public changing stations aren’t the most hygienic.

Save your life investing in a portable changing station. It will keep your baby essentials all organized and give you a hygienic place to change the diapers.

The least you can do is carry a diaper bag during travel. That way your life will get easier.

4. Make Best Use of Pee Splash Avoiding Tactics

Pee splashes happen a lot with baby boys. There are 3 tactics that worked for me and you can use too:

  • Throw in a cloth inside the diaper, just before opening it and wait for him to pee.
  • Rub a wet wipe on the belly and see if he pees or not.
  • Always make sure that his little thingy is pointing downwards. Otherwise, the pee will go straight up and ooze from the belly area.

5. Stash up Diapers & Hide Them Everywhere

I don’t recommend buying diapers in bulk as babies grow fast and the sizes keep on changing. However, you should stash up quite a few of them and keep them in all sorts of places.

I used to keep diapers in the car trunk, inside closet drawers, sometimes shoe boxes, always in the handbag and some places I know I will forget. So, when there’s a big mess, you will always find at least one diaper within your reach.

6. Diaper Changing Hack— Keep a New One Under the Old One

This hack is probably too common and every mom I ever met used this at some point. If you are a new mom, this could help.

When you are in a situation where there’s no changing mat, it’s better you make a new diaper your changing mat.

What you do is put the new diaper under the old one and carefully get the old one out. If something pops out, it will drop on the new diaper and not on your floor or bedsheet.

7. Don’t Have a Wipe? Use the Diaper for Wiping

Let’s face it. Every mom always experiences that one instance that there’s no wet wipes left at home. A simple trick is to use a new diaper to clean up the mess.

This trick is more effective when you are outside and you don’t have any piece of cloth to do the job. Diapers in this case, can be a life saver. 

8. Overnight Diapers and Booster Pads to Save the Night

Night time can be tough, especially with babies who pees a lot. If you don’t know yet, there are few overnight diapers made for heavy wetters. These diapers have more retention capacity and will be more likely to hold on to the big messes during the night.

Alternatively, you can buy diaper booster pads that can be put inside regular diapers for adding extra soaking abilities. Whatever works for you, do it.

9. Wet Bags Can Help Keep it Mess-Free

Instead of keeping used diapers inside a cloth bag or plastic buckets, invest in a good wet bag. These bags are waterproof and will keep the smell from mixing with the air.

Once you collect a few diapers, ditch them out and just wash the bag to use it right away. Wet bags can be more handy during travel and will save you from running across the pavement searching for a trash can.

10. Pacifier in the Poop? Get a Pacifier Clip

This happened to me. I was changing the diapers and my baby’s pacifier suddenly popped out and fell into the poop. Yew! And I had to throw the pacifier away.

You don’t have to do that. Just get a pacifier clip and forget the trouble. Whether you are changing at home or outside, that pacifier is moving nowhere.

11. Nightgowns Are Better Than Onesies at Night

Trust me, I love onesies. But I think nightgowns are more suitable during sleeping time compared to onesies. When your baby makes a mess, you won’t have to struggle with the flaps and undoing the onesies. Nightgowns have an open bottom that makes them perfect for these situations.

12. Use Doggy Poop Bags Instead of Disposable Diaper Bags— $$ Save Money

This hack will save you money. Disposable diaper bags are expensive and when you see prices of dog poop bags, you’ll know the difference. They do the same job and if you look at some of the online reviews in dog poop bags, you’ll see many moms using it for their babies.

Final Words

I guess these 12 tactics should be enough to help you tackle big poop messes. Diapers can often cause rashes. So, you need to find some ways to treat rashes before they become causes of stress. When you are at home, make sure your baby gets enough air to his bottom area. 24 hours of diaper is nothing to be proud of. In fact, use diapers only when it matters most.

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