Unforgettable Family Escapes: Discover the Oasis of Bliss at Zulal Wellness Resort

Zulal Wellness Resort presents a truly exceptional destination for families seeking a rejuvenating vacation experience that caters to both parents and children alike.

Nestled in the serene surroundings of Qatar, this resort effortlessly blends luxury with wellness, offering an ideal setting for family relaxation and bonding. With a plethora of family-friendly activities, engaging programs, and thoughtful amenities, Zulal Wellness Resort creates a harmonious environment where parents can unwind, children can explore, and lasting memories can be forged.

Zulal Wellness Resort

Whether it’s indulging in rejuvenating spa treatments, embarking on exciting adventures, or simply enjoying quality time together, Zulal Wellness Resort promises an unforgettable family getaway that nurtures both body and soul.

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Embracing Local Culture and Traditions

Daniele Vastolo, the general manager of Zulal Wellness Resort, proudly highlights the resort’s distinctiveness as the world’s first to merge Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM) with holistic wellness practices.

According to Vastolo, Zulal provides individuals and families with exceptional treatments and experiences deeply rooted in Qatar’s rich character and heritage. The resort’s name itself, “Zulal,” holds significance as it signifies “pure natural water” in Arabic, reflecting its commitment to authentic and natural healing.

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But what exactly does TAIM entail? Sandie Johanssen, Zulal’s Health and Wellness Director, explains that TAIM combines Islamic medical practices, including Prophetic medicine, with traditional healing methods from the Arab region.

This comprehensive approach incorporates medicinal herbs, dietary practices, mind-body techniques, spiritual healing, and applied therapy, all rooted in the history of medicine. TAIM draws inspiration from Avicenna’s influential work, “The Canon of Medicine,” written in 1025, which guides many of its healing practices.

At Zulal Wellness Resort, TAIM is not only used in diagnostic and treatment processes but also relies on locally sourced herbs, minerals, and marine flora for its therapeutic products. These remedies are employed to support the management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma. Additionally, TAIM encompasses comprehensive lifestyle guidance on nutrition, movement, and rest, forming an integral part of the resort’s wellness programs. Moreover, Zulal offers a TAIM-inspired pharmacy and an exclusive retail area where guests can explore and acquire a range of products, including camel milk, essential oils, medicinal herbs, tea blends, and more.

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Family First

Zulal Wellness Resort has always placed families at the heart of its mission, aiming to be a leading destination in the region for holistic wellness and family well-being, as emphasized by Vastolo. To cater to families, the resort features a dedicated section called Zulal Discovery.

Here, a variety of activities are thoughtfully designed to engage and benefit individuals of different ages, incorporating elements inspired by desert animals to foster the playful development of life skills. These activities encompass creativity, educational entertainment, sports, and nutrition.

Furthermore, Vastolo assures families that professional support and guidance are readily available throughout their stay at Zulal. In fact, the resort’s design includes input from child and family specialists who have skillfully crafted facilities to encourage family togetherness.

Sustainability is also a significant focus at Zulal Discovery, with many activities centered around connecting with the local environment. An excellent example is the Zulal Mangrove Planting initiative, where families participating in Zulal’s retreat programs actively contribute to the preservation of the resort’s marine habitat. Vastolo highlights that this commitment to sustainability aligns with Qatar’s broader goals, as environmental development is one of the key pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030.

When it comes to the focus of families during their stay at Zulal, Johanssen explains that wellness at Zulal Discovery revolves around the holistic health and well-being of the entire family. This encompasses physical fitness, emotional balance, and, most importantly, the precious connection between generations, allowing them to cherish and enjoy quality time together.

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Nutrition and Lifestyle Support

Nutrition programs hold a significant place within wellness spaces, and Zulal Wellness Resort is no exception. Vastolo emphasizes the resort’s belief in the power of healthy, organic, and well-balanced meals as the foundation for a nourishing lifestyle, promoting longevity and happiness.

The resort’s menus are thoughtfully curated to cater to diverse dietary needs and preferences, ensuring options for children and vegans. Additionally, guests have the opportunity to participate in cooking classes and can continue receiving guidance from Zulal’s nutrition consultants even after their stay.

When it comes to physical activity, Zulal offers an extensive range of group and private exercise options, including gym fitness sessions, pilates, aerobics, and various swimming options (indoor, outdoor, and lagoon). Furthermore, the resort provides exercise-based treatments such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for a holistic wellness experience.

For those seeking a spa-like indulgence, Zulal Serenity section offers hammam and massage facilities exclusively for guests aged 16 and above, along with an array of skin and beauty treatments. Johanssen mentions that Al-Safa Beauty and Aesthetic Centre delivers rejuvenating treatments and advanced procedures in line with the concept of “Bashrat Al-Haya,” meaning “the skin reflects life.”

Zulal also takes care of its guests’ spiritual needs, providing dedicated prayer rooms and tranquil spaces for contemplation, as highlighted by Johanssen.

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Tailor-made Experiences

After securing a reservation at Zulal Wellness Resort, you may wonder how to ensure that your needs are met. Johanssen clarifies that guests have the opportunity to consult with a dedicated health and wellness advisor to tailor their pre-booked program.

During this consultation, guests are provided with a comprehensive health questionnaire to complete, enabling them to collaborate with their advisor in designing a personalized schedule based on their responses. The resort actively encourages guests to integrate elements of holistic health, traditional therapies, physical fitness, as well as rest and relaxation, into their individualized program.

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