10 Best Swim Floaties for Toddlers Under 30 lbs – (2023 Guide)

Introducing your child to the water at a young age is a great initiative. But, finding the best floaties for toddlers under 30 lbs is not at all an easy thing to do.

Babies grow within the blink of an eye. Finding the perfect size of a cloth or a swimsuit with this constant growth is a real struggle for the parents.

Toddlers grow at different paces. Each toddler has a unique combination of age, height, weight, and body type. However, safety around the water is important too. Right?


So, we gathered a team and tested out a handful of float that meets the weight limit requirements of toddlers under 30 lbs and are functional as well. The list we came up with includes 10 floaties.

Let’s find out which is the best pick for your child.

Product Image Product Name
Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Swim Float
LAYCOL Baby Swimming Pool Float
HECCEI Mambobaby Baby Swim FloatĀ 
SwimWays Baby Spring Float
Free Swimming Airplane Swimming FloatĀ 
Wishliker Inflatable Baby Toddler Pool Float
iGeeKid Baby Inflatable Pool Float
Ricoco Swim Vest Swim Floaties
JEVDES Swim Vest
Genwiss Baby Girl Swim Vest

10 Best Floaties for Toddlers Under 30 lbs – 2023 Guide

1. Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby Swim Float

 Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby Swim Float

The first product on our list is the popular Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby Swim Float. This inflatable floatie is portable and amazing on-the-go swimming gear for toddlers.

Except for the fact that some people do not like the hassle to blow it up, it’s fairly easy to inflate. You can inflate, deflate and store it within an instance.

This cute little floatie offers the best posture of swimming to toddlers, ages 1.5-6 years old. Just put your child with her belly down, secure him with the double-shoulder straps and crotch buckle and you are good to go. Your baby can kick the water and swim pretty comfortably in this floatie.

The previous model of this product didn’t have a canopy and users often complained about the flipping hazard. So, they upgraded the product.

The new model has a raised front and widen sides that prevent flipping and offers soft bottom support that keeps your baby from sliding out. The upgraded version also includes a breathable and removable sun canopy to protect your child’s skin.

The Free Swimming Baby Inflatable is a very handy and easy-to-use swim float for toddlers of 1.5 to 6 years. It offers a great fit and support to your baby and allows him to enjoy his pool time.



2. LAYCOL Baby Swimming Pool Float

 LAYCOL Baby Swimming Pool Float

The LAYCOL baby swimming pool float is almost similar to our previous float. And, it’s definitely one of the best floaties for toddlers under 30 lbs for many reasons.

The LAYCOL floatie is made of CPC standard baby skin-friendly PVC material. It’s a very well-made and sturdy baby float that will offer great support and safety protection to your child.

The double-layered air chamber and two non-detachable back airbags ensure a smooth floating whenever your baby hits the water with his legs and throws his arms around. Its shoulder strap and crotch strap keep your baby safe and securely tucked into his position avoiding slipping out from the float.

Another great thing about this floatie is the free toys, one cute little dolphin and a duckling. However, the little pieces of these toys can cause choking hazards according to some users. Check it thoroughly and do not leave your child unsupervised.

This float features a breathable and easy-to-remove UPF50+ sun protection canopy. But, the canopy is not adjustable, which is a little inconvenient when the sun is shining from the front. You can face your child back from the sun if you are using this floatie outdoors.

Some users have mentioned that this float flips over sometimes if you let it float around. It shouldn’t bother because, whether it flips or not, you should never leave your little in the water unobserved.  



3. HECCEI Mambobaby Baby Swim Float 

 Mambobaby Baby Swim Float with Canopy

The Mambobaby Baby Swim Float is a very cute baby float that offers looks with convenience. It’s safe and made of baby-skin-friendly materials. 

The upgraded safety features include 5-support-points and a perfect 40° angle that helps your child to keep floating both on back or belly positions. 

This cute and compact floating device can support babies weighing 13-40lbs. The straps can be adjusted with your baby’s size. You can put your baby in both positions, either sitting on his back or laying on his belly.  Backstroke is recommended for 3-6 months old babies. Babies older than that or having a strong backbone are capable of breaststrokes. 

All in one, this is a great choice if you want to pick a product that can grow with your child. There is one little thing some customers mentioned about. The canopy of this float doesn’t stay fastened, or they find it difficult to snap with the float. But most of the others had no complaints about theirs.

Except for this one thing, this product is an amazing choice. The strong and easy buckling combined with how amazingly it floats make this float worth your money. 



4. SwimWays Inflatable Baby Spring Octopus Pool Float

SwimWays Inflatable Baby Spring Octopus Pool Float

The next flotation device for toddlers under 30 lbs in our list is the SwimWays Inflatable Baby Spring Float. This float is amazingly stable while floating in the water which is the uniqueness of this product.

Another cool feature of this baby float is its activity center. There is an octopus right in the middle. It rotates 360° and holds a soft touch star, a fish teether, a squeaker fish, and stacking rings in each of its four tentacles.

So, not only your baby will float around and enjoy the water, they can play with the toys and keep entertained in the water. Its innerspring sewn along the edge of the float keeps it steady when your little love is enjoying his day.

There’s a fully adjustable UPF 50 plus sun canopy that will give your child protection from the sun. You can easily remove it if you want or adjust it as you want.

There’s just a little concern for petite and short babies. The mesh seat is very comfy but a little deep for small children. So, crosscheck the seat size and match it with your baby before you buy one of these amazingly stable baby floats.



5. Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Airplane Swimming Float 

 Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Airplane Swimming Float

Talking about the low seat in the previous product, don’t worry, we also have an option for a high seat swimming float. The Free Swimming Airplane-shaped float is absolutely adored by the toddlers. 

Kids can ride and seat comfortably with the smooth leg holes and great buoyancy support. The wings of this airplane help to keep the balance preventing it from tipping over. 

Your toddler can play with the steering wheel and turn it around the pool.  There’s a horn but it’s reported to be quite stiff for a baby and needs an adult to push it for them.

It inflates and deflates pretty easily. So, if you wanna go on a vacation, you can fold it up and pack it up. 

This is a great floatie for big toddlers obsessed with aircraft and gears. Since this swimming float can support and hold kids ages 3months up to 4 years, you may set your expectations high for long durability. 

Sadly, some users have mentioned that this floatie is not that durable. They found puncture holes much faster than expected. However, nobody invests in a floatie for its longevity anyways. 

Safety and comfort are well-ensured by this product and that is the first priority while choosing a swimming float. Your kids are going to love this airplane-shaped float. 


6. Wishliker Inflatable Baby Toddler Pool Float 

 Wishliker Inflatable Baby Toddler Pool Float

The next one on our list is the Wishliker Inflatable Pool Float. The combination of vibrant yellow and blue will catch every eye stuck on this cute little float. The high-quality PVC and non-toxic ink print offer a safe and strong-built baby float.

This beautiful float, although comes with a steering wheel, doesn’t move. It’s not totally useless either. Your baby can hold it to keep his balance in the water. Moreover, there is a honk right there in the middle of the steering wheel. Some users mentioned it needs a hard push to make the noise.

However, the sun canopy offers protection from UVA when your baby enjoys his water time on a sunny day. The manufacturer claims that the canopy is removable and adjustable as well. Yes, it’s removable but not fully adjustable.

It cannot stay in the upright position. So, while floating on this inflatable float, you should face your little love back from the sun.

The float doesn’t have any safety belts. Because you will be amazed how stable this particular model is on the water. Besides this float is suitable for the ages 6 to 36 months when babies have already learned balancing a little bit. Yet, you should never leave your child alone in the water, no matter what.



7. iGeeKid Baby Inflatable Pool Float

 iGeeKid Baby Inflatable Pool Float with Canopy

If the floating airplane hasn’t excited you, this one definitely will. This cute baby pool inflatable car is designed with eco-friendly PVC material and an interesting ink print of a cartoon car. It’ll kinda look like your baby is riding a water car in this float.

This iGeeKid car boat has a beautiful canopy that is not removable and doesn’t overcast. It offers maximum protection from the sun rather than most other sun canopies of inflatable floats. The boat seat has been upgraded with comfortable and thickened PVC for comfort.

Your kid can spin the boat using the steering wheel and blow the horn. This feature keeps kids entertained. But, you need to observe your baby playing with this floaty, as it tends to tip over when babies go wild in the boat and try to spin it aggressively.

There are two leg holes that will allow your child to slip his legs through the holes and sit comfortably. However, the holes might feel a little tight for chubby and big babies.

The only complaint we have come across is that this float doesn’t inflate fully, or loses air after some time. Besides, the air valve needs to be secured with duct tape. It comes out pretty easily.



8. Ricoco Swim Vest Swim Floaties 

Ricoco Swim Vest Swim Floaties

This floatie is designed for older kids who are learning how to swim. It’s not an inflatable swimming float. Rather it’s a PE foam-made swimming vest floatie.

It’s the perfect pick for those who hate to inflate their floaties by blowing up. Its sturdy polyester and PE foam construction with strong seams prevent air leakage. So, there is only a little to no chance of getting punctured.

This is not only the best floaties for toddlers under 30 lbs, kids older than that and up to 50lbs can comfortably use it. These colorful pool floaties have adjustable back buckles. It allows you to determine the secure fit for your child.

It helps your kids to keep the balance on the water and helps them learn to swim. There are many vibrant color and design variations your kids can choose from. Your kids can practice with this floatie at the pool, beach, river, sea, or lake.



9. JEVDES Swim Vest 

JEVDES Swim Vest

The Jevdes swim vest is a perfect choice for kids ages 2-7 years who are intending to learn swimming. It’s made of durable polyester fabric and a PE foam core. 

It’s one of the safest swimming vest for toddlers under 30lbs. Its 3-in-1 safety buckle prevents the vest from slipping off or opening accidentally. The shoulder straps are adjustable. So you can expect this swim aid to grow with your child keeping him safe while swimming. 

The swim vest supports kids up to 66 lbs. So, a wide range of age groups can use this vest. It’s also suitable for snorkeling as it offers safety additionally. 

This swim vest is not a certified safety jacket. But, it undoubtedly works better than some life jackets. Because, unlike some life jackets, its shoulder strap goes over the shoulder and the upper arm as well. It makes this swimming vest don’t allow your child to flip off, fall forward, or backward.

The vest is fine and the design of the straps is extraordinary. But, if your child is a little skinny then the straps of this vest might loosen slowly. So, it needs to be fixed every now and then, which is a little hassle.



10. Genwiss Baby Girl Swim Vest

 Genwiss Baby Girl Swim Vest

Looking for something girly at the pool for your little Princess? We have got you covered. Get this Genwiss Baby Girl Swim Vest and your baby girl will just love it.

This swimming vest is well-constructed with Neoprene coating and EPE foam blocks inserted inside. It almost offers the quality of a USCG-approved life-saving floatation device although it is not. 

This floatie offers safety and easy-wear. Just slide your baby’s arms into the armholes and fasten the full-front zipper and your kid is all prepared for swimming. It’s a great teaching tool for your children.  

This vest fits well on kids weighing 20lbs and up to 28lbs. there’s a larger size available too. So, make sure which size is a good fit for your kid before placing an order. It will be worth every penny buying this swim vest for your baby girl.


Things You Should Consider When Buying a Floatie for Toddlers Under 30 Lbs

Floaties are fun. But, if you fail to pick the right one, it won’t take time to turn the fun into a nightmare. So, before investing in one, have these considerations to choose the right floatie for your baby.

1. Weight Capacity

As you are buying a floatie for a toddler who weighs under 30 lbs, the maximum weight limit should at least be 20-25 lbs, depending on the current weight of your baby. Because anything lower than that will be an issue when your kid grows old and you can’t use the floatie anymore. 

2. Safety and Quality

Safety is the first and foremost important thing to consider while choosing the best Swim Floaties for Toddlers under 30Ibs. You can check whether your swim float complies with the safety standards by a widely acceptable organization such as CPC. 

Besides, check the construction of the product. A good quality material makes it sturdy and durable. On the other hand, a raised front and widened side can prevent the floaties from flipping.

3. Size and Age Appropriation 

Your child should fit in the floatie in such a manner that it’s neither too snuggling to their body, nor too loose that they slip off. 

It’s hard to tell an exact size for a certain aged baby since the growth pattern and body type are not the same for all babies. However, you should analyze which size and what age group a floatie is made for. 

Once you have a clear idea of the weight limit or an age group of a floaty, match yours and place the order. 

4. Portability

A portable floatie comes in handy if you travel a lot with your kids. Even if you don’t, opt for an inflatable floatie that can easily inflate and deflate.

Inflatable floaties are lightweight. So, you can fold it when it’s not being used, store it, pack it and take it everywhere with you.

5. Sun Protection

Look for a floatie that comes with a detachable and fully adjustable sun canopy like our SwimWays Inflatable Baby Spring Float. You can adjust the canopy with the direction of sun exposure. And you can remove it when you don’t need it anymore.

There are some other options which include a canopy, but it is not adjustable. You can use it tactically (facing your child opposite to the sun). But adjustable ones are better.

Another great feature is to look for whether the canopy offers UPF 50+ protection.

6. Additional Features

You can look for other additional features. For instance, some floaties come in interesting and unique shapes or additional toys. 

Conclusion & Editor’s Choice

A comfortable floatie can make the pool time enjoyable for your little bunch of joy. A floatie that offers maximum security, good sun protection, and a stable floatation, is all you need to make your child fall in love with the water.

We have selected the seven most popular and great floatation devices for your child. So far, the Free Swimming Swim Float is the best floaties for toddlers under 30 lbs in our opinion. This upgraded version offers the best quality and the most comfortable dual position for your little one. The price is also moderate.

You can set your priorities and choose accordingly. Hopefully, I have already found one. So, don’t delay. Seize the summer water adventures with your family.

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