Is Vibrating Bassinet Safe for Newborn?

According to the updated CPSC and ASTM  safety standards, vibrating bassinets are safe for newborns.

However, as parents of a newborn, we want to do everything that would comfort the little munchkin. But above comfort, we need to ensure the safety of each gadget we get for our little babies. 


Vibrating Bassinet is such another debated product in terms of its safety. Electronic products have been reported to cause many incidents in the past. That is why it’s still important to abide by some safety precautions.

We have conducted in-depth research on vibration bassinets.  Whether it is safe for newborns, how it benefits children and what are the safety concerns of using it— we will be answering all your inquiries here.

Is Vibrating Bassinet Safe for Newborns to Sleep In?

Yes, as long as the bassinet is made sturdy and safe from causing any suffocation, it is safe for your little one to sleep in it. Vibrating bassinets are usually made of rigid plastic over the vibrator metal plate and beneath the mattress. So, your baby is not supposed to come into direct contact with the electromagnetic radiation. 

Now that you know that the vibration bassinet is not any danger for your newborn to sleep in, do not go and keep the vibration on for hours. Vibration surely helps your little one to sleep faster. But too much of its use can create sleep-related rhythmic movement disorder. 

So, when your newborn will turn into a toddler, they might find difficulty in falling asleep. Sometimes they even end up comforting themselves by hitting their own heads. That’s why it’s important not to allow them to get used to it.

Vibration is Actually Helpful for Newborns

Vibration helps babies to relax, especially for newborns. Babies grow up in the mother’s womb for 9 months. That little sense of vibration, the flusture of liquids in the womb, these all are too familiar and soothing for the babies naturally.

That is why even after their birth babies tend to find peace in that similar feelings or situations. Newborns often feel anxious and cannot sleep. Especially preemies find it extremely difficult as they had to come into this unfamiliar new world before they were ready. 

That repetitive and rhythmic motion soothes them and helps them fall asleep faster. For making sure their ultimate comfort you can get a super comfortable bassinet for preemies that features a mild and soothing vibrator. It will definitely help your tiny little baby sleep faster.

Safety Concerns of Using Vibrating Bassinets for Newborns

A light rhythmic vibration gives your bundle of joy the same feelings as it does when you rock them in your lap gently. After the birth it’s not always possible to soothe your cranky little bunny all by yourself every time. 

And, if, by any chance, you are the parent of twins, then wallah! You definitely are gonna need the twins bassinet that has vibrating features. Because, it’s exhausting to comfort both babies at the same time.

However, in either case, you will be needing a vibrating bassinet every now and then. But, no matter how safe the products are, you need to be a little cautious about a few things:

1. Never Leave the Vibration Feature on When Your Baby Is Unattended

Yes, vibration is safe, but you don’t want the motor to overheat and burn your precious little child. Although, most of the greatest units of vibrating bassinets come with lots of controls and features. You can set the timer and level of vibration accordingly. However, try to keep an eye yourself.

2. Face-Down Lying Is a Big NO-NO!

Never put your baby face-down on the bassinet, crib or bouncy seats. It might lead to slouching their head and suffocating. Lie them on their back at a relaxed and firm (but not too soft) surface.

3. Keep it Gentle

Try not to use higher modes of the vibration as your child might get habituated to it. Try to use gentle vibrations. And last but not the least, always turn it off right after your munchkin goes asleep.

Final Words

Most vibrating bassinets nowadays are built with the latest technology that meet the safety standards for the babie’s bassinets. In fact, vibrating bassinets are a much safer option than the bouncy seats for the newborns to sleep in. However, despite all the safety assurance, there’s no harm in taking a little extra precautions before using vibrating devices. 

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