10 Best Student Desks to Organize Studying- (2023 Guide)


Study desks are essential for organizing everything and making the environment perfect for finishing school and college homeworks!

Sure! A study desk is also vital for adults and other professionals. Bringing everything to the bed or couch creates clutter and impacts productivity.

We got you the best student desks in the market that will solve study, gaming, home-office and home-schooling demands ranging from age as low as 3 to 15+. Most of these desks are sturdy enough for adults to use as well, if the height is appropriate.

Images Product Name
ApexDesk Study Desk
Flash Furniture Student Desk
Mecor Children Desk
ECR4Kids Desk
KidKraft Kids Study Desk
Convenience Concepts Student Desk
Prepac Wall Mounted Floating Desk
Mainstays Student Desk
Topeakmart Modern Study Desk
SHW Home Desk

10 Best Study Desk For Student 2023

1.ApexDesk Little Study Desk

ApexDesk Little Soleil DX 43

The Apex Desk is the ultimate study arrangement for kids who have started homeschooling. The ultra customizable height and different size options for the desk and chair makes it the best student desk ever! You can search all day long but nothing can beat it.

Let’s talk about the desk first. The height can be extended from 21-31 inches as such kids can use it even when they grow 5’6†tall. The built-in leg levers makes it extremely stable and safe. You will love the laminated top surface as it’s easy to clean and scratch-resistant.

There’s a split top that tilts to 75 degrees. This is great for reading books for longer periods. You can even hook an iPad or a book to this surface for more comfort.


The chair makes the whole package more appealing. Everything from the height, depth and backrest position is adjustable. Whether your child loves to lean back or sit straight, everything is possible. On top of that, you can easily lock the swiveling feature for more safety.

If you follow the instructions properly, it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to assemble the chair and the desk. It’s a true study desk that will grow with your child all the way up to preliminary and probably even high school.


  • Totally customizable chair setting and adjustable height for desk.
  • Split top on desk for easy reading.
  • Caster wheels on chair for movement.
  • Sturdy build quality and easy to clean surface material.


  • Nothing to mention.



2.Flash Furniture Student Desk

Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Student Desk

Want to bring the school environment at home? The Flash furniture desk and chair combo is just what you need. It’s super compact, adjustable and perfect for kids up to high school age.

The desk size is enough to put on necessary books to read and study. Inside, there is an open storage box for keeping stationery and other papers. It feels just like how it is in school but with better features. Your kid can also hang their bags or jackets on any side of the desk.

The desk has an adjustable height ranging from 28.25†to 31.5â€. The frame below has anti-slip padding to reduce noise and friction with the floor. So, you won’t have issues when moving this.

The chair is equally sturdy and the height is also adjustable. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have cushioning and your child has to sit mostly upright. It’s great for posture and will be far easier to clean than the ones with cushions.

Considering the level of use it can handle, Flash Furniture might be the best study desk for kids in the market right now! All you have to do is get it.


  • 3 Level height adjustable desk and chair.
  • Vented chair design for better air circulation.
  • Storage box below the desk for organizing essential stuff.
  • Stable and scratch-free experience with pedestal frame.


  • The chair doesn’t have cushioning.



3.Mecor Study Desk

Mecor Children Desk

If you loved the Apex Desk at the beginning, you will definitely love Mecor. Though it doesn’t have high customizable features but offers similar benefits within a budget-friendly price. That’s the reason it’s one of the best student desks we have for you!

This desk is perfect for preschoolers and those at high school. You can adjust the height as much as 12 positions! That’s huge. All of that extension is nicely wrapped within the foot frame. As for the chair it’s got 7 levels of height. 

The desk features a tiltable surface for studying comfortably in a relaxed position. And the large pull out drawer is sufficient for storing a few books and lots of stationery items. If your kid loves to read and write at the same time, the book stand at the top will come in handy.

We found the bonus nightlight on this to be a real hit. Parents and children just love it. In case, you wonder, it turns off with a long press of the button and you can change the intensity with constant pushing off the button. If your nightowl is sharing a bed with his sibling, this is just the solution you need.

Assembling this unit is as easy as it gets. Follow the video instructions and it should be ready in 10-15 minutes. Highly recommended!!


  • High extendable height for both chair and desk.
  • Bonus lamp for studying at night.
  • Big storage drawer.
  • Tiltable surface helps to study in proper posture.


  • The lamp can sometimes have malfunctions.



4.ECR4Kids Student Desk

ECR4Kids Bentwood Multipurpose Homeschool Table and Chair Set

You will love ECR4Kids for its versatile and clever design. The desks are adaptable to use in various ways either as chairs or desks. The natural wooden finish looks classy and can complement almost any kind of modern decor.

There are two smaller tables and one big table. The best thing is the moment you turn them, they convert to chairs with a built-in bench. Preschoolers will be extremely happy having their own classroom and then turn it into a dining arrangement. Adults can use the solid side as stools. Genius!

All the desks are lightweight and have handles to carry them effortlessly within your home. The natural finish is great for cleaning with damn cloth or sponge.

When your kids are on vacation, you can turn them into side tables or shelves. It’s the perfect thing for letting your guests sit in parties. If you do use them well, they will be totally worth every money you spent.


  • Adaptable design allows using the desks in multiple ways.
  • Natural wooden finish blends into any decor.
  • Suitable for adult use as well.
  • Built-in handles makes transporting easy.


  • Sometimes the finish might not be perfectly smooth.



5.KidKraft Kids Study Desk

KidKraft Kids Study Desk with Chair

If you need a simple, functional and cost-effective study desk KidKraft is the just the thing you will ever need. There’s no bells and whistles but it’s great for keeping your kid organized during those homework periods.

The large storage drawers on the side will hold every piece of paper, pencils and stationery items your child will ever need. There’s a long drawer under the tabletop for quick access to important stuff.

On the top, there’s an extra shelf for organizing files and notebooks. The single best thing about this desk is it limits cluttering as it happens with kids at this age. The cork bulletin is a nice addition that can be used to hang school routine or drawings. This is the part your child will love most.

The material is mainly composite wood and the assembly is pretty much straightforward. If you want, you can also glue the pieces together to increase the shelf life as many users have done so.

The chair that comes with the package is simple and has the same color as the desk. Kids from 3-8 years can comfortably use it without any issues.


  • Large compartments for storage.
  • Top shelves keep everything organized.
  • Simple and minimalistic design.
  • Bulletin board to hang fav drawings.


  • As the construction is MDF, you might need to glue the pieces together for durability.



6.Convenience Concepts Student Desk

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go No Tools Student Desk

High school is the stage of life where kids transition into adults. And you can’t keep them satisfied with stuff that looks childish. The best desk for a high school student has got to be Convenience Concepts.

The top part has a 48×4-inch dimension. What that means is it will easily accommodate a computer or a laptop and still have enough room for placing study materials. Kids at this age love multitasking and this is perfect for that.

The storage space under the table top is large enough for storing all the essential stuff, whether it is books, smartphones and coffee mug. There are 4 uncovered shelves on the sides that can serve for decoration or organize books and notebooks.

Though the desk looks thin from the images, in reality, the wooden frames are quite heavy, thick and durable. The size is appropriate for small rooms or dormitory space.

This should be enough for completing high school and the initial stage of college. It takes less than 30 minutes to assemble and your grown-up kid will hardly ever complain about this.


  • Extremely stable and sturdy constructio
  • Suitable size for teenagers, yet fits small spaces
  • Large storage surface.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The backing material is a bit flimsy (can be strengthened with glue attachment).



7.Prepac Floating Desk

Prepac Floating Desk with Storage

When there is less space to work with and the only area left to fit a desk in the bedroom, then Prepac Floating Desk is your ultimate solution. It has an innovative design that allows mounting it on the wall without losing your precious space.

Prepac has a patent pending for its metal hanging rail system. This system allows you to hang the desk with a super easy assembly process. The best part is it can hold a lot of weight. So, you can place a computer, books and what not.

It’s designed in a way so that the cables and wires can be efficiently managed. A lot of the users decided to use it as a home office work desk. It’s so versatile that you can place it with a closet. That’s why it’s a highly rated student desk for bedrooms and lives up to that title.

The side compartments are great for keeping speakers, books and all other stuff. This wall-mounted desk will grow with the user as it can shift up and down when needed.


  • Hanging design allows assembling at any height.
  • Ample space and storage surfaces.
  • Sturdy and holds lot of load.
  • Good cable and wire management system.


  • Might need a helping hand when assembling.



8.Mainstays Student Desk

Mainstays Student Desk

When looking for the best desk for a graduate student, what really necessary is a touch of sophistication. This model from Mainstays doesn’t look fancy or childish at all. It’s a desk for a person who needs space, values simplicity and loves to work on multiple things at a time.

It’s designed in such a way that you can place it near the corners of your room. The long angular style let’s you make the most of your space and at the same time have enough room for studying and working on the computer.

The material is mainly laminated particle board. However, the black oak finish looks classy and can hold 100 lbs weight. There are two small shelves and a small cabinet to avoid clutter and give the impression of proper organization. For a grad student, that’s a necessity.

This will even suit people who want to set up a home office in the bedroom. Assembling wouldn’t be much difficult but the instructions are not clear. With a bit of patience, you can set this amazing desk to show off its magic.


  • Designed to save space and multi-task at the same time.
  • Solid build quality and sophisticated color theme.
  • Storage spaces are stylishly designed.


  • Assembling instructions are not clear.



9.Topeakmart Modern Compact Study Desk

Topeakmart Modern Compact Computer Desk Study

The Topeakmart desk is plain and simple! For kids 6-13, this should be just perfect for regular studies and spending time on the PC. It’s budget-friendly and has sufficient space for storage.

Don’t get fooled by its simplicity. It’s quite versatile. The wide-open space below can help you turn it into a gaming station any day. Even if you have just books to read, you can store them in the open shelves at the side. And the large drawer can hold mobile devices and other stuff.

Despite being a MDF desk, the quality and stability of the desk is pretty good. It can support as much as 110 lbs on the top surface alone. It’s one of the best student desks we have in this list and really lives up to the expectation.

Keep in mind, this desk is not limited to an age. If it matches your height and with a suitable chair, this should be good enough for adults as well. The only issue we found was some missing holes that needed to be drilled.


  • Use it as a gaming or studying platform.
  • Enough open spaces for keeping books.
  • Large storage drawers helps keep things organized.
  • The desktop can handle heavy load.


  • Might sometimes come with missing holes.



10.SHW Home Desk

SHW Home Office 55 Inch Large Computer Desk

The SHW Home is the ultimate desk for college students. Nothing out of the top, it’s spacious and perfect for studying or heavy gaming! The more you will use, the more you will admire it.

The desk has a length that’s good enough to place two computers side by side or multiple monitors. For students who have lots of reading, assignments and work to do, this is just heavenly. Lay everything out and let your brain work on different stuff.

Talking about computers, you will love the two grommets on each side for organizing all the cords. So, your desk remains neat and clean. The top surface is mainly a particle board that has a nice wooden texture. If you ever get it damaged, you can always change it.

Assembling this unit will take you a few minutes. Just to let you know, the corners are pretty sharp and if you have babies, watch them where they go. Apart from that, it’s a nice bargain!


  • Good cable organizing system.
  • Spacious enough for placing lots of stuff.
  • Suitable also as a gaming desk.
  • Fresh wooden texture


  • The edges are sharp.



What Should You Consider When Buying a Study Desk?

1. Ergonomic Desk Vs Standard Desk

There’s nothing wrong with a standard desk. However, if you have the option and the budget to buy an ergonomic desk, go for it.

Ergonomic desks often have adjustable height. In simple terms, it will grow with your kid and will fit kids of various heights. If you want your kid to study long hours without stress, this is your best option.

The Apex desk and Mecor desk are ergonomic models and they also come with ergonomic chairs with adjustable height. There’s also a split top feature in these desks that helps to read from various angles.

Some standard desks also have an adjustable height feature. Even if your desk doesn’t have it, make sure the height is just right for you or whoever is using it.

2. Size of the Desk

The size and footprint of the desk is another thing to consider. For most people without a dedicated study room, it’s best to buy a desk with a smaller footprint.

But if you do have the space, always go for something bigger. There’s a lot of stuff that you will need when studying. This includes books and stationery items.

Desks like Mainstays and Topeakmark are large enough to organize books and even a laptop or desktop altogether. For someone doing a home based job or enrolled in a university, these types of desks are the best.

3. Material of Construction

Traditionally desks have always been made out of wood. But to keep the costs low, manufacturers have started producing high quality plastic and particle board desks. So, depending on the budget, make your decision.

Some desks have metal frames equipped with wooden tops and those are also quite high in demand. Just make sure the desk is stable, solidly built and doesn’t wobble at all.

4. Extra Storage Space

It’s always great to have any kind of storage space inside any furniture. Student desks can have drawers or hollow space under the top part. This helps to organize extra stuff that students usually have like mobile phones, tablets, accessories and books.

5. Ease of moving

Desks that come with wheels can save you from stress if you keep on moving from one room to another. Some desks are lightweight and can be moved even without wheels. For users having a dedicated study space, the mobility factor doesn’t matter, so long the desk organizes everything in one place.


Conclusion & Editor’s Choice

The best student desk award goes to The Apex Desk! It was an easy pick for us simply because of the high customizable options in this model. It can grow with your kid and still look cool when he grows up.

As much as you can adjust the height on the desk, the chair has adjustable height, depth and back. It’s super comfy and offers customized experiences for individuals.

The tilting surface is a deal-breaker as it allows long hours of reading without hurting the back. We and hundreds of other users out there are extremely happy with the money spent on this desk.

If you need something more simple and budget-friendly, you can check out the other models. Those are great too!

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