26 Amazing Toys that Start With Letter U – (2023 Guide)

Is your kid’s birthday coming up? And you want to gift a toy that starts with U.

We tried to look for unique and awesome toys with the letter U and luckily we found 26 of them. Some are educational, some are interactive and others are for pure fun.


Keep in mind, these toys have different age groups and not all toys will work for every kid. Once you know what they are all about, you can figure out on your own if the toy is right for your child.

Check them out…

26 Toys That Start With Letter U

1. UFO Drone

 SHWD UFO Drones


If you have been searching for toys with letter U for show and tell, you can definitely get this UFO drone. It’s a hand-controlled drone that kids of any age can play with.

Even if you don’t interact with it, it will fly on its own making it a hands-off toy. Fly it around the home and watch your toddler get super excited. This could be more fun if you fly it outdoors!


2. United States Army Helicopter Playset

 United States Army Helicopter Playset


Enrich the soldier spirit in your kid with the U.S army helicopter playset. All the soldiers included are fully geared for battle and ready to get dispatched in war zones.

Let your kid pretend-play with it and become a U.S soldier. The helicopter looks real and has a moderate size. It will keep your 5-year-old engaged and playful all day long.


3. Utensils set

 Utensils for Play Kitchens


Time to learn a new word with the letter U. It’s utensils. A utensil playset is one of the most common toys that start with U and not to mention it’s fun to play with.

Toddlers as young as 18 months can start cooking in it or use it for gripping, throwing, and whatever they want. They are made of plastic, so you don’t have to worry about breaking. 


4. U.S toy ninja figures

 U.S. Toy Assorted Ninja Action Figure Toys


The U.S toy Ninja warriors are ready for a fight. Red and black ninjas can duel with one another for pride and right. These miniature ninja figures have fight poses.

Your kid can place them against each other and imagine lots of different action scenarios. It can be a great addition to your little one’s action figure collection.


5. Ultimate Fort Builder


Need a toy that can challenge your kid’s intellect and still make it fun? Have a look at the ultimate fort builder. It has different poles and connectors which can be used to make any sort of structure like a tent, fort, igloo, and a lot more.

It’s perfect for imaginative play for kids 4-11 years old. The best part is once she builds it, she can use it as her play area when it’s raining outside.


6. Unicorn stuffed animal

Stuffed Animal Night Light


Meet the best-selling unicorn toy ever! It’s a plush toy that can give an amazing experience. It shoots different patterns of light like stars and teddy bears from its belly to fill the entire room.

If your kid feels afraid at night, this toy could calm her. The soft squishy body will comfort her and the belly light will act as a night light.


7. Upwards word game

upword Word Game


Word puzzles and board games can be interactive and good for your kid’s mental development. Upword is a word game developed by Hasbros that lets your child match different letters to make meaningful words.

It can be played solo or with 2-4 partners. So, it’s a great family game for parties, weekends, and situations when you can’t go outside. Kids over 8 years old will be able to respond to it and enjoy it.


8. Ukulele Guitar Toy 

Ukulele Guitar Toy


A Ukelele is a great gift for your kid. The small size of the ukulele makes it perfect for little hands. It’s a super easy instrument for beginners and kids can quickly start making tunes as they have only 4 strings to work with.

Even if your child doesn’t have musical talent, it will keep him occupied and improve his hand-eye coordination. This particular Ukelele has a professional feel to it and doesn’t look like a toy. So, even grown-up kids will love playing with it.


9. Ultimate multi-level garage set

Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage


Car games can never get old. This ultimate garage can add some twists to car games. It has multi-level tracks that can be used to race down the car with speed. Watch out for the ominous T-rex in the middle.

It’s a total game-changer toy for two kids who want to race against each other and have the thrill of a lifetime. You can also connect the tracks of this toy to other Hotwheels toys to make an entire city of cars.


10. U series Ride-on horse

U Series Ride on Horse Toy


Wouldn’t it be fun to ride on a plush toy? The U Series Pony cycle is a one-of-a-kind toy. Your child can sit on it and ride it like a real horse. It’s got a comfortable seat and a place to keep the feet.

There are even wheels attached underneath the horse’s legs. You can push it from the back and let your child enjoy the evening.


11. UNO Family Card Game

UNO Family Card Game


Here’s kid stuff that starts with the letter U. It’s the same old thing you played as a child, only the size is extra large. This makes it easier for 7-year-olds to recognize and read cards easily. You can take these to family gatherings and play with people of all ages.


12. Uncle Goose Uppercase Alphablank Blocks

 Uncle Goose Uppercase Alphablank Blocks


Uncle Goose could is an ideal kid’s toy that starts with the letter U. It’s a building block toy that could be the starting point of learning.

Your kid can make up new words with them or you could line them up and teach new words. All the blocks are made of wood so they are safe for toddlers as well.


13. Unicycle

 HWF Small 12 inch Unicycle


Unicycles are not the most common toys for kids. However, they are effective for learning to balance at an early age. If you have a 5-year-old, you can get a 12-in unicycle.

You need to be around her when she’s riding on it. Place the unicycle in between two chairs and get her to hold the chairs and move back and forth. Try it indoors first and when your child gets a hang of it, you can go outdoors.


14. Uenjoy Kick Scooter

 Uenjoy Kick Scooter


Confused about what kind of ride-on toy to buy? Get the Uenjoy kid’s scooter and see the thrill in your kid’s eyes. It’s a good way to encourage outdoor activities.

While riding with the scooter children will learn more about the environment and it will also enhance their mental development. Scooters are a lot safer than other ride-on toys and pretty fun too.  


15. Ultraman action figure

 TAMASHII NATIONS S.H. Figuarts Ultraman


The immensely popular character Ultraman is a kid’s favorite. It’s a superhero alien and human combo with powers unmatched. The action figure has moveable arms and legs which can be adjusted to make different action poses.

If your kid has already watched the Ultraman show on Netflix, this action figure can satisfy his curiosity and give him something to play with.


16. Ursula Fashion Doll

Disney Villains Ursula Fashion Doll


If you haven’t watched the little mermaid yet with your daughter, you better watch it today. Then you can buy an Ursula doll.

Your girl can imagine as a villain and ready to bash her on the floor. Or, she can pair with the little mermaid and imagine that they are friends. The doll comes with a few accessories like a trident, dress, shoes, and a magic pot.


17. Uncle Milton Ant Farm Live Ant Habitat

 Uncle Milton Ant Farm Live Ant Habitat


There’s no joy than playing with live animals. Uncle Milton ant farm is one of a kind toy. It’s a closed system that lets you raise live ants and observe their life from outside.

Your kid will learn lots of new stuff about ants and insects. Moreover, it will keep him interested for hours. The best part is you can watch the ants from both sides of this system and just enjoy their activities.


18. United States Coast Guard Rescue Boat

United States Coast Guard Rescue Boat Playset


Coast guards are lifesavers and have immense respect in people’s eyes. The United States coast guard playset is an adorable kid thing that starts with U.

It has a detailed armed watercraft that floats on water with two coast guard action figures. Let your child dive deep into imagination and rescue people out in the ocean and sea. It will develop his consciousness and encourage him to help people who are in danger.


19. U-Nice Baby Simple Sensory Toys

 U-Nice Baby Simple Sensory Toys


Babys can be fussy when you are about to change their diapers. But when you have a U-Nice sensory toy in front of them, things can change. This toy is made for babies. It has 5 colorful bubbles inside a plastic paw.

The bubbles are soft and squishy. So, babies will start pressing them for fun and play. Also, the vibrant colors will distract them and help them to calm down. This toy will develop your baby’s gross and fine motor functions and also concentration.


20. USA Toyz Vox Box Walkie Talkies

 USA Toyz Vox Box Walkie Talkies


These Walkie Talkies from USA Toyz can bring excitement into your kid’s life. They are actual walkie-talkies and not just props. They can transmit and receive radio signals over 2 miles distance.

Your kid can talk with his friend next door or even with you when you are on a trip or camping. Moreover, having a walkie-talkie can mean more safety. If your child loses his way or gets lost somewhere, you can easily talk with him.


21. UTEX Dome Tent Playhouse

UTEX Dome Tent Playhouse


When you hear about Utex, you can only visualize tents. Utex makes some of the best kid’s tents. While theoretically, it’s not a toy, it can still entertain your kid. It’s a dome tent that can be easily set up by anybody.

When your child gets bored or wants to have some alone time, she can get inside it. Or, this could be a shelter out on a sunny beach or a rainy outdoor day.


22. Umizoomi Beans Plush

Team Umizoomi Beans Plush


Umizoomi is an immensely popular kid’s educational show on Nickelodeon. There’s a good chance your kid has seen it and loves the characters like Geo, Milli, or the bot.

This is a Geo plush toy that looks cute, adorable, and totally huggable. Your child will absolutely love it and might also take it to bed. You can also get the other characters of this series online with some digging and that will make it a complete collection.


23. U Brands U Play Bombs Chalk Playset

 U Brands U Play Bombs Chalk Playset



A crucial part of children’s development is scrabbling and writing anywhere they like. This calls for the U Play chalks. Your kids can use them to write on any surface, whether it’s sidewalks or driveways.

The best part is the chalk is washable and it won’t leave a mark after you wash it down. Let them be imaginative and express creativity as they like. This chalk set also comes with bomb-shaped chalks for extra fun.


24. Underwater Life Creatures Set

Ocean Sea Animals Figures


Life underwater is a mystery filled with unknown animals and scary creatures. Well, not anymore. You can get a full pack of miniature underwater creatures and your kid will absolutely love them.

It has 60 sea animals including starfish, crab, octopus, and sharks. You can use it for show and tell and see how your kid learns new words fast. You can even place them in an aquarium or bathtub and ask your kid to pick the right creature.


25. U Build It Blocks Plus Set

 U Build It Blocks Plus Set


These U building blocks are unique and perfectly shaped for little hands. Also, building structures with them is easy and children can learn it pretty soon.

If you have a 2-year-old who is still figuring out the world around, this will help develop cognitive flexibility and motor skills.


26. Underwater Toddler Camera Toy

Dylanto Upgrade Kids Waterproof Camera


Who doesn’t love to capture moments? That’s the reason why we spend a lot on cameras, cam recorders, and GoPro.Childhood is the best time to capture moments and especially the fun ones.

If your kid loves to do outdoor activities like biking, skiing, and swimming, this underwater camera can capture it all. It works in all sorts of conditions and records videos in HD. So, when she grows old, she can look back and feel happy.

Final Words

Do you have any more toys in mind starting with the letter U? Let us know. Toys are fun but at some point, children will lose interest in them. But that’s normal. Look for something else that will keep them interested. If you are looking for more, check out this list of show and tell that start with X.

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