Best Slot Car Tracks (Testing Analog & Digital Slot Tracks)

It seems slot car tracks are gaining their popularity back as they were in the ’30s.

Slot car racing is an immensely competitive game and super fun too. All you need is a set of tracks and cars to get started.


If you have played it when you were young or have seen your parents play with them, you might have an idea or two. But that won’t be enough to help you find the best slot car track.

So, we organized a team to test out different models of slot tracks some known and some lesser-known brands. It took us more than a month to come up with a shortlist and there’s also a buying guide at the end to help you know more about slot tracks and how to choose one.

Check out what we found!

Our Top Picks for the Best Slot Car Track of 2023

1. Carrera GO 62480 DTM Electric Powered Slot Car Track 

Compatible Car scale: 1:43

Track size: 29 ft

 Carrera GO 62480 DTM Master Class Electric Powered Slot Car

The Carrera Go 62480 is for skilled and super enthusiastic racers! It’s got a quite long track with exciting features like loops and flyovers making it one of the best slot car racetracks you can find.

This particular model is analog which means you can’t shift lanes. However, there’s still a lap counter included that can make racing competitive. For more fun, you can add expansion sets and accessories.

It comes with two 1:43 Audi RS 5 DTM cars. It’s fast enough. But you can make them go faster with the turbo boost inside the controller. This could lead to cars flying off the track at 370 mph. Beginners and kids might find it a bit overwhelming. For those who want to test out their skills or develop skills, this track has all the right kinds of ingredients.

If you are a beginner, you can leave the track straight without attaching the loops. This can make racing easier. Keep in mind, you might need to adjust the braided metal contacts under the car, otherwise, the cars won’t work. This is common for new slot tracks and won’t be an issue when the break-in period passes.

We think remote control can be a bit hard to get used to. It’s a push-button-style remote and some users might not find it natural. All you need is a few hours of practice and you can win races in style. Despite that, it’s still is the best home slot car track!


  • Super speedy race track as cars can reach 370 mph with turbo mode.
  • Lap counter will help you keep track of the action and race competitively.
  • High-quality Audi cars included.
  • Perfect for developing skills as the track has loops and flyover.


  • You will need to adjust the metal contacts under the car at the beginning until the break-in period passes.



2. Scalextric C1368T Slot Car Track

Compatible Car scale: 1:32

Track size: 15ft 9-in

 Scalextric C1368T 24 Hr Le Mans Sports Cars Slot Car

Scalextric is the best electric slot car set, especially for beginners. If you are new to slot cars, this should be your first choice. Because of the magnatraction magnets, the cars will stay on track longer and it will encourage you to play more and develop skills.

The track is made of high-quality materials and it will last quite a long time. You can set up the track in 4 different layouts and if you need a longer track, you can add extension tracks compatible with this model.

The track comes with two cars and two trigger-style controllers. The build quality isn’t up to the mark. However, the controller is super responsive. You can switch between 4 speeds to go fast or slow. For newbies and kids, it’s got a power limiter on the remotes and it will help to go slow and stay on track.

Talking about staying on the track, other than the magnatraction, the tires on the cars are sticky and the cars themselves are lightweight. Compared to other tracks on this list, the cars will likely stay on the track longer.

The braids underneath the cars can be easily removed and replaced. This is a feature you want in your slot cars and you won’t have to buy new cars, thus ave money in the long run.


  • Magnatraction magnets hold the cars in place for a longer race time.
  • Easily increase track size with widely available extension tracks.
  • High responsive controller that lets you control speed in 4 levels.
  • You can set up the track in 4 different layouts for more fun.


  • The handheld controllers and the cars felt cheap. However, they are responsive and won’t lag at all.



3. DMXSLOTS Exclusive Slot Car Track

Compatible Car scale: 1:32

Track size: 18 ft

 DMXSLOTS Exclusive Slot Car

DMXSlots slot car can leave you mesmerized with its unique rotating pin technology! It’s one of the best slot car tracks because of the fact you can change lanes and really indulge in fierce racing. That’s 4x more fun and excitement.

The slot track has 12 straight and 12 curved pieces. The 18 ft length should be enough for two people racing. But if you want, you can add more tracks to it. It’s hard to find extension tracks for this model. The best you can do is buy another track and this should be the more cost-effective solution.

The track comes with 4 cars, so 4 players can play at a time. There are two lanes on the track, so two cars on each track. The controller lets you control the speed as well as the steering. You can change lanes whenever you want and send your partner off the track.

The cars have batteries of their own. This has both pros and cons. As the cars have their own power, you can extend the track as long as you want and the cars won’t lose power. The downside is you will need to buy a lot of batteries. The solution is using rechargeable batteries.

The only thing that could have been awesome is if there were a lap counter. A digital track like this one should have one. But nonetheless, it’s worth buying.


  • Digital track that allows swift lane changing and 4 cars on two lanes.
  • Change speed and steer your car with innovative controllers.
  • The cars have their own power, so track extension won’t have any issues.


  • It can get costly as controllers and cars both need batteries. You can replace them with rechargeable batteries.



4. Carrera 63504 Battery Operated Slot Car Track

Compatible Car scale: 1:43

Track size: 14.10 ft

 Carrera 63504 Speed Trap Battery Operated slot Car track

If you want a battery version of the Carrera Go, you should check out this model. Moreover, it gives you the same speed and power as electric sets. It’s a 1:43 scale track which is perfect for kids playing at home.

The track comes with two cars: a blue ford mustang and a Chevrolet Camaro sheriff. So, one kid can act as police and the other a fugitive thief.

Don’t underestimate this track thinking as a child thing. You can easily extend this up to 32.8ft and turn this thing into a huge race track. You can even add the two-piece removable jump ramp that can add more challenge to your races. And when kids play it, keep the jump ramps off.

The batteries will last 5 hours which should give you enough time for playing. If you want you can also get a plug-in transformer and turn this set into a complete slot electric slot track.

Like with all other slot tracks, you need to follow the instructions precisely or have some sort of experience assembling the pieces. Otherwise, you will end up losing power. The only thing that could bother experienced users is the controller. It’s a push-style controller and not always comfortable for racing long hours.


  • 1:43 track is great for newbies and kids under 10 years of age.
  • Runs on batteries so you can set it up anywhere in your home.
  • You can get a plug-in transformer and make this track electric.


  • The push-style controllers can take some time to get used to.



5. Carrera Digital 132 20030012  Slot Car Racing Track

Compatible Car scale: 1:32

Track size: 26.25 ft

 Carrera Digital 132 20030012 GT Slot Car Racing Track

Here’s a digital slot track from Carrera. Play all you want with your family and friends! You can race up to 6 cars at the same time which is like a big deal when everyone wants to race together.

This is the best digital slot car track for a lot of reasons. You can use the controller to change lanes in the middle of the race. The track has a lot of exciting features to the race thrilling like a crossover, straight-aways, and curves.

Right out of the box, you can find three cars with the track that includes Porsche and Ford cars. The best thing is the cars have great details on them. But they could have been made more durable.

The controllers and the transformer are all cabled which will give you that old retro feel unlike Bluetooth controllers these days. You can add a second set of these tracks with the same power supply and increase the length of the track. If you want to race 6 people together, you should look to expand the track.


  • Digital track allows you to change lanes and bump into other cars.
  • Comes with three cars and 6 drivers can race together with additional cars.
  • The track comes with challenging features so adults will find it interesting.
  • Good details on the included cars.


  • The build quality of the cars could have been better. They tend to break after a few crashes.



6. Scalextric American Police Slot Car Race Track

Compatible Car scale: 1:32

Track size: 17 ft 5 in

Scalextric American Police Chase Slot Car Race Track

Scalextric never disappoints you when it comes to slot cars & tracks. This model of slot track comes in 1:32 standard size which is perfect for adults and kids playing at home. It’s not a digital track, you can only race one car in each lane. But a lot of you might love the old way of racing.

The track goes up to 17 ft 5 in. But you can certainly expand it with more tracks. Maybe buy an extra set. What we loved most is it has a dual-lane crossroads, a stunt ramp, and a landing ramp. The landing ramp helps your car to stay on track.

We found that both the cars that come with the track are super resistant to high-speed impacts. Even if you crash them, they won’t break easily. Moreover, the cars blink and the siren on the police car actually works. The reason we think Scalextric is the best slot car track in the market is because of its durability and secure locking feature!

The controllers, though working perfectly, is not of the best quality. They feel cheap and might not last for a long time.


  • All analog and electric slot track is sturdy and saves you money on batteries.
  • Has fun features like dual-lane crossroads, stunt ramps, and landing ramps.
  • Compatible with cars 1:32 from other companies.
  • The quality and durability of cars are high. They are resistant to impact and will survive crashes.


  • The controllers are cheaply made and might not last as long as you would like.



7. Best Choice Products Electric Slot Car Race Track Set

 Best Choice Products Electric Slot Car Race Track Set

Although not from a known brand like Carrera or Scalextric, these slot tracks will challenge you with speed and curves. The fact that the track gets its power from batteries makes it portable and you can play with it in any area of your home!

This track set comes with two cars and two wired controllers. You can set up the track in 4 different ways. But keep in mind, the instructions to set it up aren’t helpful. You will need to figure it out on your own.

The cars are super speedy. Sometimes, they might fly off the track, especially when you set it up with 180-degree turns. We found that setting up the track in a square shape gives you more control and stops the cars from flying off.

The set also has two 360 loops. Those of you who love challenging races, you can keep both the loops on each side. If you manage to control the trigger and not press it all the way down, you can keep up and race with confidence.


  • Two 360 loops make the track more challenging and interesting.
  • You can set up the track in 4 different configurations.
  • Battery-powered track gives you the freedom to set up anywhere.


  • The instructions for assembling the track are misleading. You will need to figure it out on your own.



8. Micro Scalextric James Bond No Time to Die Slot Car Track

Compatible Car scale: 1:64

Track size: over 13 ft

 Micro Scalextric James Bond No Time to Die Slot Car Race Track

At 1:64, the Micro Scalextric falls in the HO slot category. It’s the best slot car racing set for kids and beginners because of the size of the car and you can easily assemble the tracks without any prior experience.

The track runs over 13 ft and can be set up in 9 different ways. It’s got a special loop system and two bridges which makes those amazing stunts possible. Even the box in which the track comes is impressive and eye-catching with its matte finish.

You will get two cars in the package: Aston Martin DB5 and Jaguar XF. We were more impressed with the quality of the cars as they have a one-piece body shell design and are super resistant to impacts. You can race with them, crash them, and still, they will be in good shape for years.

The controller allows you to adjust your speed settings at various levels. So, it makes it a lot easier for kids to race without too much speeding up and flying off issues. The magnet inside the chassis also helps to hold the cars in place.

Overall, we think this is a great HO slot car track that’s easy to set up and encouraging for newbies to play. Definitely worth giving a shot!


  • Huge layout options up to 9 layouts for unlimited racing.
  • High quality, durable and impact-resistant cars will last for years.
  • The controllers lets you set the speed and go at your own pace.
  • The chassis has magnets inside to keep the cars on the track.


  • Because it’s an HO track and the cars are smaller in size, adults might find it a bit boring.



9. Tracer Racers Track Set

Compatible Car scale: 1:43

Track size: 46 ft

 Tracer Racers

Tracer Racers makes some of the best slot car tracks that glow striking lights when racing. The cars that come with track have lights underneath that give you appealing visuals. So, kids and adults both can have fun.

Compared to the other track in this list, Tracer Racers have the longest track. It’s 46 ft long and should give you more time to plan your race and win. You can even add more tracks to make it longer and more competitive. The Tracer Racers has tons of accessories. You can even get an extra car if your car crashes and dies.

The cars have rechargeable lithium polymer batteries that can be charged from the remote controller. All you have to do is keep the controller powered up by 4 AA batteries.

When testing out we found the controllers easy to operate. You can switch between different speeds and this gives you more control over racing. Kids can race at slower speeds and make sure that the cars stay on track. Adults and more experienced players can speed up and race at 500 mph.

The only thing that could have been improved is the build quality of the tracks. You need to be a bit more gentle when assembling to prevent any breaking.


  • Built-in lights under the cars light up the track and give stunning visuals.
  • High-speed cars that can scale up to 500 mph.
  • Perfect for beginners as well as experienced players as the controllers come with variable speed setting.
  • Longer track length helps to keep the fun going.



  • The build quality of the tracks isn’t up to the mark. They won’t break on their own. But you need to be extra careful when assembling.


10. Super 251 USB Power Slot Car Racing Set

Compatible Car scale: 1:43

Track size: over 13 ft

 Super 251 USB Power Slot Car Racing Set

We had an awesome time playing with the Super 251 slot car set. The quality is outstanding and it’s a lot easier to assemble compared to traditional slot car sets.

This slot track is powered by USB. So, you don’t have to think about running out of batteries. If you have a power bank or smartphone, you can plug in and race right away.

The track is quite wide and it’s visible to the eyes. Even kids can play with it and keep track of their cars. We found the tracks to click easily and have metals in them which makes them more durable and long-lasting.

When racing, the cars make almost no noise at all. They have a magnetic base and that’s the reason the cars stay on the track. The thing that connects the car to the track is a frayed wire compared to metal tabs in other slot sets. So, sometimes, you need to fix the wire to keep it touching the track. That’s the only issue we could find.

The controllers are unique as you can change speed as you want and not just 2 or 4 levels like on most slot track sets. It also comes with a mechanical lap counter to keep track of your laps! That’s the reason we consider Super 251 as one of the best slot car tracks in recent times.


  • No batteries needed. Easily plug in with USB to any power bank or smartphone.
  • Tracks are wide and have metals in them for durability and strength.
  • Control speed as you like with digital proportional controllers.
  • Mechanical lap counter included to track performance.


  • The cars have frayed wire to hold them to the track. So, you will need to readjust the wire sometimes to keep the cars running.



What to Consider When Buying Best Slot Car Tracks?

1. Slot track scale

The scale of the track/car is basically the size of the car compared to its real version. The most common scale of cars/tracks for home use is 1:32 and 1:43. A 1:32 scale car will be larger in size compared to a 1:43 scale car. Cars over 1:64 are often known termed as HO scale and are often built for kids. For a more professional feel, the best option is either 1:32 or 1:43.

2. Length of the track

By length of the track, we mean the original size of the track just out of the box. For kids, a 13-ft track would be sufficient. However, if you are into racing and want to fully enjoy the thrill, 25ft and up tracks will keep up. If you want longer tracks, you can check out Carrerra Go 62480 and Tracer Racers. These are some of the best slot cars tracks and you won’t be disappointed buying them.

3. Type of track: analog or digital?

Most slot car tracks are analog. And only a few are digital. Seasoned players and people who like challenges will find analog more thrilling. Digital versions are more geared towards beginners and kids. We will talk about this in another section at the end of this post.

4. Expandability and customizations

Almost all slot tracks are expandable. You can buy extra tracks and add them ad you like. But there’s a limit of course. Because the longer the track is the power supply will divide. You can build up to longer tracks by adding up power supplies.

In some cases, you might not find additional tracks from the manufacturer. In that case, you can buy another set and use it to expand.

Some slot car tracks will come with things like loops, bridges, curved paths, and multiple configurations. These features will make racing more fun. Or, if you like simple, you can also get tracks with straight paths and fewer curves.

5. Challenging vs easy to play features

Challenging features of a track can include loopholes and extreme turns. In analog tracks, the cars don’t have any magnets so it’s harder to control them. The controller also plays a factor. Some controllers have variable speed settings which let you control the speed as you like. If you want easy-to-play features, you can check out features like lightweight cars, magnets inside the chassis, and straight paths.


How Do Slot Cars Work?

Usually, a slot track is powered by a transformer, and the track then powers up the cars. The cars have a guide flag underneath them which makes contact with the thin metal strips inside the slot that powers up the cars.

When players push on the controller trigger current is sent from the power supply to the cars that make them speed up. Depending on how much current is sent, the car’s speed will vary. This is how most analog slot cars work. On digital slot tracks, the cars have their own source of power and are capable of changing lanes.


What are the different types of  Best slot car tracks?

There are two types of slot car tracks: analog and digital. An analog slot track has one car running on a fixed lane. So, if your track has two lanes, only two cars can race at a time.

Whereas, digital slot tracks have computer chips inside, and with the help of the controller you can switch lanes. This means you can race more than two cars on a two-lane track.

Choosing between the two is a personal choice. If you want to play with slot tracks like the old days, go for analog versions.

How do slot cars stay on track?

Slot cars are loosely attached to the slot track with guard flags that make contact with the metal parts of the slots. This keeps the cars flexible and gives a more realistic feel as cars can fly off at higher speeds.

Some slot cars have magnets inside that helps to keep a downward force and prevent the cars from sliding off the track easily.


What should I do if a slot car keeps coming off the track?

If your slot car is coming off the track, you can do a number of things:

1. Keep your slot track and the cars clean. Sometimes, dirt can make the cars bumpy and fly off the track. You can make a routine and check them after every 5-10 races. You can also oil the motor and the chassis for the smoother functioning of the car.

2. Practice pressing the trigger of the control slowly so you don’t speed up suddenly. In most cases, players fail to control the speed of their cars and end up disappointed as cars won’t stay on the track. You can also opt for controllers that have more speed levels and allow you to set it up before playing.

3. You can add a magnet inside your cars. If you know a thing or two about mechanics, you can do it and it will keep the cars on track. However, there are cars that come with built-in magnets and you can check them out too.

4. Stick with a particular car and practice playing with it for a long time. In this way, you will get to know the speed of your car and develop better control over it.

Final Words – Your Best Slot Car Track

When it comes to choosing one amongst these best slot car tracks, we highly recommend Carrera Go 62480 and Dmxslots. Carrera Go comes with high-quality cars and the overall build quality and collection of accessories make it a first choice. If you want a digital slot track Dmxslots won’t disappoint you.

You can easily steer, change lanes and enjoy exciting races. Whatever slot track you buy spend enough time racing and practicing with a particular car. Slot car racing isn’t easy and it takes time to develop the skills.

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