Baby Item That Starts with A (25 Ideas) – 2023 Guide

While playing word games with little kids, we always have those classic A for Apple and B for Balls. To make these word games a little more interesting, you can list up all the baby items that begin with A. 


It’s fun and more than that, it’s easier for your kids to memorize words when there is a realistic reference for the words. You may already have most of these baby items at home. 

Here’s a whole list of baby stuff starting with the letter A. If you are running short of item names with A, you are welcome to borrow some from us.

25 Baby Items That Start With The Letter A

1. Alphabet Book

]An alphabet book is a kid’s first book in his life. This particular book comes with 27 alphabet buttons to make the learning fun. 

Babies can listen and learn when parents aren’t around as well. This is the best part about this alphabet book.


2. Animal Plush Toy

Bedtime Originals Choo Choo Express Plush Elephant

You might have bought tons of stuffed animals for your baby already. There’s no need to explain how much little toddlers love an animal plush toy.

It becomes their first friend. Some kids can’t even sleep with their favorite stuffed animal. This elephant plush toy is one of the cutest baby items.


3. Activity Play Mat

 Eners Baby Gyms Play Mats Musical Activity Center

Newborns and toddlers up to 3 months can lay comfortably on the padded mat. They can kick the hanging little toys with their legs, or sit and play the piano gym.


4. Abacus

hand2mind Mini 20-Bead Wooden Rekenrek Abacus

An Abacus is a learning device for kids. It helps them learn and practice numbers and calculations through playing with wooden beads and slid. 

It’s a great STEM baby item starting with A, suitable for ages 3 years and up.


5. Alphabet Puzzle

 Melissa & Doug Sound Puzzles Set

Alphabet puzzles are suitable for toddlers ages between 3 to 5 years. It’s a STEM game that needs a minimum analytical ability to solve the puzzles.

Besides, it helps your child’s development and learning.


6. Animal Book

Kids love to read books with pictures. Visual graphics attract children very much.

With this Animal Book, you can give your child a little visual tour of the animal kingdom. Here they can get to know more than 1500 species.


7. Aromatherapy Essential Oils 

Lavender Bubble Bath

It’s a bubble bath formula specially made for kids with aromas and natural essential oil. It’s gentle on the skin of kids of all ages.

This bubble bath formula offers a soothing and relaxing bath with a nice smell. Your kids can now enjoy their bath time.


8. Antibacterial Hand Soap

Kutol Health Guard 21310 Antibacterial Hand Soap

Well, we all know the importance of washing our hands, especially after the COVID situation. This antibacterial soap will keep your little loves safe from all germs and bacteria.


9. Anti-Rebound Bar Accessory

 Britax Anti-Rebound Bar Accessory

Anti-Rebound Bar offers extra security for your kids when they sit on their car seats comfortably. This bar offers more legroom for the child and helps to reduce movements in case of accidents. 

This particular model is for Britax One4Life Car seats. But you can choose one that’s compatible with your model.


10. Anti Tip Straps 

The Baby Lodge TV and Furniture Anti Tip Straps

As soon as your child starts toddling around, it’s time to baby-proof the house. It’s necessary both for your kid’s safety and saving your furniture and other accessories like TV, Desktop monitors, etc. 

These anti-slip straps will hold your TV and furniture anchored with walls. So, if your child wants to pull or push the item, it won’t move or fall down.


11. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy

 Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy

This one is a must-have baby item for all moms. This ointment heals diaper rash within just six hours.

Kids with sensitive skin, and sometimes normal skin also, experience rash and irritation in their intimate areas. This ointment works like magic on them.


12. Art Set

 Sunnyglade 185 Pieces Double Sided Trifold Easel Art Set

Preschoolers when ages 3 and up, learn to write and hold pen and pencil. This is the perfect age when they can learn to draw and develop their skill in art and crafts.

For art-loving kids, this art set can be the most perfect gift as it has every item necessary for art.


13. Anti-Collision Foam Playpens

 Large Baby Playpen

A playpen is a little park in the home for kids. They can spend hours in their playpens jumping and laughing and playing with all their toys.

And an anti-collision playpen offers maximum safety as all of its sturdy steel or metal pipe and stands are padded and covered.


14. Anxiety Relieving Fidget Toy

Stress and Anxiety Relief Tools Bundle for Kids

Special kids often get anxious and stressed even without any visible reasons. If your kid has been diagnosed with ADHD or autism, This fidget toy can help.

This sensory fidget set has 24 pieces of toys. Simple playing, squeezing, and stretching with this toy can relieve your kid’s anxiety and stress.


15. Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

 Philips AVENT Anti-Colic Baby Bottles

This baby item that starts with A is amazing for moms who are bottle-feeding their babies. This BPA-free bottle is designed to prevent and reduce colic, gas, and reflux issues.

Its Airfree vent helps to feed your baby with ease while sitting in an upright position. Airfree vent keeps the nipple full of milk or formula, preventing air mixed with the milk.


16. Activity Walker

Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker

This is one of the best baby stuff that starts with A, the Activity walker for toddlers. The uniqueness of this product is that it has three wooden alligators and three wooden bug beads.

The mouths of these alligators click and clack when they push the walker. This walker is gonna encourage your little toddler to walk more since it makes walking fun


17. Apparel Set

It’s a set of 6-piece bodysuits for babies (available in different sizes). This apparel set comes with cotton bodysuits in neutral colors. So, you can buy it for your kids or as a gift for others too.


18. Anti Lost Wrist Link

 GUAGLL Anti Lost Wrist Link

If you take your toddler out frequently, this might be a necessary baby item for you. This anti-lost wrist link rope will keep you and your baby connected without holding your kid’s hand upwards.


19. Adjustable Silicone Baby Bibs

Bella Tunno Wonder Bib - Adjustable Silicone Baby Bibs

This adjustable silicone baby bib is the ultimate solution for the mess while feeding the baby. It’s silicon made. So it is easy to wash and dry. Adjustable snaps allow it to grow with the baby too.

You can save up some money spent on the fabric baby bibs since it’s durable and reusable.


20. Alexa and Google Assistant-Enabled Baby Monitor

Smart Baby Monitor - Alexa Enabled and Google Assistant Enabled with WiFi

Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled baby monitors are quite handy and easy to control. There’s no need to download a different app to control the baby monitor.


21. Anti-Rolling Blanket

 Baby Brezza Safe Sleep Swaddle Blanket

Some parents simply find it hard to tuck their baby in a crib or bassinet. On the other hand, some babies move a lot while sleeping.

However, tucking is important and every parent knows that. With this-Anti-Rolling Blanket, you can do that with a lot more ease and fast. It helps to keep the newborns and infants comfortable, yet safe in their cribs.


22. Anti-Slip Ankle Socks

Toddlers often slip on the floor or tiles while walking with their shaky legs. Anti-Slip ankle socks will keep them safe.

It’s been designed with a special grip pattern under the socks which prevents sudden slips and falls.


23. Anti UV Anti-fog Goggles

Another baby item that begins with A. If your older toddlers love to ski or snow skating, then this is a must-have for them.

It’s great snow equipment that protects your kid’s eyes from UV rays. It doesn’t get blurred with the fog. So, not only for skiing or snow skating, if your kids often go out while it’s snowing, you can get these anti-fog goggles for them.


24. Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool

Adjustable Height Kitchen Step Stool

This adjustable height standing tower allows your child to reach up to the counter and see what you are doing in the kitchen.

It’s actually a multi-purpose stool for kids ages 18 months up to 5 years. It’s a basic need for every household that has kids.


25. Alligator Toy Large Crocodile

American Alligator Toy

It’s a big alligator action figure toy that your kid will love. It’s designed with little details of this wildlife creature. Babies who love to collect animal action figures will find this interesting. 

But, it’s a little scary for sensitive kids. Otherwise, it’s the most realistic animal figure toy you can find in the market. Choose accordingly for your kids.

Last Words

These were 25 baby items that started with A. This list is not only to help you play Show and Tell Letter A. New parents often miss out on essential baby items to index in their lists.

This little effort of ours is also dedicated to those conscious parents as well. This article will remind them of at least a few baby-related items starting with the letter A that they might have needed but forgotten about.

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