7 Fun Backyard Water Games For Kids

Backyard water games are always fun, especially if it’s a hot summer day. You can gather up your kids and all other family members in the backyard to engage in some fun water games.

Backyard Water Games For Kids

To keep your family entertained during this lockdown is really important. And here we have seven mind refreshing backyard water games to keep the boredom away. Let’s start and get the supplies ready to play these amazing water games. 

1. Water Pinatas

Kids love to play water pinatas in a get together party or at birthday parties. But even though it’s time to maintain the social distance, you still can arrange it in the backyard for your jobless kids to keep them engaged. 

Fill up some balloons with water in different sizes and string them up in a rope. Keep a little distance between the balloons. Now tie the rope in a good spot like tree branches or with a backyard pole or anywhere suitable. 

Now get a wooden stick with some pointy spikes on its head, blindfold your kids and get started to play this fun game. Watch this video to see how kids play and enjoy water pinatas.

2. Slip and Slide

Water slide is another fun game that your kids are gonna love. There are no kids that don’t love slip and slide. Therefore, you can make a DIY slip and slide for the kids.

But if you want to avoid the mess and save some time for yourself, then you can also buy a suitable backyard water slide for your kids. These slides will cut your assembly time in half. If your kids love to get fully wet while playing then they will love this game.

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3. Water Cup Races

Not all kids love to get wet while playing with water. If your kids are one of them, then set up a water cup race for your kids in your backyard. 

You will only need a few pieces of straw, paper cups, duct tape, a thin rope or thread, and water guns to play this game. Cut the straws in 2 inch size pieces, now tape it or attach with glue on each cup per kid, and thread the string through the straw. 

Secure both sides of the string with an object and maintain the same length of all strings. Let’s see now who wins to race the cups using a water gun now. 

4.DIY Human Car Wash

If you are a fun parent and wanna do something new, then make a human car wash in the backyard and see how much they love to play with it. Making a DIY is itself fun and if it offers a big payoff then why not?

Watch this video to learn how to make this amazing human car wash sprinkler in your backyard. You can easily disassemble it as well. Make it big enough for your kids to run through themselves and if they want then with their bikes or skateboards. 

5. Dunk Tank

The next fun backyard water game we chose for you is the Dunk Tank game. It takes little space to set up a dunking booth in exchange for a lot of fun. 

The basic rules are you need to hit a target (a big button) with a ball and the volunteer, sitting on a collapsing seat will dunk him into the water. 

There are some dunking machines that dunk water on your head from the top. If you wanna join with the kids, you can buy this type of dunk tank machine.

6. Water Gun Battle

There are many rules for water gun fighting. In the old fashion manner, each player should have a water gun trying to tag each other with water. Sometimes they use different colors with the water. 

With some modification, in modern days, one player has the gun and tries to tag others. If someone’s been tagged, he becomes frozen until another player crawls between their legs. Easy and fun. 

7. Water balloon dodgeball

Cliche but never out of fashion. The water balloon dodgeball is always the most fun game for kids of all time. 

There’s no hard rules for this game. Just fill up little balloons with water and run after other players to tag with it. The rule is simple but your kids will have a great time for sure. 

Final Words

Get your grumpy kids up and engage in some backyard water games we suggested in this article. Hope your kids will enjoy the game time with the splashes of water. 

Covid has limited your kids from a lot of activities. So, make their quarantine as enjoyable as possible with these water games.

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