Baby Items That Start With H

As parents, we understand the joy and excitement of preparing for a new addition to the family. Amidst the whirlwind of emotions, it’s essential to remember all the baby items that can make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

In this article, we delve into the world of baby items that start with H, aiming to assist fellow parents in navigating the vast array of options. From handy high chairs to cozy hooded towels, let’s rediscover the invaluable essentials that begin with the letter H, ensuring both comfort and convenience for our little ones.

18 Baby Items That Start With H

1.High Chair

high chair

Introducing the Multifunctional EZ Seat – the ultimate solution for modern moms. This versatile high chair effortlessly transforms into an infant high chair, a toddlers chair, and a traditional dining chair for all ages. With quick adjustments in under 20 seconds and no tools required, it’s a space-saving addition to your home. Experience peace of mind with its advanced heat sterilization process, ensuring a hygienic dining environment for your child. Say goodbye to hassle and hello to convenience with the Multifunctional EZ Seat.

2. Hooded Towel

Hooded towel

Introducing SYNPOS Hooded Baby Towels – the perfect blend of comfort, absorbency, and adorable design. Made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester, these towels maintain their shape and softness even after machine washing. The double-layered terry towel offers superior water absorption, ensuring your baby stays dry and warm after baths. With a cute fox face and ear design that stimulates audio recognition, these towels add extra charm to your baby’s bath time. Each set includes 5 washcloths and a generously sized hooded towel, suitable from newborn to small toddler.

3. Humidifier 


Experience the ultimate comfort with the Cool Mist Humidifier. This versatile device uses ultrasonic vibration to transform water into a cool hydrating mist that can run for up to 24 hours. Adjust the mist intensity with the twist of a knob, from a gentle mist to a tropical rainforest feel. The BPA-free water tank ensures safety and peace of mind. Additionally, it doubles as a diffuser, allowing you to add essential oils for easier breathing and covers a large area of up to 320 square feet. With a color-changing nightlight feature and an auto-stop function when the water runs out, this 3-in-1 device creates a soothing atmosphere for a restful night’s sleep.

4. Huggies Diapers

Huggies diapers

Experience the ultimate comfort and protection with Huggies Little Movers Diapers. Celebrating 100 years of Disney, these limited edition designs offer up to 12 hours of comfortable wear for babies weighing 22-37 lbs. With a curved and stretchy fit, these diapers eliminate gaps and prevent leaks, ensuring worry-free playtime. The double grip strips keep the diaper securely in place while the fast-absorbing DryTouch Liner locks away wetness. Designed for babies on the move, these diapers are safe for sensitive skin, fragrance-free, lotion-free, paraben-free, and free of chlorine and latex.

5. Hairbrush and Comb Set

Hairbrush and comb set

Introducing our baby hairbrush and comb set, designed with both parent and baby in mind. The chunky handles make it easy to hold for both of you. The comb features dual-density teeth, allowing adjustments for the thickness and dampness of your baby’s hair. The brush boasts extra-soft bristles, gentle on your baby’s sensitive scalp. With fine dual-density toothed comb and extra soft brush bristles, this set offers the perfect combination for your baby’s hair care needs.

6. Handprint and Footprint Kit

Handprint and footprint kit

Create lasting memories with the Luna Bean Handprint and Footprint Impression Kit. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to capture your baby’s hand or footprint, including clay, cutting rings, letter stamps, glaze finish, and more. The safe and non-toxic materials ensure a worry-free experience for both children and adults. Suitable for babies and fur babies, this keepsake can be displayed as an ornament, wall hanging, or on a tabletop easel. Follow the detailed instructions for optimal results and cherish these precious moments for a lifetime.

7. Hiking Baby Carrier

Hiking baby carrier

Discover the besrey Hiking Backpack Carrier, designed for the safety and comfort of your toddler. With soft 5-point seat belts and flexible straps, your child will enjoy the trip securely. The detachable sunshade protects from rain, wind, and sun, while the washable drool pad keeps their face clean and cozy. Lightweight yet sturdy, this backpack can carry a baby weighing 16-44 lbs. The flexible design fits various parent shapes, and the ample storage space allows you to pack essentials conveniently. Embark on adventures with ease using this reliable hiking backpack carrier.

8. Haakaa Baby Feeder Pacifier

Haakaa Baby Feeder Pacifier

A versatile and safe solution for feeding and teething babies. Made from 100% food-grade silicone, this innovative design allows for milk freezing with a pouch cover, creating frozen milk and a cooling teether. The soft silicone pouch with small holes enables easy self-feeding, introducing solids without the risk of choking. It also serves as a soothing teether for teething pain relief. With an easy-to-hold handle and made from BPA-free, latex-free, and phthalate-free materials, this dishwasher-safe feeder promotes independence and improves hand-eye coordination. Perfect for babies aged 4 months and above.

9. Halo Sleep Sack

Halo sleep sack

The ultimate wearable blanket for your baby’s safe and cozy sleep! Made with 100% cotton fabric, it offers a soft and stretchy feel, perfect for swaddling. With adjustable swaddle fasteners, it provides a customizable fit for your little one. The innovative 3-way swaddle design allows for arms-in, one-arm-out, and two-arms-out positions, facilitating an easy transition. The inverted zipper allows for quick diaper changes, while the sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating. Suitable for newborns weighing 6-12 pounds, this SleepSack ensures a safe sleep environment until the baby shows signs of rolling over or breaking out of the swaddle.

10. Hamper for Baby Laundry


Hamper for baby laundry

Upgrade your laundry storage with the Mziart Large Capacity Laundry Basket. Made from eco-friendly linen and canvas fabric with a waterproof PE coating, this basket is lightweight, sturdy, and wipeable. With a cute floral design, it’s perfect for a baby nursery and easily matches any room theme. The basket features handles for easy carrying and is foldable for convenient storage. It has a large capacity, making it ideal for storing 30+ clothes or 50+ baby clothes. Additionally, it can be used for toys, books, clothes, and more, making it a versatile and functional home decor item for any space.

11. Hat and Mitten Set

Hat and mitten set

Introducing this set of comfortable and adorable baby mittens and caps. Made with 100% cotton rib fabric (93% cotton and 7% rayon for Heather color), these imported mittens and caps ensure softness and comfort for your little one. The set includes four caps and four pairs of mittens, perfect for keeping your baby cozy. The caps feature soft cuffs, while the mittens prevent accidental scratches. With the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certification, you can trust the safety and quality of these items. The art on the caps is designed with gold foil, adding a touch of charm to your baby’s outfit.

12. Hygiene Kit for Babies

Hygiene kit for babies


Discover the ultimate baby care kit that meets all your needs. The Doctor-trust-choice 30-in-1 Baby Essentials set includes newborn electric nail care kits, healthcare kits, and hair brush comb kits. Made with high-quality stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, these tools are safe for your baby. The ergonomic design ensures accuracy and comfort, with features like soft nasal aspirators, precise nail clippers, and gentle toothbrushes. The 2023 newest addition is the Queenii baby electric nail care kit, offering convenience and safety. This comprehensive kit makes a perfect gift for expecting moms or first-time parents, suitable for baby showers, birthdays, and Christmas presents.

13. Hallway Safety Gate For Babies

Health and safety gate

Extra Wide 2-in-1 Safety Gate, designed to provide security and convenience for your home. With an expandable width of 24-40.5 inches and a height of 28.75 inches, it is perfect for stairways, doorways, and hallways. The gate is adjustable and can be easily removed for storage. Made with durable all-steel construction, it includes a walk-through door and a safety-lock feature for added peace of mind. Suitable for children aged 6-24 months.

14. Head Support & Strap Cover for Baby Car Seats

Head Support & Strap Cover for Baby Car Seats

Ensure your baby’s comfort and safety with the Baby Head Support and Strap Cover Set featuring silver ion technology. This set is designed to keep your little one secure and cozy in car seats, strollers, and bouncer seats. Crash-tested and compatible with 3 or 5-point harness systems, it guarantees peace of mind during travel. The multi-stage head support with a removable inner layer adapts to your baby’s growth, while the extra-long strap covers provide added comfort and protection. Experience worry-free journeys with this essential baby accessory set.

15. Handmade Baby Mobile For Cribs

Handmade baby mobile


Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your nursery with this modern and visually captivating nursery mobile. Handmade with non-toxic felt, hypoallergenic filling, and a beechwood hoop, each piece is securely tied to prevent sliding. Installation is effortless, and customization is possible by adjusting the position of the pieces on the string. This mobile serves as a perfect gift for baby showers or new parents, stimulating brain development and adding charm to photo shoots.

16. High-Contrast Baby Book

High-Contrast Baby Book

Stimulate your newborn’s vision and brain development with our black and white high contrast baby books. Featuring 12 animal and plant patterns in 6 different colors, these sensory toys capture your baby’s attention while enhancing cognitive abilities. Made from safe, soft, and non-toxic materials, these newborn toys are perfect for exploration and soothing emotions. The versatile design allows for easy attachment to strollers and high chairs, promoting hand-eye coordination and grasping skills. It’s a thoughtful gift for newborn boys and girls, wishing them a healthy and bright future.

17. Huggable Plush Toy 

Huggable Plush Toy

Introducing these cuddly and huggable plush cat toys, made with premium quality fabric for a soft and cozy finish. These cute and lovable plushies become your child’s faithful companion and best friend, providing comfort and memorable playtimes. With endless hugs to offer, this special Plush Cat is the perfect gift of love and comfort. These soft companions are adored by children and adults alike, making them great toys for animal-themed parties and thoughtful presents for any occasion. Let your little ones’ imaginations soar with these irresistibly cuddly plush toys that bring joy and warmth to their world.

18. Heat-Sensing Baby Spoons

Heat-Sensing Baby Spoons

This baby product, originating from China, comes in a compact package with dimensions of 14.732 cm length, 5.588 cm width, and 1.016 cm height. With a weight of 0.15 lbs, this item provides convenience and ease of use for parents and caregivers.

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