Best Bike with Training Wheels for First-Time Riders in 2020


Training wheels are an important feature of kid’s bikes! Especially for those who are first timers or transitioning from three-wheelers to two wheelers.

The truth is there are loads of awful bikes in the market that makes it difficult to make a reasonable decision. The bright side is you have a lot of options and some of them are worth buying.

So, here we are with the 10 best bikes with training wheels. We had to eliminate more than 20 that didn’t meet our quality requirements or were simply overpriced.

We tried to mix up the review with 12, 14 and 18 inch bikes. But most of the brands have a lot of sizing options and the review will guide you to choose other sizes that haven’t been listed here.

Take your time and go through all of them!

Best Bike With Training Wheels 2020

1.RoyalBaby Kids Bike

Weight: 22 lbs

 RoyalBaby Kids Bike

The Royal Baby is one of the most reviewed and highly praised kids bikes around. And truly if you decide to invest in one of them, you will be getting a durable, high-performing hell of a bike for your little one.

The training wheels are available on 12,14 and 16-in bikes! For 4-year-olds, the 14-in will fit just fine. These training wheels are safer for kids as they are made in one piece with a widened distance. If you still think your kid is just a little big for this size, you can check out our review on 16-in bike models.

We think the seat on the bike is a real deal maker and unlike other kids’ bikes, it’s more comfortable and perfect for riding miles without any pain. The additional saddle bar will help you to pick the cycle on the truck or car.

The basic features of the bike are up to the mark. It has both the front brake and coaster brakes for maximum safety and fast braking. The pedals rotate smoothly with gentle pressure, making it more suitable for little ones to learn riding.

There aren’t any real drawbacks! However, the training wheels might get loose after some use. Just a little maintenance will keep your child on track.


  • Has a mountain bike outlook that makes your kid look grown-up.
  • The handbrake and pedals are easy to press and ride for longer time.
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat helps to grow with your kid.
  • Heavier frame keeps the bike stable and footed.


  • The training wheels will need to be tightened often as they come loose.


2.JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike

Weight: 19.2 lbs

JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike

If you are one of those parents who hate character bikes that make your child look smaller, Joystar Totem is a great option! Judging the materials of construction and the look, we think it’s one of the best bikes that come with training wheels! For first-timers, it’s highly recommended.

The bike is built with premium quality steel, needless to say that it will survive rough riding. While many parents look for low priced bikes for kids at this age, it’s always best to start with a durable model. The first-timers will crash and bump more, which the low-quality bikes can’t really handle.

This bike comes with only the rear coaster brake system. Nothing wrong with having just one brake and it can sometimes help your child to be more focused and precise while braking.

You can adjust the height of the seat to some extent. But what’s good is the seat has a quick release function, making it easier to adjust. As the bike comes 85% assembled, you will have some sort of assembling to be done!

We weren’t that much impressed with the training wheels. They are usable but often come loose and need to be fixed.


  • Coaster braking system is easy to use for first timers.
  • Has a durable and long lasting steel frame.
  • Chain guard keeps the chain in good condition and save your child’s feet.
  • Quick release seat for effortless height adjustment.


  • Training wheels become loose quite often and need to be fixed.



3.Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

Weight: 25 lbs

Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

It’s hard to miss a Schwinn bike. If this isn’t your first time buying a bike, you will know how good Schwinn bikes are.  This particular model comes in various sizes starting from 12-in to 20-in, giving you a lot of options for your kid.

The 14-in bike has training wheels attached to it. For kids 4-6 years, this could be a great starter bike. The combination of both rear coaster and front caliper brake will allow the child to learn riding like a grown-up right from the go.

What really stands out is the bikes fast starting gear that enables quick to start riding and reduction of top speed. Even the pedals are kept narrow to increase the power on a single stroke.

We wouldn’t call the bicycle light by means. However, once the kid gets used to the weight and the mechanism, it shouldn’t be an issue. The bike might need some fixing, especially, for the rear wheel as it had too much tension on the bolts. But all the work is worth the money.


  • Has room to grow for kids 3-4 year as the seat is adjustable.
  • Narrower pedals offers more powerful pedal strokes.
  • Bike starts off fast but maintains low top speed for safety.


  • Needs slight adjustments in a couple of areas to make the bike run smoothly.


4.Huffy Kid Bike

Weight: Not specified

 Huffy Kid Bike

Huffy has a long history of making bikes since 1892. It’s great to see reliable brands making bikes in affordable price ranges. The Huffy MotoX is the best bike with training wheels in budget and gives you tremendous value to money.

The BMX style design is something every boy at this age will love. The frame quality is more than we expected at this price range. The wheels are quite sturdy and roll smoothly because of the alloy spokes inside.

For those with little to no knowledge of bike assembling, this model could be a deal maker. The quick connect system allows you to install the bike in one piece in a matter of minutes with just a few simple steps.

We found the seat to be generously padded and something that many bikes in this category lack. Your kid can ride it with zero discomfort and stress. The transparent chain guard adds aesthetic value to the bike. However, the material is thin plastic and might not last long.


  • BMX design makes it extremely appealing to toddler boys.
  • The quick connect makes it fast and easy to assemble for the less savvy parents.
  • Alloy spokes backed wheels roll better and lasts longer.
  • Sufficient padding on the seat for long rides.


  • The transparent chain guard is made from thin plastic, which might not last as long as the metal chain guards.



5.RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike 

Weight: 20-21 lbs approx.

RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike

This bike is exclusively made for little girls who don’t settle for less. The overall theme, color and the little details can make any girl riders fall for it. On top of that, you have the RoyalBaby brand name behind it that gives you full value for money. 

95% of the bike comes assembled. Many of the parents just hate to toy with a brand new bike and it’s understandable. It’s a great bike with training wheels for 3 year olds. You will love the adjustable of the training wheels and the way they are strongly built to resist breaking or bending.

Both the coaster and front brakes on the bike work efficiently, giving your little one more control over her riding. The brake grip is shorter than usual bikes to make it easier to press down.

The basket is a clever and useful addition. As we know our little girls love to ride with dolls and toys on their bikes. And.. yes, it has a bell on it. Tring tring you’ll know when she’s returning home!

We were slightly disappointed by the tires. They work great, there’s no doubt. However, they don’t hold air for a long time and you might need to pump them often.


  • The training wheels are adjustable and resistant to bending.
  • Requires minimal assembly, which means it’s almost ready to get going from the box.
  • Fun basket for carrying toys and dolls along.
  • Safer braking system with both front and rear brakes.


  • The tires deflate faster and you will need to pump them regularly.

Conclusion & Editor’s Choice

It wasn’t an easy choice to make! But we still had to pick one model that would give you the best bang for bucks. Based on user consensus and our own editorial analysis, we think RoyalBaby is the best bike with training wheels. Most of the sizes of the brand fits perfectly for kids across different ages.

In our analysis, we found that a lot of bikes that have issues like wheels not rotating smoothly, pedals are hard to press and the seat isn’t comfortable enough to ride for a longer time. Though most of these issues can be fixed or ignored to some extent, the RoyalBaby is flawless and hence, it’s one of the most highly rated kids bikes ever!

So, what’s your take on this?

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