Falls Creek: Amazing Snow Trip For Families With Kids

Looking to create unforgettable memories with your family? Look no further than Falls Creek, Australia’s ultimate snow playground! Nestled in the picturesque Victorian Alps, Falls Creek offers a thrilling winter wonderland that is perfect for an amazing snow adventure with your kids.

From their first wobbly steps on skis to exhilarating toboggan rides, Falls Creek provides an enchanting setting where imaginations run wild and family bonds are strengthened. With its pristine slopes, family-friendly facilities, and a warm community spirit, Falls Creek is the ultimate destination to introduce your children to the magic of the snowy wonderland.

Get ready to witness their faces light up with joy as you embark on a journey of laughter, learning, and pure winter fun. Let’s dive into the snowy realm of Falls Creek and discover why it’s the perfect destination for an incredible snow adventure with your little ones.


Snowclub for children at Falls Creek

Falls Creek is Victoria’s largest ski resort offering 14 lifts, 92 runs and the perfect mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced terrain. It is an ideal destination for children to experience the thrill of skiing and engage in a variety of activities tailored to their interests.

First and foremost, Falls Creek boasts an excellent range of ski slopes suited for all skill levels, including beginners. Kids can take advantage of specially designed ski programs and lessons offered by experienced instructors, ensuring a safe and enjoyable learning environment. From making their first snowplow turns to building confidence on the slopes, children can progress at their own pace while developing their skiing skills.

Apart from skiing, Falls Creek offers a host of other activities that will keep kids entertained throughout their stay. One popular activity is snowboarding, which allows kids to explore the slopes with a different style and technique.

Additionally, children can try their hand at snow tubing, where they can slide down specially designated lanes on inflatable tubes, providing a thrilling experience for all ages. Falls Creek also features dedicated areas for tobogganing, allowing kids to zip down the slopes on sleds, adding an extra dose of excitement.

Moreover, the resort organizes snow play areas where kids can engage in snowball fights, build snowmen, and indulge in the simple joys of playing in the snow.

Family-friendly restaurants at Falls Creek

Family-friendly dining options abound at Falls Creek, catering to various budgets and tastes. When it comes to casual dining with a Southeast Asian twist, Huski Kitchen is the go-to spot. Situated in the heart of Falls Creek’s historic Village Bowl, at the base of the Summit, this restaurant offers a range of delicious dishes that the whole family will enjoy. For a rustic pub atmosphere and craft beers, head to the Frying Pan Inn. Their kids’ menu is sure to please, and it’s an excellent spot to catch the mesmerizing weekly firework display. Cloud 9, conveniently located near Ski School, is perfect for a quick and affordable breakfast of waffles and a barista-made coffee before hitting the slopes. They also serve tasty wood-fired pizzas for a satisfying lunchtime refuel.

Falls Creek offers an abundance of hotel choices for all tastes and budgets

When it comes to accommodation, Falls Creek has options to suit every preference and budget. From budget-friendly rooms and shared lodges to self-contained units and luxury hotels, there’s something for everyone. For our stay, we opted for Astra Falls Creek, a highly acclaimed boutique ski hotel.

With six consecutive Best Boutique Ski Hotel Australia awards from the World Ski Awards, Astra offers a warm and cozy alpine lodge experience. Enjoy the crackling fireplace, breathtaking mountain views, ski-in and ski-out access to lifts, and a dedicated kids’ room with toys. To top it off, a fully cooked breakfast is included, featuring mouthwatering waffles.


And if you’re looking to indulge further, Astra boasts a private wine cellar showcasing wines from around the world, providing the perfect accompaniment to unwind in the comfort of your own room. It’s an exceptional choice for families seeking a truly delightful ski holiday experience at Falls Creek.

Lift passes, lessons and ski and snowboard hire

Ensure a seamless start to your snow adventure by booking lift tickets and lessons in advance through the Falls Creek website. Conveniently, the mountain is equipped with new ticket machines where you can effortlessly collect your pre-purchased tickets.

This means you can skip the queues and head straight to the lifts, maximizing your time on the slopes. To keep expenses in check, consider using your own snow jackets and pants, and simply hire the necessary snow equipment from Falls Creek Ski Lifts upon arrival. This way, you can ensure that your kids are properly outfitted with the right-sized skis.

If you’re a passionate skiing family and plan to visit Falls Creek multiple times throughout the season, it’s worth exploring the Epic Australia Pass. This pass offers access to Perisher in New South Wales, as well as Falls Creek and Hotham in Victoria, providing cost-effective adventures for the entire snow season.

When to go

Experience the magic of the winter snow season at Falls Creek, which spans from June to October. For an extra dose of excitement, don’t miss out on night skiing and boarding on Wombat’s Ramble, available on Saturday and Wednesday nights. Witness the skies come alive with a stunning Weekly Fireworks Spectacular held in the enchanting Village Bowl every Thursday night.

Make Tuesdays even more memorable with Twilight Tuesdays at the Village Bowl. From 3.30pm to 5.30pm throughout July and August, kids can indulge in loads of fun and games. The atmosphere is filled with music, cozy fire pits, and the opportunity to roast marshmallows. Keep an eye out for the beloved Pete the Snow Dragon, who loves to join in on the festivities and make appearances throughout the event. It’s an experience the whole family will cherish.


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