Best 18 inch Kids Bikes For (Boys & Girls) -2020 Guide


Can’t really decide what’s the best 18 inch bike for your kid?

The best part is you understand that your kid isn’t too big to get a 20 inch bike and not too small to get a 16 inch.

Sometimes kids between 5 and 6 can outgrow the bikes their peers are riding. In that case, these bikes can close the gap.

But the problem is most of the 18 inch bikes still have that babyish feel and most kids at this age don’t want it.

We chose not to lead you to that same path. Instead, we focused on style & design that will appeal to any boy or girl. The weight of these bikes ranges from 23-28 lbs. Depending on your kid’s abilities, you should make the final decision.

Here’s what we got for you!

Top Pick

The Royal Baby Freestyle is our top choice because of its unisex design and greater color options. Whether you need a kickstand or training wheels, this bike has got it all. The tires are wider than average 18-in bikes and makes for a stable and comfortable ride.

Budget Pick

If you want something that won’t break your bank, the Mongoose Stun is your best option. It’s more of a boy’s bike but girls will love it too. There’s some level of adjustability and should be enough to last until your child gets past 7 or 8 years of age.

5 Best 18 inch Bike For Kids 2020

1.RoyalBaby Kids Bike

RoyalBaby Kids Bike

In terms of quality and overall value, you can’t beat Royal Baby! This top-rated 18-in bike is perfect for kids who are too big for a 16-in and too small for a 20-in bike. The unisex design appeals to both girls and boys.

The bike comes almost fully assembled. You just need to put the wheels and brake in place. There’s a rear reflector that you can attach but it’s only usable when you don’t install the kickstand. So, that’s up to you to decide.

It offers good safety because your child can brake with both front hand brake and rear coaster brake. This gives him a bit of freedom in choosing what sort of braking system suits him.

The seat is softer than most other bikes in this range. On top of that, the height and angle can be adjusted that leaves a bit of room to grow with your kid. It’s got 2.4-in pneumatic tires that should offer ample of stability in different types of track.

There are few flaws in this bike but they are not deal breakers. The word ‘baby’ is everywhere on the bike frame. For some kids at this age, it could be a big turn off. The bottle holder provided is not usable when the seat is near about the lowest height.


  • Comes almost fully assembled saving you time and effort.
  • Extra Bell and DIY decal for fun.
  • Adjustable seat height and angle is good for growing kids.
  • Use either kickstand or rear reflector.


  • Can’t use the bottle holder when the seat is low.



2.Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

The Schwinn Koen is just a little more lightweight than the Royal Baby. Everything about the bike is loveable right from the design to the functionality. A kickstand with training wheels- not a lot of bikes can achieve that.

The seat along with the handlebars are adjustable. And you will need no tools whatsoever to adjust them. It’s the best 18 inch bike that will grow with your kid for a considerable period of time.

The braking system has both front hand brake and rear coaster brake. If this is your kid’s first bike, the coaster brake will help him to come to terms with biking. What’s more? The chain is enclosed inside a chain guard and that will offer safety from unintentional accidents.

While the kickstand is a great addition, it can be a little hard for kids below 6 years to get it down. Sometimes, the factory setting might not be perfect. But with some adjustments, everything will work smoothly. Highly recommended!


  • Both seat and handlebar is adjustable.
  • Training wheels and kickstand are usable together.
  • Chainguard keeps feet from slipping inside the chain.
  • Lightweight and stylish steel frame.


  • The kickstand can be bit hard to put down.



3.COEWSKE Kid’s Bike


The Coewske is one of the most loved 18 inch girls bikes with training wheels. Its best selling point is the front basket and rear doll carrier that makes every little girl want this bike.0

The rear brake coaster brake and front hand brake makes it a lot secure for your girl to stop while riding. Moreover, the chain is enclosed inside a chain guard and it will keep the feet out of trouble.

The good news is everything comes assembled leaving only 5% work to be done! Just install the training wheels, pedals, handlebar and saddle. One regret is the bike doesn’t come with a kickstand, but it shouldn’t be an issue.

The tires aren’t as wide as the Royal Baby we reviewed at the beginning, but good enough to offer stability and traction on most tracks. If this is your daughter’s first bike, it’s well worth the money!


  • The seat and handlebar both have adjustable height setting.
  • Front basket and rear doll carrier makes it perfect for girls.
  • Wider footrest for enjoying riding.
  • Enclosed chain guard is safe for kids.


  • The training wheels might become loose and needs retightening on a regular basis.



4.RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike

RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike

For Royal Baby fans who want something specific for their little girls, this is the best 18 inch bike in the market. It’s well assembled and neatly designed to suit girls 6 years and above.

Your kid will absolutely love the front basket. Whether it’s dolls or toys, she can carry it wherever she rides. The Additional bell and DIY decal are icing on the cake.

You can adjust both the seat height and handlebar. The seat goes from 21.7-in all the way to 27.6-in. So, there’s plenty of room to grow. The pneumatic tires on this bike are effective and are quite stable.

A big plus is it comes with training wheels. For newbie riders, it’s just perfect. You also get a kickstand and front reflector. The only issue here is you don’t have much room to install the reflector when the basket is attached.


  • Durable steel frame is suitable for heavy usage.
  • Enclosed chain guard keeps the feet from hurting.
  • Have room for growth with adjustable seat and handlebar.
  • Comes with training wheels, kickstand, reflector and basket.


  • You will have to choose between reflector or basket. There is not enough for both.



5.Mongoose Stun Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose Stun Freestyle BMX Bike

The Mongoose Stun is one of the coolest looking bikes in the market. Its distinct orange color and stylish decal makes it appealing to boys. If you are looking to transition from a 14-in or 16-in bike, this is one to get.

The height of the handlebar goes from 31.5-in to 34-in and the height of the seat adjusts from 20.5-in to 23-in. So, there’s a bit of room to grow. However, they aren’t the easiest to play with. You will need a socket wrench to make it work.

The bike doesn’t have any room for training wheels. It’s for kids who have already learned balancing and now want to ride freely without support. As a bonus, there’s a kickstand.

The Mongoose doesn’t have any hand brakes. It has only the rear coaster brake and that should be okay for most kids. The only real flaw we see is the tires are cheap and might need replacement after a period of time.


  • Removable kickstand is great for parking the bike.
  • Great design and outlook.
  • Chain guard for maximum protection.
  • The seat and handlebar can be adjusted to some extent with a bit of effort.


  • The tires are not of the highest quality. Might need replacement at some point.



Final Words

Did you manage to find the best 18 inch bike for your kid? There’s nothing complicated here. It all comes down to the outlook, ease of installation and certain features like seat adjustability and braking system. If your kid has a liking to a particular color or style, go for it.

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