Toys That Start With Q (30 Ideas) – 2023 Guide


Q is probably the trickiest letter and is hard to find toys that start with Q.

But don’t get disheartened. We managed to find just enough to fill your kid’s toy basket.


This list contains various kinds of toys ranging from ride-on, board games to action figures. We are sure you will get the right appropriate for your kid’s age.

Whether it’s for a birthday gift or just for fun, you can never keep a kid away from toys. Let’s check out what we have on offer.

30 Toys That Start With Letter Q

1. Queen Bee Fashion Doll

Miraculous P50003 Queen Bee Fashion Doll

The first toy that starts with Q is the Queen Bee Fashion Doll. It’s a perfect gift for the kids who are big fans of the child series Miraculous. This doll is made with great flexibility.

Your child can dress her up and create fashionable poses with the fashionable Queen Bee. The doll is equipped with her signature weapon and a Kwami.



2. Queen Elsa Pretend Playset

 Disney’s Frozen 2 Deluxe Elsa The Snow Queen

Queen Elsa is the 21st century’s most favorite Disney character, from the movie Frozen. Get this character doll for your child and let them guess the character.

This doll features iconic, shiny, and long blond hair. It’s perfect for girl kids. They can brush and style up her hair with the hair extensions included in the package.



3. QBert Retro Arcade Game

The Q’Bert Retro Arcade Game brings back the old 80s memories with the classic sound, graphics, and gameplay. Get this retro-style mini arcade game and you can live the nostalgia for your past while playing it with your kids.



4. Quiet Book

 Curious Columbus Quiet Book

The Quiet Book is one of the most interactive and educational kids’ items that begin with the letter Q. It’s a fabric book that contains basic activities to more challenging tasks.

Kids up to 6 years old can learn numbers, read the time, and learn tying up shoelaces, buckling toys, zip-up, and many more things with the Quiet Book.



5. Q-Fig MAX Diorama Hulk

 Hulk Q-Fig MAX Diorama

Another famous fictional character, Hulk’s figure toy. Get the new addition to your kid’s figure toy collection. It’s the Hulk with his iconic gigantic war hammer from the big hit of 2017, Thor.



6. Quail Stuffed Animal

Wild Republic Audubon Birds California Quail Plush

Q for Quail. Get this soft plush for playing Show and Tell Letter Q with your kid. It also makes a realistic sound of the quail when you squeeze its belly.

So, your kid will not only know how a quail looks in real life, but also know how it sounds. Besides, it’s a great snuggle toy for toddlers.



7. Quad Ride On Toy

 Kid Trax CAT Toddler Quad Ride

Kids these days cannot be fooled with just any vehicle toys. Today’s kids are very specific with their choices and know their brands and models well. This 6V Xtreme Red Quad is one of the kid’s anticipated toy items.

This particular one comes with a rechargeable battery charger and forward gears. Your kid will love to ride on this posh bike and have a great time with it.



8. QZMTOY Big Shape Sorter Toys

 QZMTOY Big Shape Sorter Toys

It’s more of an educational tool than just a shape sorter toy. The QZMTOY comes with 19 colorful wood geometric shape blocks and a shape sorter cube box. Playing with this toy will develop your kids’ motor skills and hand-eye coordination.



9. Quantum Mechanix Wonder Woman Figure Toy

Quantum Mechanix Wonder Woman Figure Toy

It is the famous DC Comics Q-Fig Wonder Woman figure toy. She is fully armed with her action mode on, riding on Q-Fig Max. The doll gives a vibe with motion and the iconic Wonder Womans’ ready for action expression. It’s a perfect gift for character toy collector kids.



10. Quadropolis


Finally, we have a toy starting with Q for the big kids. Quadropolis is suitable for kids ages 8 and up. It’s a strategic game that is played in groups of 2 or 4. It needs an intermediate skill level to understand and play the game.

As a parent, if you have the healthy habit of playing with the kids at home, this game may be a great pastime for both the parents and kids.



11. Q Workshop Swirl Dice

Q WORKSHOP Pathfinder Kingmaker

Not all kids are fond of swirl dice. But some teens or big toddlers have a unique taste for games and toys. If your kid seems to like playing with swirl dice, the Q-workshop’s kingmaker adventure path dice set will be the perfect pick for them. These polyhedral silver engraved dice are high in quality. Kids can use them for different plays and games. 



12. Qantas Metal Airplane Model Plane Toy

Qantas Metal Airplane Model Plane Toy

Everyone got one or two airplane toys as a gift when they were kids. If you haven’t got one for your kid already, this might be a good pick for you. This is like the miniature Qantas Airplane of Australian Airlines.



13. Q – Sensory Baby Toy

 KidSource Robot Q - Sensory Baby Toy

The Robot Q is going to be the new favorite toy of your kid. This cute little robot toy is vibrant in color and has a lively outlook. Its engaging activities will keep your little one busy all day.

This little robot toy can push, spin and move little things. It can be a unique gift for kids ages over 2 years and up.



14. Qwixx Dice Game

Gamewright Qwixx - A Fast Family Dice Game

Board games are the best game to bring the family together for having some fun. Qwixx is a simple game played with dice and a scoreboard. Each game session is quite short. So, anyone can sit and play one or two rounds anytime.



15. Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Construction

Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Construction

The Quadrilla Construction Set is a 147 piece multicolored wooden set. It’s a perfect and highly recommended game for kids ages 4 and up. This game supports STEM learning by all means.

It helps your child’s development in hand and eye coordination helps with color identification, improves their critical thinking ability, and enhances spatial and reasoning abilities.



16. Q Shaped Teether

Speech Pathology Associates

It’s a very useful baby toy for babies ages 4 months up to 24 months. It’s basically a teether for babies who are newly teething. It’s non-toxic and safe for children to chew on. This thing improves mouth movements and speech pathology.

Moreover, as it comes in the exact shape of the alphabet Q, you can use it to play show and tell letter Q with your kid as well. It’s a direct clue.



17. Qwirkle Cubes

 MindWare Qwirkle Cubes

Qwirkle cubes are easy to play and it helps kids with problem-solving skills, color recognition, strategic thinking, and at the same time enjoy the game. The game is all about assorting the cubes by the shapes or colors.

The game rule is simple as just roll the cubes, place them to match them with other similar cubes, and earn scores. It’s recommended for kids ages 6 and up.



18. Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse is a figure toy. It comes with lots of grooming accessories for the horse. So, your kids can dress the horse as they want. They can brush its realistic hair and move its neck and head in a pretend-play. It comes with realistic trotting sounds and whiny noises.



19. Quatro Game

 Gigamic Quarto

Another big kids’ thing that starts with Q. It requires abstract strategy with deductive reasoning to play Quarto. The game sessions are as short as 15 minutes.

So, it’s a perfect toy for kids with a short concentration and patience span. The rules are simple and easy. You can play with your kids too since it’s a two players game.



20. Quilting Kits for Kids

Melissa & Doug Created by Me! Striped Fleece Quilt No-Sew Craft Kit
  • 48 12” x 12” fleece squares with slotted fringe for easy tying
  • Detailed illustrated instructions and design ideas for kids ages 6+
  • Makes a 4′ x 5′ quilt with top quality, thick, fuzzy and super-soft material

Quilting kits for kids are a fun and engaging way to help children develop important skills such as creativity, patience, and perseverance as kids get to design their own unique quilt patterns and color combinations.



21. Quick Knit Loom

 Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom

Kids have various subjects of interest and it differs from one to another. Some kids are simply interested in tech toys like an electric remote-controlled car. Some on the other hand are more into art and craft items.

This Quick Knit Loom is a kids’ thing that starts with Q for the second type. This knitting kit includes everything a beginner will need to make a little pompom and a cup cozy.



22. QNIGLO Walkie Talkies

 QNIGLO Walkie Talkies for Kids

This Christmas surprise your kids with the QNIGLO walkie-talkies. It comes in various colors for girl kids and boy kids. This walkie-talkie will make the cosplay more real and enjoyable with their neighbor friends.

It can be used by adults as well. It’s a great gadget for hiking and camping tours to stay connected in the rural areas.



23. Quadcopters Mini

Quadcopters Mini

Modern technology has brought modern toys for kids. One of those popular toys starting with Q is Quadcopters. It’s a small real flying drone. It’s portable. So kids can carry it around the house to the garden or backyards. They can fly the drone in a 360° roll using the remote control that comes with it.



24. Q.J.Ashley Babies Crib Toys

 Q.J.Ashley Babies Crib Toys

Q.J. Ashley Babies is a toy starting with Q for newborns. It’s a Hanging Spiral Stroller Toy that you can hang on their stroller or crib. It’s a great pick for newborns up to the ages of 6 months.



25. Q-Ba Maze

MindWare Q-BA-Maze

Q-Ba Maze is a builder set for kids and teens. With this toy, your kids can explore their engineering and creative building skills. It comes with multiple exit cubes that allow you to create your own designs and pathways.



26. Queendomino Board Game

Queendomino Board Game

We are not yet done with big kid’s games. Queen Domino Strategy Board is a very entertaining indoor game for children and adults. It’s also a strategic game played by 2 or 4 players.



27. Question Mark Block Building Kit

LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block

The question mark Mario legos can be a great way to surprise your kid. Inside the cube, there’s a whole new world of Mario. It’s got 10 lego Mario figures including Mario, Yoshi, princess, and king bob-omb. But that’s not the end.

It also has four high detailed famous Mario castles. Your kid can roleplay with it and also use his brain to build up castles and characters as he likes.



28. Q Action Toy from Star Trek

 Star Trek The Next Generation Q Action figure

Like Starwars, Startrek is also immensely popular among children. If your kid hasn’t watched it yet, you can watch some of the episodes together.

We are sure your kid won’t want to miss out on grabbing the “Q” character from Star Trek. It could be the perfect addition to your child’s action figure collection. 



29. Quantum realm Explorer Ant-Man Building Set

Quantum realm Explorer Ant-Man Building Set

Want your kid to know a little bit about science and how the quantum world works? This Quantum realm explorer toy set what Ant-man used to enter the Quantum world.

It’s a lego building block and so kids will have fun getting to know each part of this machine. And when they are done building it, they can imagine riding in it with Ant-man into the Quantum realm. At that moment, you can throw in some simple science talk and hopefully, your kid will feel interested in listening.



30. Quoridor Junior

 GIGAMIC - Quoridor Junior

Quoridor is an abstract strategy game that has extremely easy rules with complicated strategies. This is the kid version of the original Quoridor game. The game takes less than 15 minutes to play and is really fun to play along with your kid. If you want your kids to think and use their brains, this strategy game is the best. 



At some point, children’s lives revolve around toys and games. This is the golden era of their life and the time when they start learning about the world around them. Toys are not only intended for fun, but they can actually teach, educate and improve your child’s certain abilities. If you are done with toys starting with Q, why not go for toys that start with U.

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