Show and Tell Letter X (23 Ideas) – 2023 Updated Guide

One of the trickiest letters among all the alphabets is the letter ‘X’. For a child, it certainly is a bit tough to pronounce. You see it as something else and pronounce it like a Z.


But that’s the beauty of it. You want your child to learn as many words there is to enrich her vocabulary and to know new stuff.

Things that start with X are often hard to find and probably you don’t even know more than 5 such words. 

23 Show and Tell Ideas that Start With X


  1. Xylophone – The musical instrument with wooden bars and played with mallets.
  2. X-ray – Get a toy X-ray machine.
  3. X (the alphabet) – Write it up on paper and show it to your baby
  4. Xerox paper – The papers you use for photocopy
  5. X-men action figure –  Time to buy action figures from the X-men comic series
  6. X-box – If you have one maybe let your child touch and play, if not show it to her.
  7. Xenomorph –  It’s something that has an unusual shape, an alien for example
  8. Xenon –  The colorless gas Xenon. Show it on the periodic table
  9. Xenon lights –  Lots of cars have Xenon lights
  10. Xerosis –  It’s a dry skin condition and you can show pictures of it online
  11. Xylem – The tissue that helps transport water in plants. Show a picture of a plant’s transportation system. It’s a good chance to introduce your child to biology
  12. Xebec –  Xebecs were Mediterranean sailing ships and you can find pictures of it or maybe a miniature version. Great as a toy!
  13. Xenolith –  Xenoliths are any rock trapped inside another rock. Your child will love to watch it if you manage to find one.
  14. Xiphoid –  Xiphoid is a type of small bone that is attached where the ribs and breastbone meet. You can show this from any anatomy picture.
  15. Xmas – Merry Christmas!!
  16. Xylitol –  A type of additive used as a sugar substitute. You can find this in a lot of grocery stores
  17. Xanthene –  It’s a type of yellow crystalline compound. You don’t need to show it in its original form, just show its molecular structure
  18. Xolo (Xoloitzcuintle) –  It’s a type of hairless dog.
  19. Xantus hummingbird – A medium-sized hummingbird.
  20. Xenops – Also known as ovenbirds found mostly in Mexico and Central America.
  21. Xouba –  Small Sardines
  22. Xinomavro –  A type of black grape
  23. Xigua – Watermelon in the Chinese language


Final Words

Letter X shouldn’t be only confined to words that only start with X. You can also show your stuff that has the letter X anywhere in its name. For example Box, Tax, Wax, etc. Keep looking and you will find more.

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