How to Keep Your Baby Cool at Night in the Summer Months?

Most of us who live in cooler climates love summer!

But for babies, the conditions can be tough to live in. The nights can be even more uncomfortable for the little ones.


Installing an AC can be tempting. However, that’s not the only solution you have.

Based on tips from experienced moms, we have compiled a list of 8 strategies to keep your baby cool in the summer nights.

1. It’s Crucial to Know the Temperature of the Room

You never know when the baby’s room can get too hot. 20-22 degree celsius is the ideal temperature for a baby. Too hot and you risk your baby for SIDS.

So, it’s always a great idea to buy a room thermometer. Use it to track the temperature before bed time. Based on the readings, you can make the right decisions.

2. Appropriate Dress for the Weather

It’s best to avoid heavy layers of clothing during summer nights. And also avoid placing your baby on a sleeping bag as it can get extremely hot.

Opt for a natural layer of clothing like a nappy and a thin vest on top. That’s it. Avoid synthetic and other forms of clothing that traps heat. Cotton fabric is the way to go.

You can also change the bottom sheets to cotton if you have nylon ones. This will ensure the baby sleeps comfortably.

3. A Nice Cool Bath Can Keep Your Baby Cooler Longer

Nothing is better than a cool bath before bedtime. You don’t have to use ice cold water. It just needs to be cooler than the normal room temperature. During those summer nights make this into a routine and you will find your baby sleeping comfortably longer.

If the temperature is too hot and your baby wakes up crying, you can also give him a bath in the middle of the night. But don’t make the session longer.

4. Not Hot Enough to Use an Ac? Use a Fan

If the temperature isn’t hot enough for an AC or you don’t have an AC at home, install a fan in your baby’s room. Don’t place it directly against the baby. Place it against a wall so the air can bounce off and reach the baby.

You can also place a freezing bottle of water in front of the fan before you bring in the baby. This will lower the overall temperature of the room. 

5. Change to a Cooler Room

Not all rooms have the same temperature. Some rooms of their position can remain cooler. So, you can shift your baby to a room that is cooler than the current room.

If you are living upstairs, you can shift to a room downstairs as these rooms tend to be cooler. When the temperature lowers, you can move back again.

6. Cooling Mats Can Keep the Temperature Down

A lot of parents have tried using a cooling mat to keep their babies safe from heat. These sort of mats have hydrophilic cooling gels inside and will keep the temperature down.

Some people even keep the mats inside the fridge for a while to enhance the cooling effect of the mat. Use this if the temperature of your area is extremely high.

7. Ice Therapy Might Work When It’s Too Hot at Night

Instead of the cooling mat, you can do something cheaper. Just get some ice cubes and wrap them inside a cloth. Use this to rub gently against the skin of your baby, so that his body cools down. Use it 1-2 times during the night if the temperature is too high and your baby will sleep comfortably.

8. Increase Their Fluid Intake and Keep Cool Water at Home

It’s important to keep up the hydration level of your baby during summer nights. If he is still breastfeeding exclusively, increase the amounts. And if he is drinking water, give him cool water. You can mix ice cold water with room temperature water to achieve the desired temperature. Avoid feeding water that is lying around the room for too long.

Final Words

These are some of the easy and cheap techniques that you can use to keep your baby cool during summer nights. But of course, if the temperature becomes unbearable it is a good idea to invest in an air conditioner. However, under normal circumstances, these tips should work and your baby will be able to sleep better.


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