How to Treat Diaper Rash at Home


Diaper rash is a very common phenomenon that a mother deals with her baby at the early age of the or so long the baby’s life.

In general, diaper rash refers to red or tender of baby’s skin mostly on diaper area. In a broad sense, diaper rash is a condition that a baby suffers from pain beneath the diaper looks like a little puffy red and tender spots.

Normally, in this situation, the baby gets irritated and wants to rub the affected area every now and then. As a result, more rashes with the extensive area and more pain to your baby.

You may be worrying about the diaper rash, However, I promise you if you read out the whole article thoroughly you will be a master on the diaper rash treatment in a pro way.

How My Baby Get Affected By Diaper Rash

Baby affect by diaper rash in different ways. Even though, baby’s own urine could be the cause of baby’s rash on the skin. Let’s have a binocular surveillance eye on the way how baby gets affected by diaper rash.


As I mentioned early even baby’s own urine might be the cause of a rash on the skin. When baby accomplished his stool baby’s urine get to connect with the bacteria and turns it into ammonia.

Moreover, after using, all diaper leaves some moisture which causes prone to a rash on the baby skin. Again, wearing a diaper (wet or solid) for a long time could be the major cause of diaper rash.

Sensitive Skin & Chemical Sensitivity:

Some babies have sensitive skin as it might be the cause of the rash. Moreover, the chemical sensitivity of baby also a major culprit of rash. Fragrance, detergent, or other chemical using in the diaper production might be the cause of irritation of baby’s skin consequently rash on the skin.

Antibiotics or Yeast Infection:

Bacteria and yeast love to strafe on the warm and moist area hence the baby’s diaper area is the premium choice for them. Especially in the baby’s folds and cracks area.

Moreover, baby on antibiotics or breastfeeding mother might be taking antibiotics hence this medicine kills the healthy bacteria which keep your baby away from yeast. Sometimes antibiotics cause diarrhea consequently diaper rash.

How to Remove Diaper Rash:

Here Are Some Pro Preventive Measures to Keep Diaper Rash At Bay.

Change Dirty Diaper Frequently:


Changing diaper frequently can lead your baby away from diaper rash. It is recommended changing the dirty diaper every 2-3 hours. It will make the diaper area less moisture and dry consequently a refresh skin and mood.

Clean The Diaper Area Gently:

While changing the dirty diaper clean the area every time gently. You can use water or baby wipes or soft clean cloth to clean the dirty place. In case of an extensive diaper, you might use a squirt bottle to clean.

If your baby is skin sensitive then it would be better to avoid alcohol and fragrance-free material. After cleaning the area let the wet skin to dry for a while. Dry skin is the most effective defense to combat against diaper dermatitis.

Apply a Zinc Oxide Diaper Cream:

If you notice that your baby’s skin has extensive red diaper rash then you may apply a zinc oxide diaper cream on it. You may be worrying about what to do while changing a diaper and cleaning every time. You do not need to remove the cream in every diaper change. It is okay to remove it at night for one time.

Don’t Use Powder:

It is seen to mother giving powder on the rash area. We strongly suggest you do not do this anymore because it might be harmful to your baby’s lunge in case of inhaled. Moreover, specialist says, powder applying on the rash area can make the yeast rash more badly.

Apply New Food One After Another:

Introducing new foods especially solid food for an item at one time could be the best practice to determine whether it would be good for your baby or not. You will get some time to examine the food sensitivity causing diaper rash. If so, then remove the food from your baby’s diet chart.

Loose Fitting Clothing:

Do not tie the diaper tightly as there will be no space for air circulation. Consult with the doctor about the right size of your baby diaper. Moreover, put your baby on loose-fitting cloth for a flexible movement.

Breastfeeding for a Long Time:

Though it is not clear why but it is confirmed that longtime breastfeeding babies are less prone to diaper rash. Hence, try to breastfeed your baby as long as you can. It will works for both in avoiding diaper rash as well as a healed body to your baby.

Antibiotics vs Probiotics:

As we know antibiotics kill the healthy bacteria hence while taking antibiotics for both of you ask the doctor to give you probiotics. It will encourage healthy bacteria to grow which might fight against the rash.

Consult With A Doctor In Case Of Skin Infection:

If the rash stays for a long time then it may turn into a skin infection. How to understand? Let me clear you if your baby suffers from pain in that area than pain will turn into a fever. Plus, it is spreading in lieu of decreasing after treatment. Consult with the baby health professional and consult about the matter without ado.

Final words:

Likewise all other health issues or diseases diaper rash is also common phenomenon in babyhood. You do not need to be worried about it at all. Just taking some precaution and a bit of concern can give you freedom from this tension. If you are busy with your profession and want to send your baby daycare even preschool, get assure the caregivers has sound knowledge over diaper rash and above precautions. Have a wonderful parenting time!

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