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Barbara Metzdorff, a certified yoga therapist, engaged a group of kindergarteners at Carlos Gilbert Elementary School in a yoga session. Sitting in a circle, Metzdorff demonstrated various movements and stretches while the children eagerly followed along. With her gentle voice, she encouraged them to focus on their bodies and the sensations they experienced. The children practiced balancing and stretching, building their muscles and developing body awareness.

The School of Mindfulness- Intro to Yoga and Meditation Deck for Children, Set of 24 Poses and Easy to Learn Activities for Kids, Beginner Yoga and Meditation
  • 24 EASY TO LEARN YOGA POSES, STRETCHES, AND MEDITATIONS FOR CHILDREN: This deck of cards contains 24 basic activities for you and your children to introduce yoga principles in your life.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS: These cards are designed with pictures and easy to follow steps for each exercise. Use a few cards at a time to guide you until you have memorized the poses and can expand and grow with them.
  • SAFE PRACTICES: When using these cards and practicing yoga and meditation you should always: wear comfortable clothing, practice with an adult, be gentle with your body, have enough room around you, take time to get comfortable and learn each pose, and drink plenty of water.
  • STRESS RELIEF & BREATHING: The focus of these cards is to find time to relax and calm the mind with your children. By paying attention to your breath, your thoughts, and your body, you are creating the habit of doing this practice throughout the day.

Metzdorff introduced a moment of silent observation, where the children attentively watched her movements and mimicked them. They stretched their legs, raised their hands, and flapped their elbows. Towards the end of the session, they assumed the mouse pose, curling their bodies with their foreheads on the floor. The classroom teacher, Joan Jamison, noticed the positive effects of yoga on the children’s coordination, core strength, and ability to concentrate. After the session, the children exhibited improved focus and a calmer demeanor, often speaking softly throughout the day.

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In Santa Fe, eight schools have incorporated yoga into their curriculum, with Barbara Metzdorff and teachers from Santa Fe Community Yoga leading the sessions. The combination of physical release and mindfulness offered by yoga is highly valued in today’s fast-paced world. It equips children with an internal toolset, allowing them to explore their preferences, emotions, and develop a sense of self.

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Teenagers also benefit from yoga, reporting reduced back pain, stress, and feelings of being overwhelmed. Julie Reynolds, the director of Yoga in Schools at Santa Fe Community Yoga, emphasizes the importance of providing students with a break from technology and helping them reconnect with their bodies and emotions.

Eliza Skye, co-director of Santa Fe Community Yoga, focuses on teaching partner yoga and exercises that promote nonsexual touch and connection among teenagers. These practices empower teens to take charge of their bodies and develop a deeper understanding of themselves.

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  • KIDS YOGA MAT: These yoga mats for kids are ideal for children ages 5-8 and are designed to be fun and provide a healthy outlet that teaches a healthy body image, concentration, balance and calm - even in the face of too much silliness
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  • INCLUDES BONUS KIDS YOGA CLASS: A downloadable yoga class specifically designed for kids is included with your mat purchase to help get your little one started
  • DIMENSIONS: 60" L x 24" W x 3 millimeter

Metzdorff, who has specialized training in child-specific yoga, assists teachers in addressing the needs of students who struggle with certain poses due to physical limitations or learning difficulties. For instance, students experiencing difficulty with hand coordination may also struggle with writing. Metzdorff recommends specific poses to target and strengthen the corresponding muscle groups.

Outside of school, opportunities for children to participate in yoga classes in Santa Fe are limited. To bridge this gap, Santa Fe Community Yoga offers free classes to anyone under the age of 18. Parents like Dina Advani-Mahmood have found yoga to be highly beneficial for their children. Advani-Mahmood noticed improvements in her son’s sleep patterns, focus, and ability to cope with social issues after joining yoga classes. Recognizing the positive impact, she introduced the program to her daughter’s elementary school, Amy Biehl Community School, believing that yoga can empower children to make healthier choices and become more resilient.

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  • EASY TO LEARN & PLAY YOGA GAME: Play in a group with 2 to 10 players, ages 6+. The game includes 96 thick, laminated playing cards that feature yoga poses plus fire (draw), air (skip), water (reverse) & earth (you pick) activities. The instructions are short & clear. The first to play all the cards in their hand wins! Perfect for family game night, school activities, parties, trips & more. Play at home or outside, with or without mats
  • CUTE ANIMAL CHARACTERS ON YOGA CARDS TEACH IMPORTANT SKILLS: In addition to practicing yoga, kids explore emotions & build kindness, cooperation, self-acceptance & compassion when playing as a game. Or, this game can also be played alone by flipping through the yoga cards to create your own flow, practicing poses & mindfulness at your own pace. Prepare for laughter and fun alongside personal growth!
  • CREATED BY CERTIFIED YOGA THERAPIST & MOM: Passionate about helping kids & teens with trauma, mental health challenges & everyday struggles, Yugo is a therapeutic game that makes yoga fun while improving mental & physical health. A great gift for family, friends & teachers! Yugo is a woman-owned, small, U.S. business founded by a mom and yoga therapist

In addition to its physical benefits, introducing children to yoga can enhance their performance in sports and provide emotional support. Yoga allows children to explore their inner selves, fostering mindfulness, meditation, and a break from the distractions of technology. Overall, yoga provides a unique and valuable experience for children, promoting their physical and emotional well-being while encouraging self-discovery.

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