How Do I Get My Baby to Sleep at Grandma’s House?

Is it your first time visiting grandma’s house with the baby?

Whether it’s the first or not, babies find it hard to sleep in unfamiliar places!


If you keep on visiting grandma’s a couple of times, your baby might get used to it. But what if it’s the first time and you know your baby won’t sleep!

Trust me, I have been through it and there’s not much you can do. The best thing you can do is be realistic! Your child might sleep late. But that’s okay!

I do have a few tips that you can follow! Sure, there’s no guarantee. But your baby will be more likely to sleep better at grandma’s house.

Why Do Babies Have Trouble Sleeping in Another Place Like Grandma’s House?

Babies have brief wake-up moments during their sleep. However, if they find themselves in unfamiliar places during this wake-up moment, he will likely wake up completely or start crying.

On the other hand, some babies will find it hard to sleep in unfamiliar places. The new environment will feel like an alien to them and they will feel scared. However, if you can make her feel at home or comfort her in any way, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Some Babies Might Sleep Better at Grandma’s House. Why Is it So?

Yes! That’s true. It happened with my second baby. She slept more than usual when we went to her grandma’s house. I wasn’t really expecting that. Later, I got to know that some babies can adjust better to new conditions. In some cases, your baby could be tired and stimulated which can help her fall asleep faster. Understandably so, you will be travelling, the baby will be interacting with new people and stuff like that can make a baby feel sleepy.

6 Real-Life Tips You Can Follow to Get Your Baby to Sleep at Grandma’s House

1. Make it a Habit from an Early Age

A lot of parents avoid traveling or even visiting grandma’s home when their kids are too young! So, when they turn into toddlers, it becomes even harder to get them to sleep in unknown places.

I recommend starting earlier like when they are 2-3 months old. By the time your baby turns 2, you will have visited grandma’s home for at least 3-4 times and that should make them used to sleeping over there.

2. Practice Sleeping in Another Room

This technique works like a charm. All you have to do is to take your baby to another room for sleeping. Do that 2-3 times a week and that should do the job.

In the beginning, your baby might not sleep better. But as you do it a few times, she will get used to it. You can then try it with grandma’s house.

3. Follow the Same Bedtime Routine When You Are at Grandma’s

No matter what happens don’t break the normal bedtime routine whether you are staying at grandma’s or friend’s home. If the routine involves bathing, playing and storytelling, follow that.

When you do that, your baby will understand that it’s time to sleep and she will adjust better. Even if grandpa and grandma requests for an extra hour to stay with the baby, don’t give in.

4. Keep Things With Which the Baby is Familiar

The first thing that comes into my mind is the baby’s crib! You can either carry it with you or buy a crib for grandma’s home and keep it there for the baby to sleep whenever you go there.

If you want to travel light, you can just carry the crib sheet from home. Place it on another crib or bed in the grandma’s home. Your baby is familiar with this smell and will feel comfortable.

Along with these, you can take with you the toys, your baby’s clothing and a few other things that your baby is familiar with.

5. Use the Same Place for Sleeping Every Time

Find a specific place at the grandma’s home where your baby can sleep. Everytime you go there, make sure to use the same spot. This worked for my baby and on the third visit to his grandparents’ home, he was sleeping all too well. My parents had a corner room and we used it for the baby everytime we went there.

6. Try to Recreate Baby’s Sleeping Environment

Realistically, you can’t recreate everything in the baby’s nursery at the grandma’s. However, you can get pretty close. For example, if your baby is used to sleeping in the dark, make the room dark. Put him inside the crib you brought along and keep his favorite toys in it.

Some babies might sleep well in dim lighting conditions. In that case, carry a nightlight to the grandma’s home, so your baby gets the environment.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure if you follow these tips, you will be able to sleep anywhere and not just at grandma’s house. Don’t be hard on your baby. If she doesn’t fall asleep after trying everything, let her be. Even she deserves to explore and stay up late one night.

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