7 Best Fan For Baby Room 2019 – Buying Guide

Best fan for baby room

Are you searching for the best fan for your baby room? If your answer is positive, then I can ensure you that your finding is over here. Completely!

Likewise all other baby goodies a fan is also a much require item in the baby room, especially in the  summer days when the temperature raises up 30 degrees, somewhere even more, Actually, the sun challenges us all the way!

Can you tell me how you feel in these burning days? it’s just unbearable, right?. So, when you can’t bear that heat then what about your baby who even can’t crawl or talk? huh… In this case, being a responsible parent you need  to keep your baby’s room cool and comfortable so that your baby can lead a sound & healthy life throughout the summer.

However, choosing the best fan for baby room from thousands of fan on market is not a cup of tea. You may find tons of baby fan over the market but all are not convenient for your baby room.You must concern  all the facts regarding the fan’s best quality.

Here I am to help you to find the perfect fan for your baby room. After a huge research over the fan’s quality, strength, user-friendliness, and budget. I have found out the 7 best fan for your baby room that actually fantastic!

7 Best Fan For Baby Room 2019

Below We are presenting different sorts of  fan for baby room with their significant features. In this review, being unbiased we have pointed out the positive features as well as their negative  features.

1.Vornadobaby Breesi LS Nursery Air Circulator Fan

Vornadobaby Breesi LS Nursery Air Circulator Fan

Breesi LS Nursery Air Circulator is one of the best baby fan ever made for baby nursing. This fan specially designed for the parents and their lovely baby caring.

Vornado’s signature vortex airflow allows the fan circulating 13.5 times per hour around the baby. It means baby does not get high airflow at a time yet plus for constant circulation.

The fan comes with the 3-speed setting. In low volume, the fan whisper quit, on high volume the fan make natural air flow and in double volume, it makes an awesome white sound around the baby which allow your baby a super sleep and a fresh get up.

The beauty of the fan is it has 5 stage brightness setting and 4 tranquil soundtracks which makes the night twinkle of your baby with more comfortable and sooth. To make more soothing you can play the best sound (White noise, Froggy night, Brookside, and Womb) track for your baby.

The fan has locking control so you can set the light, sound, and obviously the air flow according to your pleased. Therefore, you will be confident about the atmosphere you left in your baby room. In addition, the cord storage is out of reach as it is fully hidden and covered underneath the fan.

You can easily clean the fan because the grill is removable. The fan built with the U.S voltage requirement, safety tested and certified.


  • Specially design for baby. Keeping in mind baby’s safety issue and the entertainment.
  • Adjustable brightness light and sound machine so your baby will have a entertainment atmosphere.
  • Covered cord storage which ensure your baby’s safety first
  • Airflow limitation up-to 60 feet.


  • Some complained about the machine makes much noise though the ratio is low.



2. Ommani Mini Fan

Ommani Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan

If you are looking for a fan which can be used in multipurpose then here it is. The Ommani Mini Fan is a multi-occasional fan which you can use either in the baby bad room or hang on the stroller.

The sleek design of the fan is perfect for your baby comfort in indoor or outdoor equally. The fluid mechanical construction operates quietly even heavy airflow.

It has 4 stages of speeds from normal to thunder, regulate as you and your baby require. The airflow can make a breeze up to 80fts .huh…the fan is quite durable and calm and the minimal noise is 30db won’t disturb your baby’s sleep at all.

The Ommani Mini Fan offers the best quality rechargeable battery which lasts 3-8 hours depending on the speed. Keeping the USB cord with you (comes with fan) you can charge it anytime anywhere by laptop, power bank or USB charger.

The beauty of the fan is it can rotate 360 degrees vertically and horizontally so enjoy the wind in any direction with your feelings. The fan is portable so you can set up it anywhere in a baby room like on bed or nightstand for a cool night. You can also carry it to outside in a warmer weather clipping on the stroller while walking even when carrying in the car.

The portability and lightweight make the fan flexible to set up anywhere as your desire!


  • Included rechargeable & replaceable battery ensures the fan’s longevity.
  • 1 included USB cord and a clip on fan.
  • Portable and lightweight so you can carry it wherever you need like traveling, night-out, and so on.
  • Adjustable airflow system allow you to regulate the speed according to your demand.


  • Some user complained  about the battery life.


3. Sky Generous Fan

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan

Are you searching tired for a compact, lightweight, and multi-occasional fan for your baby room? Then the Sky generous fan can meet up your satisfaction. The fan is portable and battery operated so you can use it anywhere you want inside or outside.

In the shabby summer days, it will shrink down your warmness making the room cool. Again, it can be fixed on bad or nightstand or elsewhere. Moreover, it runs approximately 10-12 hours on a charge so it will go through the whole night. So, you will be relax at night without tension!

You can also use it when you go outside for walking with your baby on stroller or backseat of the car for cooling down your baby!

Maximum wind speeds are 75ft/s and make light noise while running so it doesn’t even bother your baby’s sleeping at all. It rotates 360 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally so you can enjoy the wind in every imaginable position! You can adjust the fan speed as you require.

The high-quality fan is designed for long time lasting. Power station of the fan is outstanding with 2600mAh ‘18650 battery’ (included).

As the fan is battery operated it would re-charge. again, it runs with the USB power and can be charged via laptop, power band so you can use it where the electrical connection is not available.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Multi-occasional uses.
  • Powerful battery(included).
  • Rotation of 360′-Vertically & Horizontally.
  • Fashionable & portable.


  • Some user complained of battery life.


4.Version Tech Fan

VersionTECH Baby Fan

The best companion of hot summer days is an air circulator. You can also fix up an air conditioner to make your room cool, but the problem is you can endure the wind extracted from AC but what about your little angel? She is too small to cope up with AC wind. She needs a natural wind for her relaxation and a good sleep.

The Version TECH is a multi-purpose uses fan which offers strong wind all around up to 75ft. the portable and compact fan you can carry wherever you want and wherever you want to fix up in home or outside. 360-degree rotation of vertically and horizontally allows the fan to reach the wind in any direction wherever you need.

You can use it on the baby bed when your baby is about to sleep or playing with toys to keep her calm. At night clip it on the nightstand for a better hassle free sleeping of your baby. A white noise outcome from the fan which does not bother even when your baby is sleeping!

You can also carry the portable fan with you while traveling or outing with your baby. While walking with the baby clip the fan on the stroller or in the backseat of a car.

The black color Version Tech fan comes up with a heavy lithium rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery with 2200mAh capacity (included). You can adjust the speed of the fan according to your BABY’s suitability.


  • Powerful rechargeable battery.
  • Multi -occasional uses.
  • Rotate 360” vertically and horizontally.


  • An extra battery would have been nice too.


5. Pure Flow QT7  Table Fan

pureFlow QT7 Bladeless Quiet RC Oscillating Table Fan

Are you looking for a smart, compact and more safety first design fan for your baby room? Then the Pure Flow QT7 is designed for you.

Your baby is not secure when the conventional standard fan is running around your baby because your baby’s little finger or a portion of cloth can be stuck to the blade any time. huh.

It’s not necessary to keep your room cool have to worry about your baby’s little fingers. The Pure Flow QT7 blade less fan is specially designed to outrages this kind of incident and to keep your room consistent cool.

The unique combination of 90-degree vertical tilt and 90-degree horizontal move allow strong wind flow around the entire room. It circulates air more briskly compared to other conventional fans for making your baby room comfortable and cool.

The fan comes with a smart remote so you can control the fan if you are in the next room. Its compact design allows you to fix it up anywhere in the room. It’s a quieter fan so does not disrupt your baby sleeping.

The fan has 12 stages speed setting so you can adjust the speed from 12 layer speeds setting according to your demand by remote from your comfort zone! It makes a small flow to a little ‘HURRICANE’ with the gearing up speeds.

An auto shut- off timer let you relax and calm by leaving it on for up to 9 hours around your baby.


  • Safety first design (blade less).
  • Energy efficient.
  • Strong air flow.
  • Smart control panel.
  • Unique design.


  • High price tag!


6.Comlife Fan

COMLIFE Oscillating Desk Fan

Are you tired of searching a multi-functional fan for your indoor and outdoor uses? The COMLIFE would satisfy you then. It’s a multi-functional and multi occasional uses fan with a compact design.

In summer the weather remains crummy whole day long meanwhile angry bugs can make this annoying moment more irritating for your little baby. You might be more concerned to get rid of this infuriate moment.

The COMLIFE fan has designed with Aroma Function so you can use your favorite fragrance oil to make the air refresh and also add repellent liquid for bugs away. This makes your baby room more comfortable and allows your baby a tranquil sleep!

This is a stand and clip fan so you can set up this fan anywhere in the room. A delicate clip allows you to hang it on the baby bed or some convenient place. You can also take this fan away with you in walking, traveling, and camping with your baby.

You can adjust the speed of the fan from 4-speed setting according to your wish! The 360” rotation of vertically and horizontally move to allow the wind from any direction to make your room cool.

The fan comes with a powerful lithium-ion 2200mAh battery which is rechargeable. Moreover, it runs 2-8 hours depending on various airflow speeds after a 3 hours charge. You can charge it by laptop, power bank, or USB charger adapter which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor.

The fan is portable and lightweight. Moreover, It does not make a loud noise (below 40 dB) consequently your baby get a peaceful sleeping.


  • Exquisite design.                                                                                             .
  • Aroma Diffuse function.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Included powerful battery.
  • Practical and compact.


  • One more battery would have been nice!


7. Vornado 460 Small Air Circulator

Vornado Small Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

The Vornado 460 small air circulator is a football size fan with a powerful airflow impact around the entire room. As all the Vornado’s fan come with built-in vortex action pattern it makes a consistent airflow and a sooth environment in the whole room.

It’s a perfect design for a small baby room. The fan doesn’t make much noise which causes disruption in your baby sleeping. It has 3 airflow speeds setting so you are allowed to adjust the speed from lower to the turbo. The fan can reach its powerful wind up to 70ft and 90’ degree tilt makes the entire room windy.

This Vornado 460 small air circulator fan comes with three different sizes Vornado 560 and Vornado 660 in black and white colors. Unique design and excellent exterior hardware make it outstand like no other.

It’s very tough and boring job to clean the fan’s blade. The removable grill allows you to clean the dusty blade easily for cool airflow regularly. The 6 feet long power cord helps you set up your fan in a comfortable place.


  • Powerful airflow.
  • Exclusive design.
  • Makes less noise.


  • Control panel is behind the fan that make an extra effort in controlling.


How to Choose The Best Fan For Baby Room?

Like other baby gadgets of baby- for instance, stroller, jumper, lounger, moisturizer, humidifier, organic pillow and so on a baby fan is also an important gadget in baby room. It remains all time with your kid like a best friend providing cool wind to make your baby soothing and comfortable all the way. Baby’s fan is different sorts with their unique characters and competes. Choosing the best fan for baby room from plenty of fans on market is a tough job but if you consider some facts regarding your baby comfort it would be much easy.

Features of a Good Fan-You Must Know:

Below I have discussed what I have considered for picking up the best fan for baby room. Let’s get started without much ado!

Strong Wind Flow/Velocity:

First priority before buying a fan is to look how much wind produce when it moves around. A high power fan is not a good fan if you do not use its high-speed setting. A high powerful fan sometimes makes the room windy uncomfortably.

Less Noise:

Your baby’s sleeping can be disrupted by noise. A white noise is perfect for your baby. On the maximum volume of speed the fan should not make loud or distracting sound and on the minimum volume of speed it should stay silent or whispering.

Long Way of Air Circulation:

Making a distance air breeze throughout a large room. A good fan should reach at least 50 feet long distance where some fans can reach 100 feet with strong wind flow.

Safety Issue:

The exterior body of the fan should not get hot after using for hours. The body should smooth shape and without any pinch points sharps edges. The grill of the fan might prevent the baby’s finger getting close.

Warranty or Guaranty:

Purchasing a fan is not a daily item. The fan should be backed by at least 3 years warranty though many companies offer 5. Some companies offer the money back guarantee for a specific period. The warranty process should be painless and cheap.

Soft Clean:

Cleaning a fan is a boring and reluctant task to do. Dismantling all the parts with screwdriver wash them with water and again merge them. If you get a fan which is tough to clean then you probably won’t want to clean it! Removable grill fan is to clean. The removable grill is a pretty easy process to clean.


A good fan should flow wind throughout the entire room. Having the ability to move around vertically and horizontally allow you to get airflow from any angle.

Speed Setting:

The standard speed setting stages are three to four. But some fans offer up to 10-12 layers allowing strong blow airflow in your demand.

Colors Option: 

Children like colorful things. So, having a multi-color option or painted on fan attracts your baby with a soothing touch.

Size and Weight:

When you want a multi occasional fan for indoor and outdoor uses then the size and weight are really a big factor. Lightweight and portability make a fan convenient for outdoor uses.

Quality Parts:

Powerful motors and others parts allow the fan for longer durability.

Control Panel:

Remote control panel allows you to control form your comfort zone wherever the fan is. Though, it doesn’t improve your fan’s performance.

Confuse Yet?

Actually, it is never easy to buy the right fan for your baby nursery.

We have deeply researched out this fans. You can pick from our above top 7 fans according to your perspective. You won’t be upset! Pick the top among the top!

Our Opinion & Recommendation:

If you want to our recommendation then we recommend Vornadobaby Breesi LS Nursery as the best fan for baby room. The fan has supreme quality and specially designed for the baby room. It’s really a great fan as it made off keep in mind baby’s comfort & safety.

Final Note:

At the end of article, I would like to say before buying a fan for your baby room take time to pick the right one which is safe for your baby and give a soothing comfort in your baby room. Have a mind boggling summer with your kid!

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