12 Baby Items That Start With Y (For Baby Shower Game & Shopping)


As a parent, you might want to keep track of all the baby items starting from alphabets A-Z.

However, it’s tough to figure out items that start with the letter Y.

This could even help you to crack the baby shower games and most people get stuck at Y.

With some digging and jiggling with experienced mommies, I found 12 such baby items. Check them out!!

12 Baby Items That Start With Letter Y

1. Yarn Bootie

Zefen Knit Crochet Baby Booties

• The zefen knit crochet baby booties are handmade with good quality cotton yarn or thread, making them perfect for a newborn baby.

• They are designed to stay on snugly, so they won’t easily come off, and they are still suitable for up to 11 months old.

They are very durable and easy to care for, making them a great gift for an expectant mother or baby shower.

Yarn booties are little socks for babies that are made from cotton yarn. The yarn fabric is interlocked with either knitting, weaving or crocheting.

It’s a common baby item and most babies at 0-3 months of age will be able to use it.

The primary reason to buy yarn booties is to provide comfort and protection to the small baby feet. These socks are breathable and so your baby’s feet won’t sweat. On the contrary, they will also keep the little feet warm.

It might not be the most attractive gift for a baby shower. But you can mix it up with other small gift items.

2. Yoyos

Kids Yo-Yo
  • Classic yo-yo for kids featuring a colorful cat donut on both sides.
  • Adjustable string to fit both new and experienced users.
  • Made of quality materials and perfect for party favors and gift ideas.

Who doesn’t know about Yoyos! It’s a kind of toy made with two symmetrical discs with a string to pull it off.

It can be a bit tricky for a child to learn Yoyo confidently. However, that’s the reason you wanna have one as it will teach your baby hand-eye coordination.

Most yoyos intended for babies are curved out of wood. So, they are lightweight and nontoxic. Given the nature of babies to suck on everything and anything, such a toy will be safe.

When your baby gets a hang of the wooden yoyo, you can get him an auto return yoyo. These are easier to pull and give him a sort of new experience.

3. Yellow rubber duckie

Yellow Rubber Duckie

  • weighted and balanced to float upright, sealed to block out moisture, and is a great first bath toy for babies.
  • Its larger size and lack of holes prevents it from taking in water and growing mold like other rubber duckies.
  • Ideal toy for babies playing when showering

The classic aged old yellow rubber duck is a staple item of babies in the U.S and a lot of other countries. The bright yellow body and the red beak attracts babies and the cute look makes it even more loveable.

The earlier rubber ducks wouldn’t float. However, these days, the rubber ducks can float and can be a great companion for your baby when he is bathing.

In most cases, these rubber ducks are made from vinyl plastic which can be safe, provided the baby doesn’t ingest any large piece. As the rubber duck will only be used during the bath, there’s nothing to worry about.

4. Yarn Animals

Natural Crochet Bunny Rattle

  • Hand made Crochet Sleepy Bunny Head with Soft Rattle, perfect for newborn gifts and baby showers
  • Ideal for baby’s First Soft Toy
  • Great for newborn announcements, milestone photos, Easter Basket and Christmas Stockings

Just like a Yarn bootie, Yarn animals are made from the same stuff. Only this time, they are shaped into different kinds of animals or other characters.

Usually, you will find rubber stuffed animals. But the issue is they aren’t always safe and your child will have a hard time chewing on them.

With Yarn animals, your baby will get a sense of touch and also bite and chew into them without any stress or safety issues. You can also clean them easily. Just give them a wash after a few days and let them dry under the sun.


5. Yogurt melts

Yogurt Melts

  • Yogurt Melts Freeze-Dried Yogurt and Fruit Snacks are made with real fruit and perfectly sized for tiny hands.
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives are used in the snacks.
  • Gerber is committed to providing quality ingredients, nutritious food, and expert guidance for your baby’s nutrition.

Ahh! Yogurt melts are super yummy snacks that you can give your baby from time to time. These are simple tiny bits of yogurt made to fit the hands of a baby.

So, just when your kid learns to grasp food items at about the 9 month age, you can introduce the yogurt melts.

While you can make yogurt melts at home from usual yogurt, there are a lot of brands that sell premade versions. The store bought ones also have many extra nourishing ingredients like vitamins, calcium and potassium.

Chances are even you might start eating a few pieces while your baby is going for it.

6. Yams

Fresh Purple Sweet Potatoes

  • Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potatoes are a nutritious, low-calorie and fat-free alternative to regular potatoes.
  • They are high in fiber and great for those who are carbohydrate sensitive.
  • They are packed with antioxidants and may have dark pigmentaton on the skin.


Yam is a common baby food in many countries, especially, in the U.S. Most parents might refer Yam to mashed sweet potato. However, in reality Yams are a different kind of sweet potato with a tougher exterior and pinkish interior.

Yams are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Iron. When your baby reaches 6 months, you can start feeding him some Yams mixed up with unsweetened apple juice and nutmeg. In fact, the whole family can eat this along with the baby.

You can also add the Yam to your baby’s soup or use it as an alternative to Pumpkin in many pumpkin recipes.

7. Yacht toy set

Yacht Toy Set

  • Wind-Up Bath Toy Boat for toddlers with sailing action without the need of batteries.
  • 6 Rubber Water Squirters Toy Boats with 3 different shapes.
  • Made from 100% Recycled Plastic, No Phthalates or other harmful substances.

Yacht toys will serve the purpose of the Yellow rubber duck. These are simple plastic yachts that can float on water. So, whether your kid is bathing in the tub or with you in the pool, you can keep one or two floating yachts.

This will keep him busy and distracted while you apply soap and shampoo to clean him up. You can find them in all sorts of color and sizes. However, don’t give them to small babies as they might have little parts that can be ingested. So, 3 years is the recommended age.

8. Yellow bus popup play tent

Yellow Vehicle Toy Gift for Boys and Girls

  • Creative and imaginative play: Pop-up tent encourages realistic role play and creativity.
  • Spacious play area: Multiple openings and hidden rear entrance allow for endless fun and adventure.
  • Easy setup and storage: Hassle-free assembly with no tools needed, and folds flat for easy storage. Safe and durable material ensures safe play for your child.

The Yellow bus popup tent is an interesting product that can be used by babies and toddlers. It’s a collapsible tent that has the shape and design of a school bus with two openings on top to stand up with the head.

The yellow color is the key here as it will attract most babies. The best thing is it is collapsible and won’t eat your space by any means. Once your baby is done playing, you can keep it away in a bag or inside the closet.

9. Yettie Yorkie cuddle toys

Yettie Yorkie Cuddle Toys

  • Yettie the Yorkie plush toy features a lifelike and breed specific design, appealing to Yorkshire Terrier lovers of all ages.
  • Made with high quality plush and soft polyester fill, Yettie’s expressive eyes give a realistic expression to this lovable plush dog.
  • Designed in the U.S.A., safe for all ages over 24 months and exceeds both U.S. and European safety standards.

The Yettie Yorkie is a cuddle toy that comes in the form of various animals. It’s a plush stuffed toy that can add comfort to your little one as he will be able to cuddle it and develop attachment to it.

Well, it’s a pretty common household thing in the U.S and the company Douglas Inc. has been making it since 1956. Babies from 2 years age can use it without any safety concerns.

Though you can’t wash the Yetti Yorkie, you can wipe it clean with a wet cloth.

10. Yo Baby Kick Flipper

No products found.

The Yo Baby Kick Flipper is an ingenious skate training board that can help your child to get started without any risk of falling or injury. It doesn’t have wheels and lays flat on the ground.

All your child has to do is to stand on it and try jumping with it. It will help him learn to balance from an early age and also make him interested in riding in future.

It can be used both outdoors and indoors. But it’s best to use it indoors on a soft surface when your baby hasn’t reached 3 years of age yet.

11. Yoxo Building toy

Yoxo Building toy

  • STEM building educational toy set with enough blocks, wrenches, moveable wheels, nuts, and bolts for up to 4-6 kids.
  • Includes 42 designs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced builders.
  • Non-toxic and certified Phthalate, Lead, Cadmium, and BPA-free, perfect for learning and boosting problem-solving skills, social skills, and more.

Yoxo is an award winning building toy set just like the Lego. It has a different sort of blocks for building and has a lot more imaginative combinations than Lego.

If you want your child to excel in maths and science, you mighty grab one now. He will be able to build stuff ranging from flowers, cars, houses and maybe something new that you have never seen.

What this does is gives your child an opportunity to think out of the box and use his imagination to the fullest.

12. YBike Balance Bike

YBike Balance Bike

  • The YBIKE Evolve is a 3-in-1 balance bike designed to help young children develop valuable motor skills and transition to a pedal bike when ready.
  • Easily change the Evolve to a two-rear wheel balance bike for initial stability and then a single rear wheel for a more advanced running bike.
  • Suitable for children 2 – 5 years old, with adjustable saddle height, quick release lock on pedals, aluminum frame, rubber grips, and more.

The Ybike balance bike might be the first ever bike your baby is going to ride. These bikes don’t have any paddles and require your kid to sit and use his own legs to ride it.

Due to the design these bikes remain stable and the lightweight structure won’t hurt your kid even if he falls. It will help him to learn balance from an early age and master similar vehicles in the future in quick time.


Why would you want to know about baby stuff that starts with letter Y?

1. To shine at the baby shower game

It could be that you are going to a baby shower. And the possibilities are high, you will be asked to name a few baby items. So, to stay ahead of the game, you want to know about baby stuff that starts with Y.

Or, you might be the host and want to throw a baby stuff name game. This will help you to beat others as finding baby items with the Y letter is pretty tough.

2. Organize your shopping list for the newborn

You might have a baby coming in a few weeks. So, there’s a good chance you will go all out shopping. It’s better to keep an alphabetically organized list of all baby essential items. You can also use this list as a reference to buy gifts for other friends and family members who are expecting a baby.

3. You are just a curious learner

Maybe you just had a random thought about baby stuff that starts with Y. Sure, it can happen. There’s a lot of unique stuff that you probably haven’t heard of yet. So, this is a good chance to hone your vocabulary.

Final Words

I hope you had a wonderful time reading this post. If you are a fancy parent, you might as well buy them all to have a full collection of all baby items starting with Y or surprise another parent with one of these unique items.

Last but not least, you should also check out other baby items that start with the following letter to ensure you are not missing anything for your loved ones!

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