Most Common Problem of Newborn Baby – You Might Notice

Most Common Problem of Newborn Baby

Newborn babies are most prone to disease right after birth. Do you know why? Let me tell you, newborn baby comes from the most secure and dark place of mother’s womb. When they come out from the mama’s womb they can’t adopt the atmosphere around immediately. That’s why, new wind, dust, viruses, attack them and they get affected.

Moreover, babies inner organ take times to coordinate. So, a minor illness can take the baby into a serious complication. However, in the case of an adult, we can say how we feel but what about the babies as they can’t even talk! Here, mother or caregivers must get confirms seeing the sign or symptoms of diseases.

Most Common Newborn Health Problems:

Now, I am going to tell you the sign and symptoms of diseases of a newborn baby face. Though the list could be a long however, it’s good to know that most of them will get well with the development of the baby’s immune system and age. Here, I am sharing with you the most common newborn child’s health issues.

1. Birth Injuries:

During delivery, a mother accomplishes heavy labor. As a result, the newborn baby might have some birth injuries. Are you worried? Don’t be. Most of them get well within some days. Commonly baby injuries like muscle weakness, broken collarbone, forceps marks and so on. If you see that the injuries are not recovering quickly then talk with your health professional immediately.

2. Jaundice:

Jaundice is the most common problem in newborn babies. Normally, the newborn baby suffers from neonatal jaundice and its causes of high bilirubin appearance yellow pigmentation on the baby skin. As newborn baby’s organ (liver) is immature so it would be best to leave it to doctors to deal it with.

3. Colic:

A great symptom/sign of colic in a baby is crying continuously without any interval. This is because your baby is in an uncomfortable situation and as your baby can’t say it to you he/she is expressing by crying. Sometimes baby’s milk formula can be the cause of colic in the baby. Normally, it gets disappear by the baby’s three months of age. So, you do not need to be worried for three months.

4. Abdominal Distention:

Likewise, other problem, abdominal distention is very common to baby’s health issue. If you see your baby’s soft and protruding belly is getting puffed and solid when touch then is sure it is causes of gas or constipation. As baby’s inner organs are immature hence it takes time to adjust of feeding. However, share it with the doc if it does not get recover within a couple of days else it might cause other inner organs problem

5. Bluish Skin and Apnea:

After the birth of a newborn baby, it is very common to see the bluish skin over the baby. It might be on baby’s feet, hands in some cases, on mouth and lips while crying. Do not worry about this, it will get fades away with the improvement of blood circulation. If not, then counsel with a baby specialist immediately. Again, it could be Apnea, the halt of (breathing 15-20 seconds) signing bluish skin. You need to see the doctor because it could be the problem of the heart.

6. Vomiting & Spit Up:

You may do not know to vomit and spit up are two different things. Vomiting refers to throwing up foods from belly whereas spit up denotes coming out foods or else from the mouth. Digestive, intolerance of milk feeding etc are common causes of vomiting. If your baby is vomiting do not get afraid. Try to help out to throw the entire food burping your baby softly. Moreover, if the vomiting is green then your baby needs medical intervention immediately.

7. Coughing:

The baby could cough for several reasons such as digestive problem, lunge problem or if the mouth gets full of milk while feeding. First two are very matter of concern. If it does not fades away then talk with the doctor at once. Be concern of the night coughing as it refers to whooping cough or respiratory issues.

8. Respiratory Distress:

Respiratory distress refers to hard to breathing due to blockage in the way of nasal. After the delivery baby takes a few times to get easily breathe system establish. It usually can be seen in the winter season.

9. Anemia:

Lacking oxygen in the blood, lacking hemoglobin and thick blood refers to Anemia of a baby. Anemic mother is responsible for the baby’s Anemia.

10. Fever:

Normally fever refers to a high level of temperature in the body. In that sense, fever is not a disease like others. But, some infectious fever can be fatal if the necessary treatment not given immediately. Always keep a thermometer at your room and on fever use a wet cloth to fades away heat from the body of the baby every few times.

11. Skin Problems:

The two most common skin problem baby faces are diaper rash and cradle cap. It might be very painful to babies. You should take effective care to avoid this problem.

12. Ear Infections:

Ear infection is a very common infant disease. Mainly it can be happened due to viral infection. You might need an antibiotic to recover from it if does not fade away in a couple of days.

13. Oral Thrush:

A fungal infection that happens in a baby’s mouth. Baby faces fatal difficulty to feed. Consult with a health professional for anti fungal treatment urgently.

14. Cold and Flu:

Though it is  very common in winter season maybe happened in summer too. Crummy heat, sweating etc. could be the vital reason for cold in summer. Again, adaption with the new atmosphere takes time to the baby, as a result, a little dot becomes mountain issue to the newborn. Take immediate action else cold might turn into pneumonia.

15. Diarrhea & Constipation:

As mentioned earlier that baby’s inner organ takes time to operate properly. Hence, the baby might face diarrhea or constipation problems at an early age of nursing. Dehydration and infection can be also liable for diarrhea. Consult with a doctor for immediate action else colic or vomiting might also happen.

16. Diaper Rash:

A very common problem of a baby that every mother deals with either in the early ages of a baby or throughout the aging of the baby. A sound pro preventive way can relief you from this diaper rash problem.

Final Words

A newborn baby can’t utter any words, as a result, they want to give us a signal by crying and fussing. Moreover, a mother has a great touch with his child hence a mother can understand what does need. However, my suggestion would be for mamas to go on a regular checkup and be calm whatever the situation arise.

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