10 Best Backyard Water Slides for Kids 2023- (Water Park Level Fun)

It’s summer time. You want to transform your backyard into a water park? Add a water slide to your list and keep your kids cool and entertained.

The best backyard water slides have gigantic pools and long sliding surfaces!! With a sprinkler system, it keeps you and your kids wet for most of the time.


They come with blowers that can cut your assembly time to 5-10 minutes at most. You just need to consider the weight limit and the space you have for the slide.

Let the party begin!!

Images Products Name Weight limit
Little Tikes Rocky Water Slide 350 lbs
Blast Zone Hydro Rush Water Slide 100 Ibs+
Blast Zone Wild Inflatable Water Slide 200 lbs
Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide 350 lbs
Wahii WaterSlide
Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Water Slide 100 lbs (each slide)
Pogo Bounce House Water Slide 500 Ibs
Wow World of Watersports Super Slide
Intex Surf ’N Slide 176 Ibs
Bestway Hurricane Tunnel Water Slide 400 lbs

10 Best Kids Water Slides For Backyard 2023

1.Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Water Slide

Dimension: 13.4-ft L x 14-ft W x 8.6-ft H

Weight limit: 350 lbs

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

Introducing you to the best outdoor water slide ever- Little Tikes! It’s perfect for those hot summer times and keeps your kids cooler and entertained.

It can accommodate four kids at a time and the two slides on either side runs down to the spacious pool, which makes it even more fun. The slides are kept slippery and wet as there are sprays running continuously.

Kids can climb safely to the top with the inflatable rock wall. As they reach the top, the dump bucket gives them a second round of water thrill. The top is made safe as there is netting around the area.

This is a blow up style slide, so you will have to keep pumping air inside. The package comes with a blower that can inflate the unit in quick time. The included power cord is long enough for most backyard users.

If you are interested in using it without water, it’s still usable as the slide is quite slippery. On heavy usage, it can be subject to some wear and tear as with any other residential grade slide on the market.


  • Spray points keep the slide slippery always.
  • Safe climbing support and netting on top.
  • Two slides keep lots of kids in play.
  • Additional air pump for fast inflation.


  • The durability depends on how heavily you use it. 



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2.Blast Zone Hydro Rush Water Slide

Dimension: 18-ft L x 8-ft H x 11-ft W

Weight limit: more than 100 lbs.

The Hydro Rush is one of the best backyard water slide that will add tremendous fun to your kid’s summer routine and those backyard parties. It features a cool water cannon, which is a unique touch to this product

It’s equipped with a single slide but its long and curvy design is enough to give thrills. The best thing about the design is you don’t have to exit the arena for climbing up. The pool and climbing area, everything is enclosed inside.

The slide is made from commercial grade vinyl and double-stitched seams. You can expect it to last at least a few seasons with moderate use. Although the weight limit is 100 lbs, we found that it can hold a lot more than that. That’s great for a whole family involvement.

We loved the long pool area as it can accommodate more people waiting to have a go at the slide. There’s a small dip around this area for allowing water to flow and keep the area safe for toddlers.


  • Slide height is optimal for kid’s safety.
  • Water flows out constantly keeping the pool area hazard-free.
  • Durable construction for maximum usage.
  • Pump faster with included inflator.


  • Hard to dry out.



3.Blast Zone Wild Inflatable Water Slide

Dimension: 21-ft L x 6-ft W x 9-ft H

Weight limit: 200 lbs.

It’s yet another slide from Blast zone featuring a shark head theme with a  5-ft drop to the pool area. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but still good enough for an entertaining summer afternoon.

The climbing surface is located at the back of the shark head. The design is safe enough to keep you safe if you happen to fall from the top.

It’s made from commercial-grade PVC which can be quite durable depending on how you use it. The good part is this unit can be completely rolled and stored inside the carrying case that comes with the package.

The pool area isn’t quite large but it holds moderate amounts of water for safe landing. It can last for a few seasons with just a minor issue of the pool area turning yellow over time.


  • Rolls into the storage bag for easy storage and transportation
  • Long cord makes it efficient to power up the blower
  • Durable and sturdy construction.
  • Wide slide for multiple people sliding together.


  • The color of the pool area might fade away with time.



4.Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide

Dimension: 7-ft L x 5.9-ft W x 3.8-ft H

Weight limit: 350 lbs (200 lbs for slide)

Little Tikes Slam n Curve Slide

This slide from the Little Tikes is perfect for children as it features a gentle curve and spacious pool area. When deflated it becomes compact and ready to store. It’s the best inflatable water slide for home use.

Climbing up and down is easy and this area is kept separate from the pool with a bit of high padding. There’s a basketball hoop beside the climbing area that can add more fun to the moment.

Like all slides, this model comes with stakes for anchoring the unit to the ground. It can hold four kids inside without feeling overcrowded.

Use the blower that comes with it and you can inflate this within no time. This is a heavy slide that can be a bit tough to fold. But it’s nothing significant to complain about.


  • Sturdy pool area edges for safe collision every time.
  • Powerful inflator for fast pumping.
  • Basketball hoop makes it more fun.
  • Large pool area makes it feel breathable.


  • Quite heavy to fold and store.



5.Wahii Water Slide

Wahii WaterSlide


Got a long curved hill in your neighborhood? The WAHII waterslide is just what you need. This 75-ft long thick PVC will give you a thrill of a lifetime and it’s perfect for making the backyard parties fun.


The number 1 reason why you should use this and not a cheap tarp from the market is because it’s super slippery once the water runs on it. On top of that, the material is thick and has UV protection to make it last a few seasons.

It comes with a patented fastener system to anchor the slide to the surface. If you are using this kind of slide for the first time, it will take a while to properly set up. Just put a sprinkler at the top and it will become all slippery.

Practically, it’s more of a summer camp item and if you and your family are heading for one, we definitely recommend having one.


  • Thick and UV resistant material.
  • Become extremely slippery when water runs down.
  • Wide area minimizes chances of going out of track.
  • Comes with a fastener to hold the slide.


  • Can take a while to set it up.



6.Blast Zone Crocodile Isle Water Slide

Dimension: 14-ft L x 22-ft W x 8-ft H

Weight limit: 100 lbs (for each slide)

The Blast zone Crocodile is a lively slide that will bring in life into your hot summer days. Kids will go crazy over it and soon it will become an integral part of your family.

It’s not the best backyard water slide for just no reason. Two long slides with a wide pool area keeps 6 children inside and still have enough room for playing. On each of those slides, there are sprayers to keep them cool always.

It’s made from commercial grade vinyl which means it’s super slippery and durable. Whether your kids are using it rough or smooth, it’s going to last for a long time.

To keep it going use the blower that comes with the unit and the water supply. An hour or so everyday won’t kill your water bill. We could hardly find any significant flaws to mention. Recommended!!


  • Spacious enough for lots of children to play together.
  • Maintains shape for longer period of time.
  • Comes with a large bag for convenient storage.
  • Double slides with sprayers double up the fun.


  • Hose can sometimes malfunction after considerable use.



7.Pogo Bounce House Inflatable Water Slide

Dimension: 21-ft L x 9-ft W x 12-ft H

Weight limit: 500 lbs

Pogo Bounce House Inflatable Water Slide

Pogo Bounce is a highly rated slide because of its strong PVC Vinyl construction that can withstand rough usage. It’s perfect for either children or adults as long as you don’t go over the weight limit.

The top of the slide is designed more like a roof to keep the sun away. As you go down the slide, water sprinklers will make sure you remain wet and cool. The climbing area is non-slip and comfortable for children to get up.

The best part is both the slide and the climbing surface are removable. This makes it convenient to clean and replace parts when necessary. And if you don’t like the color, you can check out the other pogo bounce slide.

You will get a 680 watt inflator with this slide. It’s quite powerful and cuts down blowing time a lot. Additionally, there are 8 stakes, a repair kit and a bag for storing the slide. All in all, we think it’s one of the best backyard inflatable water slides in the market.


  • Comparably stronger and thicker material for durability.
  • Remove and replace the slide or the climbing area.
  • Powerful blower included for fast inflation.
  • Pool area has a high wall to limit water splash on to ground.


  • The inside of the pool doesn’t have much cushion.



8.Wow World of Watersports Super Slide

Wow World of Watersports Super Slide

Want a slide that sets up in no time? The WOW Super Slide is probably the only thing you will need for your kid’s birthday party. If you have large adults wanting to have a go, just connect a few more of these together!

This isn’t just a thin sheet of PVC. In fact, among the lawn slides on the market, this model is the thickest and sturdiest. Just turn on the zig zag water sprinkler system and it becomes super slippery.

It comes with two mega sleds that can be used on the surface for more resistance-free experience. If you need more sleds than two, you can get the Intex Joy rider pool float.

The best part is you can connect more slides to either increase the width or the length. This makes the product pretty much versatile. You just need to pump to get it inflated.


  • Zigzag sprinkler system keeps the whole surface wet.
  • Two large sleds for better sliding.
  • Option to connect more slides together.
  • Side wall keeps the player and water on the surface.


  • A single slide isn’t very long. Needs more connection for more fun (especially for adults or big kids).



9.Intex Surf ‘N Slide

Dimension: 15-ft L x 5.5-ft W x 5.1-ft H

Weight Limit: 176 lbs.

Intex Surf N Slide Inflatable Play Center

This slide from Intex is simple and doesn’t need a hell lot of space to set up. For kids 5 years old, it’s pure heaven!

There are handles at the back of the slide for climbing. However, it can still be a bit difficult for little kids under 5 years. With some assistance, you can make it fun for everyone.

It comes with two sleds with handles. For slippery experience, this is essential. This model doesn’t come with an inflator. So, you need to buy one that can blow up faster and usable for other applications.


  • Sleds with handles for safe surfing.
  • Designed to use on a flat surface.
  • Perfect for small backyards.


  • The climbing area doesn’t have grooves or steps.



10.Bestway Hurricane Tunnel Blast Water Slide

Dimension: 13.7-ft L x 10.5-ft W x 8.5-ft H

Weight limit: 400 lbs.

Bestway Hurricane Tunnel Blast Inflatable Water Park Play Center

Meet the best kid water slide for your backyard- The Hurricane Tunnel. With two layers of slides and an exciting pool area, your summer days will never be the same again.

One of the slides is designed in the shape of the tunnel and it’s always kept with sprinklers. The climbing surface has grooves and grips for safe stepping. The top features mesh walls for stability.

We think this PVC coated Polyester slide can take a beating and maintain shape for a few seasons. In total 7 children can play in it and that’s quite remarkable. You will get an inflator with the package that can make assembling easy.


  • The tunnel slide is huge.
  • Sprinkler system keeps users wet all the time.
  • Large pool area can accommodate lots of people.
  • Durable and sturdy.


  • The tunnel area has an open end, so water can soak your backyard.



What to Look for When Buying a Water Slide for Your Backyard?

1. Durability

The durability of a water slide is hard to predict. The user reviews can be extremely helpful to understand whether there is any history of leaking or bursting associated with the product.

A good water slide often is made from commercial-grade Vinyl, PVC or Nylon. If you are worried about durability make sure it has the term “commercial grade†in it. For example, the Blastzone Crocodile Isle is made from commercial grade vinyl.

Further, you can inspect the quality of stitching. Double-stitched slides are even better!

2. Ease of inflation and deflation

Inflation can be a painful job when it comes to water slides or any inflatable stuff. Thankfully, most of the slides on the list come with an electric pump to inflate/deflate in the minimum possible time. Some can even inflate in just 5-7 minutes!

3. Slide vs slide with pool

We often resonate a backyard water slide with something large, inflatable, has one/two slides and a big pool. These are perfect for parties and a lot of kids to have fun at the same time.

You can also get a simple Vinyl or PVC slide with no pools. These sort of slides are perfect when you have a downhill surface. The Wahii waterslide and Wow World Super Slide can be good alternatives to those bulky inflatables.

4. Smoothness of the slide

The more slippery a slide is, the more the fun. So long your slide has sprinklers on it, the slide will be slippery most of the time. 

Some slides are slippery even without water. In that case, your children can play on it without connecting the water hose. You can do that with the Little Tikes slide.

5. Weight limit

Yes, a higher weight limit means more people on the slide. Anything over 300 lbs can be good enough for a few children and an adult. However, if you are looking to use the slide for only adults look for slides over 400 lbs weight limit. Luckily, the Pogo Bounce House is made to withstand round usage and has the highest weight limit in this list.

6. Entertainment add-ons

It’s boring without a few add-ons. Essentially, the slide should have at least one water sprinkler and more is better. It will keep the water flowing and the fun running.

You can also find water blasters or canons in some slides. These have water hose connected to them and can blast water at a fast speed.

Additionally, a basketball hoop can up the fun and create a more engaging experience.


Choosing the best backyard water slide for your home isn’t that tough. No matter how strong the fabric/material is, if your kids are rough and unforgiving, it won’t last long. But that’s the point. You want your kids to have all the fun and refresh themselves in the hot summer weather.

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