6 Unique And Amazing Perth Attractions For Families

Perth, Australia, is a vibrant city that offers a plethora of exciting attractions and experiences for families. From its stunning natural beauty to its rich history and unique cultural offerings, Perth has something to captivate every member of the family.

In this article, we will explore the six best attractions in Perth that are perfect for families. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, educational experiences, or simply want to spend quality time together, these attractions have it all. Discover the enchanting underwater world of Rockingham Dolphins, embark on a cruise along the tranquil Swan River, or immerse yourselves in the fascinating history of New Norcia.

Get ready for unforgettable family adventures as we uncover the top attractions that make Perth a must-visit destination for families.

Swan River and Scitech

swan river

Perth, the sun-kissed capital city of Western Australia, offers a delightful array of family-friendly attractions that make it an ideal destination for vacations with kids. One such experience is a serene morning cruise along the picturesque Swan River, providing a scenic journey through Perth’s history. Families can marvel at iconic landmarks like Perth’s Bell Tower, the Swan Brewery, King’s Park, and the Royal Perth Yacht Club. The river cruise also offers glimpses of stunning riverside residences, adding to the charm of the outing.

Following the cruise, families can continue their adventure at Scitech, a captivating science center and planetarium located in West Perth. Scitech caters to children of all ages, including adults, with its interactive exhibitions and engaging programs. From hands-on scientific experiments to fascinating planetarium shows, Scitech offers a stimulating environment where kids can learn and explore the wonders of science. Keep an eye out for the adorable baby chickens hatching, a highlight that adds a touch of excitement for young visitors.

Perth Zoo

perth zoo

Perth Zoo, located just a short distance from the city center on the picturesque banks of the Swan River, is a must-visit attraction for families seeking an immersive wildlife experience. Renowned for its exceptional breeding programs and dedication to wildlife conservation, Perth Zoo has earned a well-deserved reputation as Australia’s top small zoo.

Families can easily spend an entire day at the zoo, embarking on a captivating safari through various exhibits. Journey through the African Savannah, observing playful baboons in their natural habitat. Swing through the lush rainforests of Asia, where orangutans and gibbons gracefully roam. Explore the dense jungles of South America, encountering curious marmosets and an array of monkeys. Each step offers an opportunity for discovery and adventure.

Perth Zoo also features beloved family favorites like the Australian Bushwalk and Wetlands, where kids can learn about and observe native wildlife up close. For an extra special experience, consider joining a behind-the-scenes elephant tour, gaining insight into the world of these majestic creatures. During summer evenings, the zoo even hosts twilight concerts, providing a unique blend of entertainment and natural surroundings.

Mundaring Weir

Mundaring Weir

Mundaring Weir, located near Perth, offers a delightful day trip for families seeking a blend of natural beauty and enjoyable activities. Begin your Sunday adventure by visiting the vibrant farmers market in Kalamunda, indulging in treats from the renowned Paris Brest cake shop. For a unique experience, consider a camel ride at Calamunnda Camel Farm along the Bibbulum Track, immersing yourselves in the picturesque surroundings before proceeding to Mundaring Weir.

Originally constructed to provide fresh water to the goldfields, Mundaring Weir has transformed into a beloved destination for family picnics and gatherings. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon amidst the scenic backdrop, relishing homemade jams, lively bush music, and the renowned lamb on the spit at the charming Mundaring Weir Hotel. The hotel even offers a family day, allowing kids to bring their bathers and take a refreshing dip in the pool before or after a delicious lunch. As dusk settles in, the children will be thrilled to spot kangaroos frolicking in the historic gardens adjacent to the weir.

Mundaring Weir offers an idyllic setting for family vacations, combining the allure of nature with engaging activities. The Sunday farmers market and camel rides provide unique experiences that cater to children’s sense of adventure and curiosity. The opportunity to relax in the picturesque surroundings while enjoying local delicacies and bush music creates cherished moments for the whole family. Mundaring Weir’s scenic charm, coupled with its family-friendly amenities and encounters with native wildlife, make it a memorable destination that exemplifies the beauty of family vacations in Perth.

Rockingham Dolphins

Rockingham Dolphins

Rockingham Dolphins provides an ideal family vacation destination, offering an awe-inspiring experience that fosters a deeper connection with marine life. Children will be enthralled by the chance to witness dolphins in their natural environment, promoting a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty of the marine world. The focus on ensuring the well-being of both visitors and dolphins guarantees an ethical and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

For families seeking an extraordinary adventure that combines education, excitement, and a deep appreciation for nature, Rockingham Dolphins is the perfect choice. It allows families to create cherished memories while instilling a sense of environmental stewardship in young minds. Witnessing these majestic creatures up close is a testament to the wonders of the natural world and provides an enriching experience that will be cherished by the entire family.

New Norcia

new norcia

New Norcia, located two hours northeast of Perth via the scenic Swan Valley, offers a truly unique and enriching experience for families seeking a getaway to a historic and spiritual destination. As Australia’s only monastic town, New Norcia holds a fascinating allure, rooted in its history as a Benedictine Abbey founded in 1846 as a mission.

The town’s serene ambiance and captivating religious art gallery create an otherworldly atmosphere that both adults and children will find intriguing. The gracious old hotel and guest house provide comfortable accommodations, while the abbey’s renowned bakery entices visitors with delectable wood-fired breads and the world-famous nut-cake.

New Norcia is an ideal family vacation spot, offering a blend of cultural immersion and relaxation. Parents can appreciate the rich history and religious significance of the abbey, while children can marvel at the stunning art and architecture. Exploring the abbey’s surroundings allows families to connect with nature, as they witness flocks of parrots and galahs gracefully soaring through the late afternoon light.

A visit to New Norcia provides an opportunity for families to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and embark on a journey of discovery. It encourages children to appreciate history, art, and culture in a serene and tranquil setting. The experience of staying at the New Norcia Hotel and immersing oneself in the town’s spiritual and natural beauty creates lasting memories and a sense of peace. New Norcia is a hidden gem that invites families to step back in time and savor a truly exceptional family vacation filled with exploration and tranquility.

Donnelly River

Donnelly River

Donnelly River, located four and a half hours south of Perth, presents a one-of-a-kind family holiday experience within the captivating setting of an abandoned timber town turned holiday village. This unique destination checks all the boxes for an unforgettable family vacation. As you stroll along the main street, the only traffic you’ll encounter is the friendly local wildlife, including birds, kangaroos, and emus.

The village exudes a ghost town charm, offering rustic accommodation in the historic mill-workers cottages. Exploring the village and taking part in mill tours provides a rare glimpse into the past, allowing families to immerse themselves in the rich history of the region. The nearby Donnelly Lake, with its pristine freshwater, offers a range of activities for families, including a paddling pool and a diving platform. Thrill-seeking kids will be delighted to discover the flying fox, adding an element of excitement to their vacation.

Donnelly River is an ideal destination for family vacations with kids, providing an immersive experience that blends history, nature, and adventure. Children will be captivated by the opportunity to witness wildlife up close and engage with the remnants of a bygone era. Exploring the village and enjoying the recreational activities at Donnelly Lake foster a sense of exploration and create lasting memories. This hidden gem in Perth’s vicinity offers a retreat from the ordinary, allowing families to connect with nature, embrace the past, and embark on an extraordinary adventure together.

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