Best Bike for 4 Year Old Kids 2023- (16 inch Bikes Review)


Searching for the best bike for 4 year old kids? We got you 10 bikes that are worth every penny.

Deciding on a  kid’s bike can be quite confusing. The price, size of the bike and braking system are all deciding factors.

Bike size is mainly associated with wheel size. We reviewed only 16-in bikes as these will be perfect for kids at this age and also grow with them till 7 or 8. You don’t want to throw away the bike after a year of use. Anything less than 16-in will be too small and over that will be too big to ride.

A handbrake and foot brake (coaster brake) combo is the best option you have. However, bikes with just the coaster brake will also be good enough for braking.

Keeping price and all other factors in mind, here’s our top picks!

10 Best Bikes For 4 Year Old Kids 2023

1.RoyalBaby Kids Bike

RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle

When it comes to overall value, RoyalBaby is just unbeatable. It’s well-built, stable and has one of the best braking systems for kids at 4 to learn biking fast. With 7 exciting color options, it’s easier to find a bike that your kid will love.

What makes it truly safe is the combination of a handle brake and a coaster brake. So, your kid can control both the front and rear wheels with ease. The 2.4-in wide wheels offer ample stability along with training wheels to eliminate falls and accidents.

The chain is enclosed within a frame to protect against legs sliding into the chain or any part of the trouser getting stuck. Despite the enclosure, it’s easier to adjust the chain tension as the rear axle sits in a groove.

Most of the parts come pre-assembled and you should be able to get it together in 20 minutes. You just need to adjust the handle brake a bit to stop it rubbing against the tire. Sometimes the training wheels might become loose and a simple thread locker or plumber’s tape can solve this issue.


  • All adjustable handlebar and seat setting.
  • Handle brake and coaster brake combo makes riding safe.
  • Easy to grab handle on the seat for training efficiency
  • Enclosed chain is safe yet easy to adjust.


  • Training wheels might need adjustment sometimes.



2.Dynacraft Dirt Bike

Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street Dirt Bike

The first thing you will notice about this bike is that it resembles a dirt bike. The design and color looks cool and especially the decal makes it more appealing to sporty kids.

At 24 lbs, it’s the most lightweight bike out there but not certainly not the heaviest. The training wheels will help your kid to get a hold of the bike. The good thing is kids can use it until 8 years of age.

This bike comes with coaster brakes only. While having just coaster brakes calls for a bit of a skid sometimes, this also makes it one of the best dirt bikes for a 4 year old. For starters, handling this sort of brake is a lot more practical.

The factory assembling is super tight and has no wobbling parts. But you will need to loosen the wheel bearings and re-grease them to make them more swift and functional.

Everything about this bike is loveable. However, the instructions are just awful. If you know a thing or two about bikes as most of us do, you would be able to get it together with a bit of hustling. For parents with zero DIY bike skills, get ideas on youtube or get a mechanic.


  • Training wheels are removable and also adjustable.
  • Great for dirt biking.
  • Vibrant and exciting color and design.


  • Instructions are limited and needs some digging to get it together.



3.JOYSTAR Kids Cruiser Bike

JOYSTAR Kids Cruiser Bike with Training

Want the best bike for a 4 year old kid? You bet your daughter will fall in love with Joystar. Everything from the decal to the design of the bike is custom made for girls to ride safely and with pride.

It’s a great beginner bike that comes with a coaster brake to make it easy to stop. The training wheels offer additional support that can make your child learn biking faster than ever.

We loved the cruise style design and it really makes riding a hell lot more comfortable than traditional bikes. This helps to keep a low center of gravity and minimize falls.

You can adjust the handlebar to be either front or back. Additionally, the seat can also be adjusted and has a low setting of 21.5-in, which is perfect for kids at this age.

The whole thing comes 85% assembled. That translates to 20 minutes to put this together. It would have been a lot better if there was some kind of grip on the pedals as the foot can slip sometimes. But that won’t keep your child from riding this bike!


  • Cruiser style design makes riding comfortable.
  • Seat height and handlebar position is adjustable.
  • Fast and easy assembling process.
  • Enclosed chain for safety and protection against dirt and rust.


  • No anti-slip grips on the pedals.



4.RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike

RoyalBaby Girls Kids Bike

If you are obsessed about RoyalBaby and want the best for your daughter, this is the bike to get. Everything about this bike is girly- the ribbons on the handles, color theme and the cute basket on the front.

Most of the functionalities of this bike is similar to the RoyalBaby bike we reviewed earlier. The front caliper brake and the coaster brake together makes it really safe for toddlers.

The tires are wide enough to maintain stability along with training wheels. Whether your kid is riding on the pavement, grass or mud, this thing will hold up quite well and last until he outgrows it.

You can adjust the height of both the seat and the handlebar. Kids at 4 can have a lot of differences. And this option helps to find the right setting for any kid. On the plus side, the pedal is non-slip and for girls that’s what you need.

Most of the bike parts come assembled and the instructions are clear and easy to understand. We would have appreciated more if the training wheels had some sort of adjustment setting to lift them off further when the child grows in size.


  • Adorable and all girly design for little ladies.
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat setting.
  • Front caliper brake and coaster brake combo.
  • Relatively more lightweight than other bikes.


  • Training wheels are fixed and doesn’t have any option for rising them.



5.COEWSKE Kids Bike

COEWSKE Kids Bike Steel Frame

Coewske is a one of a kind bike that looks like it’s coming out of every girl’s dream! The option to keep her favorite doll while riding is a great addition and makes it one of the best bikes for 4-year-olds girls.

This bike scores quite high in terms of safety and lightweight feature. The front hand brake and the rear coaster brake together helps to stop efficiently without skidding. The weight is acceptable compared to the price you pay.

Kids will love the wider pedals as it will help them to ride comfortably with less effort. Even the handlebar has raised edges to keep the hands in place.

The doll carrier behind the seat is a deal breaker. However to use it effectively the seat must be set at the highest setting or you can bend the carrier to adjust to the lower setting of the seat.

It’s almost completely pre-assembled. You just need to get the wheels, handlebar and pedals in place. It’s ready to ride with no extra adjustments!


  • Equipped with basket and doll carrier.
  • Fully covered chain for safety.
  • Handlebar is designed to stop the hands from sliding off.
  • Hand brake plus coaster brake combo for efficient stopping.


  • Doesn’t come with a kickstand.



6.Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

Schwinn is the best bike for 4 year olds in terms of kid-friendly design. It’s made in a way to support quick start and safe stopping. The best part is it doesn’t look like a kid bike and more like a miniature form of an adult bike.

This bike is a bit on the heavier side. But that’s also the reason for its high durability. It has smaller grips for more control and narrower pedals for stronger stroke on minimal effort. These design components make up for the slight increase in weight.

You can adjust the seat height and the angle of the handlebar. It will grow with your kid and hold it’s shape longer. The training wheels and kickstand will help to make the beginning days easier.

The assembly isn’t that tough. But you might need to loosen the chain and the rear wheel a bit as it can have a tight configuration. The instructions could have been a lot more specific to save some hassle.


  • Designed for quick start with minimal pedaling stroke.
  • Safe stopping with handbrake and caliper brake.
  • Adjustable seat height and handlebar tube angle.


  • Instructions are time-consuming to interpret.



7.COEWSKE Steel Frame Kid’s Bike

COEWSKE Kid's Bike Steel Frame

This bike model from Coewske has more of a cruiser style frame. Getting on and off is a lot easier and makes riding comfortable. The more your kids ride on them, the more they will love it.

Both the seat and handlebar height can be adjusted. The seat has a height range of 21 to 26 inches while the handlebar can be adjusted from 30-33 inches. That’s enough to use until your kid is 7 or 8.

It comes with both handbrake and foot brake. So, it’s less prone to skidding and stops perfectly every time. The chain is nicely enclosed within a frame to prevent injuries. Though the enclosure frame isn’t metal, it’s still quite good compared to the price.

The tires have a width of 2-in approximately and it makes riding smooth. The bike has a unisex design, so girls or boys will find it appealing. The only thing that could have been improved is the handbrake as it’s a bit tight.


  • Fully enclosed chain guard.
  • Extra rear seat for holding lighter objects.
  • Seat and handlebar height is adjustable.
  • Easy to get off and on design.


  • Handbrake needs loosening.



8.Huffy MotoX Boys Bike

16 inch Huffy MotoX Boys Bike

The Huffy MotoX exceeds our expectations with durable build quality and smooth-rolling wheels. The acid yellow looks stunning and makes your kid look cool while riding. 

It’s a lightweight bike that most kids can easily handle from the get go. The height of the seat can be quickly adjusted with the quick seat release feature. You can also adjust the handlebar to some extent.

The alloy spokes on the wheels hold the weight of the rider and maintain stability on bumpy tracks. Additionally, the combination of a foot brake and handbrake makes it even safer for kids.

The chain guard on this model is transparent and covers the top part of the chain system. This helps to fix the chain faster without removing the enclosure.


  • Lightweight frame is easy to handle.
  • Stunning color options.
  • Transparent chain guard combines well with the color theme.
  • Front handbrake and rear coaster brake combo.


  • Doesn’t come with a kickstand.



9.Guardian Kids Bikes

Guardian Kids Bikes

The Guardian bike with a unique braking system is a top of it’s class. At 20 lbs, this is the best lightweight bike for 4-year-old kids. It offers superior control and helps to learn biking faster than most other models.

While most bikes come with two brakes or just a rear coaster brake, this one has just a single handbrake that controls both the rear and front wheels. This helps kids to focus on riding more and stop faster.

The design of the frame creates a low center of gravity. Kids can feel the ground beneath and maintain their balance better. When it’s time to put off, just use the kickstand to keep it standing.

You can adjust the seat from as low as 18.5 to 23.5 inches. Most kids at 4 with whatever height they have should be able to ride it comfortably.

One thing to keep in mind, when shifting gears to lower setting, the brake shouldn’t be applied. Otherwise, the down shift will not work. This is a design flaw that you child will get used to with time. Alternatively, you can fix it with a bit of help from a mechanic.


  • Single handbrake controls both rear and front wheels.
  • Lightweight frame is easier to handle.
  • The seat sits low to the ground for more control.
  • Rides smoothly on both road and yard.


  • Down gear shifting is a bit difficult.



10.Retrospec Koda Kids Bike 

Retrospec Koda Kids Bike with Training Wheels

Is your kid a huge fan of Blippi? These days the youtube character is a fan favorite among toddlers. Retrospec has a Blippi color theme and decal that can make kids love the bike and want to take it outside everyday.

The best thing other than the color is how lightweight the bike is. It’s easier to handle and balance. The raised back behind the seat keeps kids from falling behind.

The braking system is composed of a coaster brake that controls the rear wheel and a handbrake controlling the front wheel. Together with the training wheels, this bike is faster to learn riding.

You might need to reassemble the rear wheel to make it loosen a bit. The preassembled setting is tight.


  • Child-friendly Blippi theme.
  • Effective braking system.
  • Raised back prevents falls.


  • The rear wheel might need to be loosened a bit.




When it comes to pinpointing the best bike for four year olds, it’s got to be Royalbaby kids bike. Compared to the other models, it offers the best bang for your bucks.

The design allows kids to sit lower to the ground and together with the coaster and handbrake combo, it’s easier to control. Also, the assembly requires minimal effort and time. You don’t want to buy a bike and spend hours on it. With 7 color options, we are sure your kid will find one that he loves!

The other models in this review are equally competent and some of them have unique features for specific kids.

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