7 Best Bassinet For Twins 2023- (Double & Single Bassinets Review)


You might be wondering what’s the best bassinet for twins?

You can either go for the double bassinet as most parents do or with the single version.

Double bassinet will keep your twins together and save you space. But if you want to save some bucks, go for two single bassinets.

It’s a confusing decision to make, whether to get a crib or a bassinet. But during the initial few months, your body will be weak and getting to the crib will be painful. 

Bassinets are lightweight and can be moved anywhere you like. Most moms get sold by that idea and so are you!!

Here are 7 bassinet models for your twins baby.

7 Best Bassinet For Twins 2023 Review

1.HALO Double Bassinet

HALO Bassinest Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet

Halo is one of the best baby bassinet for twins, simply because it’s super versatile and adjustable. For moms with c-section, it’s a dream come true. Pick your baby without getting up from the bed with side walls that lowers on minimum effort.

One of the first things you will notice is the mesh side walls. This gives a lot of breathability and you can interact with your babies as you sleep. For more convenience, the bassinet can be rotated 360-degrees that enables you to get close to any of the kids without moving.

The height of the bassinet is completely adjustable from 24-34 inches. So, you can bring it to the level of your bed. It’s a great bassinet for c-section moms as the base stand can run underneath your bed keeping you closer to your baby. The night time feeding or nursing becomes effortless.

This bassinet has a music system that plays lullabies and soothing sounds. There’s a vibration feature that might help soothe the babies but it’s not the strongest we have seen. If you keep them running, the batteries will drain faster and that’s only the minimal flaw we could find.


  • Adjustable height enables leveling with your bed.
  • Sidewall lowers for nursing with minimal effort.
  • Nightlight and soothing features for convenience.
  • Provides maximum closeness to babies.
  • Rotate 360-degrees to access both babies.


  • It weighs 55 lbs, which is not convenient to transport outside the home.
  • The vibration and music features eat up lots of battery life fast.



2.Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center Bassinet

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

If you want more from your baby’s bassinet than just sleeping, Baby Trend is the perfect choice!! It’s got a changing table and playard that could make this purchase totally worth the money. Everything from the metal to plastic parts are of high quality that ensures durability.

A good thing is both the bassinets are removable. When one of the babies starts crying, you can put him out and soothe in your lap. This design leaves a gap between the bassinets and many ingenious parents used this to store blankets, toys and sheets.

We really loved the changing table. However, it’s only usable within the space of one of the bassinets. You would have to remove one of them to get this in place. The parent organizer is another space-saving feature that has multiple compartments to easily access your baby’s stuff.

The inside of the bassinet has a softer feel and sufficient support. It really is one of the best bassinets for twins. And the sides are covered with mesh fabric for breathability. What’s more? The middle doesn’t dip as is common with many bassinets in the market.


  • Changing table and organizer saves space.
  • Music system and nightlight for convenience.
  • Soft and supportive bassinet mattress.
  • Transition to playard as your baby grows up.


  • You can’t use the changing table along with both the bassinets. Only one bassinet and changing table is usable at the same time.



3.Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery Center Bassinet

Joovy Room2 Twin Nursery Center

The Joovy Room2 is super convenient in the sense that it comes with only the bassinet and changing table. Only when your children outgrow it, you can attach a playard. This means the upfront cost is lower and most parents love this.

The bassinet area is basically a single large section that is divided into two bassinets. If you think your twins need to mingle with each other, just remove the divider.

The changing table is usable along with both the bassinet accommodated by your babies. However, it will cover half of one of the bassinets. It’s quite sturdy and holds almost 25 lbs. As it’s water-resistant, the cleaning process becomes a whole lot easier.

It’s the best bassinet for twin babies in terms of comfort and durable padding. There’s plenty of support for newborns and space for movement. 

Some parents complained about the divider not being mesh. It’s not a big deal for most parents but if you are worried about safety, you can always remove the barrier.


  • The bassinet can  holds twins upto 15 pounds each or 30 pounds total.
  • The center divider between the bassinets can be removed for twin cuddling.
  • Changing table is easy to use and remove when necessary.
  • Thick and supportive padding for cozy sleeping.
  • Machine washable bassinet cover.


  • The divider isn’t mesh fabric, so some parents showed concerns for babies sticking their face against it.



4.Simmons Kids Bassinet

 Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet

Simmons is one of the best bassinets for twins and could be a great alternative to the Halo bassinet. Its adjustable height and breathable mesh walls are highly effective and give you tremendous value for your money.

Apart from the mesh walls, the divider inside is also meshed and allows the babies to see and interact with each other. The divider isn’t removable and you can use one of the spots to store baby stuff if you are using it for a single baby.

We loved the adjustable height of the bassinet. It can reach from 79cm-94cm. So, depending on the size of your bed, you can adjust the height to make it come to the same level. It helps to keep your babies always in your vision.

You can easily move it from one place to another as there are wheels on the base. It’s got a slimmer base that can go under your bed or sofa and keeps your baby as close to you as possible. For C-section moms, this could be something to look forward to.

The mattress that comes with the bassinet is 1†thick and is sufficiently comfortable. The mattress pads are water resistant and can be wiped with a damp cloth. As a bonus, there are a few large pockets on the sides that you can use to store diapers and small toys.

The bassinet isn’t collapsible and that’s the only complaint we have. This makes it harder to get it through standard doors. But considering the quality and functionality of the bassinet, we will live through that.


  • 5 adjustable height allows you to make it level with your bed.
  • Its slim base can slide under bed and keep your baby closer.
  • Good ventilation and visibility with mesh walls and divider.
  • Easy to clean water resistant mattress pads.


  • It doesn’t folds down to a compact shape.



5.Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Bassinet 


The Graco Pack ‘n Play is the only bassinet you will ever need for your twins. With two separate bassinet compartments, your babies will sleep close yet safe and undisturbed by one another. When they outgrow it, just convert it to a portable playard.

The sleeping space is extremely comfortable as the mattress pad is comparatively softer than the other models we reviewed. If you want to change sheets, you can use the Graco Twin Pack ‘n Play sheets as the standard pack ‘n play sheets won’t fit.

We wouldn’t say this bassinet is super compact. But with a double bassinet on a single space is the deal breaker. It’s spacious yet cozy enough for newborns. You can use the wheels to move it around and the canopies offer extra shade from sunlight during the day.

During the first few months, the playard at the bottom will hardly have any use. That’s the fun part. As soon as your babies outgrow the unit, the playard comes into action and it will continue to serve for a few months longer.

As far as quality goes, we didn’t find any problems. Just to let you know, when your babies increase in weight, the middle part might start to dip a little bit. And..by then the bassinet will have been outgrown.


  • Convert it to a playard when the bassinet serves its purpose.
  • Comfortable and spacious bassinets.
  • Canopies for each baby.
  • Wheels for mobility.


  • The middle part might dip in as your children gains weight.


6.Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet

Fisher-Price Stow n Go Bassinet

Fisher-Price is a single baby bassinet that’s packable for convenient travel. For twins, you could always buy two of these and save as double bassinets often cost more than the cost of two singles combined.

It’s safer than most bassinets out there because the depth is more than average. Even if your baby gets a bit old, he can’t climb out of it easily. The disadvantage here is it’s hard to reach your baby from your bed, especially for those moms with c-section.

All of the sides of the unit are covered in mesh fabric. It’s completely see-through and gives you peace of mind being able to watch over your baby as he sleeps. When we went through the best bassinets for twins in the market, this was a factor we heavily focused on.

The deal breaker is the legs as they are completely removable. This allows you to put the bassinet in the trunk of your car and travel. However, it’s not compact enough for air travel and it’s completely understandable.


  • Removable legs for portability.
  • All around mesh sides enables breathability and viewing your baby’s activities.
  • Deep bassinet for safety.
  • Lightweight design is easy to move around the home.
  • Soothing and subtle vibration.


  • The mattress padding is quite thin. But it is still comfortable for newborns.



7.MiClassic All mesh 2in1  Bassinet

MiClassic All mesh 2in1 Stationary&Rock Bassinet

Introducing you to the best single bassinet for twins- The MiClassic!! The design is highly portable as it can be folded easily to carry with you in the car or on air travel. No other models in this review can achieve that.

One of the coolest things is you can convert the bassinet to a rocker with just a flip of the legs. When you don’t need it, just flip away and use the bassinet as stationary.

Just like the Fisher-Price, this one has mesh fabric all around the bassinet. It makes communicating with the baby easier. The mattress included is a bit stiff but still good enough for newborns. If you want to buy an extra sheet, you can either get the American Baby or Nodnal Co. sheets. Other sheets don’t fit in.

It has a quick pull up mechanism to fold this into a compact unit. Use the included carry bag when you travel by car. We recommend keeping the box that comes with the package as it’s more convenient to pack and carry when on air travel.

The only negative point we could find is the height of the bassinet is quite low. If you are not a c-section mommy, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.


  • Convert quickly to rocker or just the stationary bassinet.
  • Easy foldable function for portability (car or air travel).
  • Breathable mesh fabric all around.
  • Water resistant pad is easy to clean.


  • As the bassinet has a low height, moms with c-section would find it hard to pick up babies.



Bassinet for Twins Buying Guide

1. Double bassinet vs. single bassinet

Double bassinets are always better for twins as they consume less space and keep the babies closer to each other. Most parents opt for this type of bassinet for simply avoiding clutter.

It might be a surprise but the price of two single bassinets can often be less than a double bassinet. So, depending on your needs, this choice is up to you.

2. Versatility

Most modern bassinets come with extra features that enhance the overall value of your purchase. Playards are common with most bassinets. It’s a padded surface that attaches underneath the bassinet and can be used when a baby outgrows the bassinet.

Some models have extra changing tables that can attach within the bassinet compartment. You can also find a vibration and music system for soothing babies.

3. Portability

Bassinets are generally portable. Some bassinets are very compact and fold into a storage bag that you can carry when you travel by air or car. There are even wheels installed at the base to help move around the home. The Mi Classic is the most portable bassinet model we have as it can be carried anywhere you like. 

4. Safety features

The best bassinets for newborn twins should ensure safety for your babies. Mesh walls are great to have as it eliminates the chance of choking. The weight limit and sturdiness of the bassinet should also be taken into consideration. All of the models in this list are compliant with regular safety standards.

5. Comfort

A soft and supportive bassinet mattress can help your child sleep well. Do be careful that too much softness can also pose risk of choking. The surface must be cozy and just not too flat to hurt your baby.

There are even bassinets made for preemies. The difference is the material is more delicate and soft. If your baby is born premature, you can get one of those.

Final Words

Bassinets serve only a few months of your baby. But that’s the most important stage. Going up to the crib every now and then is a pain many parents want to avoid, especially those with twins. The best bassinets for twins we reviewed will keep your babies closer to you and help you live a stress-free life.


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