Baby Colic. A Mysterious Term!


Are you afraid of your newborn baby crying all the way? You might check it quickly. In my opinion, I think it could be the colic problem of most common problems in the newborn baby. Newborn babies are prone to diseases as they are not mature to cope up with the new environment. Being a parent you must aware of baby’s all challenges to meet until maturity comes.

In this article, we are going to discuss the baby’s colic problem, the causes behind it and how it could be prevented naturally. Without much ado let’s get started.

Baby Colic. A Mysterious Term!

You may be wondering why I called colic as a “mysterious”? Let me clarify, the exact reason for colic is still unknown. Here, the doctor just assuming and giving the full credit to gas. However, there are several more reasons for colic to your baby.

In general, colic is a situation when a baby suffers from severe pain in his/her abdomen due to gas. Though, colic fades away at the baby’s 3-4 months of age maximum. Hence, you do not have to be worried about this tremendously.

Sign of Baby Colic:

Normally, baby cries minimum three hours each day while colic arises in his/her abdomen. You might be observed that your baby starts crying at one particular time daily, especially at night. Even, when the baby cries, they stretch narrow their legs close to their belly.

Reasons Behind Baby Colic:

The reasons could be anything such as-

• Inside organs are premature to adjust with new supplies. When a new baby born, his digestive system does not mature enough to getting breast milk or formula properly. In this case, the baby’s abdomen gets upset and the baby starts crying.
• Breastfeeding (Milk Allergy) could be one major reason for it.
• Using BPA contacted bottle while bottle feeding.
• Baby’s sex or birth order.
• Hormones could be the cause of stomach pain or fussy mood.
• If the baby is sensitive with light, noise, chaos and so on.
• If your baby is moody.

How to Deal with Colic:

You should consult with baby health specialist in order to get effective treatment of your baby. However, you should be more concern about your baby’s health issue.

• Use BPA free plastic bottle while bottle feeding.
• Try to make less sound during your baby sleep.
• Introduce solid foods one by one.
• Wait for a maximum of 4 months, it will fade away naturally.

Final Words

Newborn babies are prone to getting various diseases in the first 6 months. However, being a responsible mother does not get afraid of anything. All will be just okay, what you need to deal with courage.

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