Best Nursery Gliders for Tall Parents: (My Top 5 Picks for 2023)


Tall parents have their very own set of hurdles to deal with, finding a comfy nursery glider being just one of them. While I can’t possibly solve the other pressing tall parent issues, I can certainly help you find the best nursery glider for tall parents. 

If you are still unsure whether a glider is necessary in a nursery, let me assure you that it is. You will end up spending a great share of time sitting and dozing off on the glider for the first few months of your motherhood. Babies love the soothing rhythmic motion of gliders. 

It helps the fussy little ones calm down and fall asleep easily after a tedious nighttime feeding session. Choose a chair with ample padding, throw in a great lumbar support and you’ve got yourself a perfect chair to chill on in between feeding, pumping, diaper changing, swaddling, soothing, and whatnot. 

Below I have listed off and reviewed 5 nursery gliders specifically designed for tall moms and dads:

Images Product Name Weight limit
Dutailier SLEIGH 0339 Glider chair 250 lbs
Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider 250 lbs
Artiva USA Home Deluxe GliderĀ  250 lbs
Angel Line Windsor Glider 250-260 lbs
Forever Eclectic Cozy Glider 250 lbs

5 Best Nursery Gliders For Tall Parents 2023

1. Dutailier SLEIGH 0339 Glider chair

Weight limit: 250 lbs

Dutailier SLEIGH 0339 Glider chair with Ottoman

SLEIGH 0339 has a plush vibe written all over it, thanks to its rugged and sophisticated hardwood exterior. It’s more spacious than most gliders I have come across, meaning it can easily accommodate standard-sized breastfeeding cushions without eating up your essential seating space. 

Not to mention the good lumbar support that’ll help you sit and hold your junior for hours without crying internally. It boasts of a high backrest and the seat is amply padded with high-quality polyurethane foam to prevent sagging after long-term use. I loved the padded armrests too, it adds a nice touch to the whole experience. 

Another reason why this is my top pick is the long and relaxing motion glide with a multiposition lock for extra safety. Rockers chairs like this don’t recline but this one features a special backrest that employs a 45-degree reclining mechanism to help you nurse or swaddle your baby in peace. 

I just wish the cushion cover was removable for a thorough periodic cleanup of tough stains. But nevermind because it more than makes up for that by introducing a gliding ottoman to the mix.

Pair it up with your glider for a quiet and comfortable pumping and feeding time. You can lock the gliding mechanism on the ottoman as well if needed.

What’s even better is that both the glider and ottoman require next to no assembly. You will have to have to tighten 8 screws in place (4 for the glider, 4 for the ottoman, included in the box) and that’s it. 



2. Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider

Weight limit: 250 lbs

Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman

The next beauty to grace this list of the best nursery gliders for tall parents is available in 9 color options and honestly, all of them look absolutely stunning but the dark gray one is my personal favorite. 

The glider frame and base are made from rubber wood. It’s not the finest wood in the world but decent enough for the price. It comes with an 8×20-inches lumbar pillow which multiples the comfort of the rocker by providing extra support. 

I would highly suggest placing the lumbar pillow on your lower back before you sit to experience the true comfort of this rocker. Speaking of comfort, the gliding motion on this one is as smooth as it gets. 

The same goes for the ottoman, although I wish both had a locking mechanism. It would have made it easier to stand up after sitting down for too long. 

Coming back to the positives, which are plenty, by the way, the rocker is very easy to put together without any special tools and a really tall backrest to make the lives of tall people a little easier. 

The chair fabric is quite soft which makes it easy to clean. It would make a perfect addition to your nursery for breastfeeding and putting a baby to sleep if you can just switch the existing thin cushion with a better quality memory foam cushion. 



3. Artiva USA Home Deluxe Glider 

Weight limit: 250 lbs

Artiva USA Home Deluxe Microfiber Cherry Wood Glider

Lined with easy to clean, sturdy yet soft microfiber fabric, Artiva glider-ottoman combo is equal parts functional and aesthetically pleasing. Its frame and base are crafted from the finest quality hardwood, meaning it can survive all the abuse a toddler might throw at it. 

The rocker has a slow and smooth gliding motion that helps fussy babies fall asleep easily. What further makes it one of the great nursery gliders for a tall parent is its almost 26†high lumbar support and ultra-comfortable headrest to keep you comfortable while you read bedtimes stories to your little one.

On the downside though, a stout woman might not find the seat wide enough for nursing. If you are buying it for an average built mama, this shouldn’t be a problem, though. 

I’d suggest restuffing the cushions with memory protein foam as the stocking padding is sort of hard, which is not unusual for rockers in this price range. 

You can detach the cushion from the seat for a thorough cleanup, so extra points for that. It’s easy to put together and comes with an ottoman too to put your feet at rest. 

Not just nursery, you can enjoy this swanky glider chair in your living room as well. It has side pockets too which can fit some magazines for you to enjoy during your “me timeâ€. 



4. Angel Line Windsor Glider

Weight limit: 250-260 lbs

Angel line Windsor Glider and Ottoman

Available in myriads of color options, this glider can be assembled in 15-20 minutes by just about anyone, as long as you minutely follow the instructions on the box. The fabric cover used on the cushion is a top-notch leather-like material that can hold up well to abuse. 

The rocker and the ottoman frame is made from solid wood with a fantastic. It not only amplifies the aesthetic value of the rocker chair but can also survive the test of time without any extra maintenance. 

The backrest is high enough to let a 6’3†person comfortably rest his/her head on the headset. Both the chair and the included ottoman rock smoothly, but sadly, there’s no locking option for the gliding mechanism.

I would knock off one point for the lack of adequate lumbar support, though. You should definitely put a small pillow at your lower back to add some lumbar support while nursing, pumping, or taking a nap. 



5. Child Craft Forever Eclectic Cozy Glider

Weight limit: 250 lbs

Forever Eclectic by Child Craft Cozy Glider Rocker

This rocker chair deserves to be crowned as one of the top nursery gliders for tall parents for its smooth and quiet gliding motion and rugged build quality. 

Add to that, the cushion on it is pretty thick and well-padded to enhance your comfort and lower back support. I wish the bottom cushion was just as thick as the side cushion, though. 

But you can always add an extra pillow when you need it to make yourself comfortable. Putting together the hardware pieces doesn’t require any special skill or tool. 

Most people will take roughly 15 minutes to set up the chair. It comes with side pockets too for stashing a book or a packet of snacks that might come handy while breast pumping. 

I should note that if you are taller than 5’9â€, you might not be able to lay your head against the top of the chair. However, considering that it’s a competitively priced glider with a sturdy frame, solid and easily washable fabric along with a flawless, creak-free rocking mechanism, I can’t complain much. 



Things To Consider Before Choose Glider For Tall Parents

Finding the right nursery glider for a tall parent is never an easy undertaking. But it isn’t impossible either. 

We just have to know what exactly to look for and to help you with it, we have prepared a handy guide for you. 

Below, we will go over the key aspects that make certain gliders well-suited for tall individuals:


By tall people, we are talking about individuals of and above 5’10”. For optimal head and back support, narrow down your search to high back gliders. 

Ideally, the glider should be 40″+ tall from the floor to top of the seat with a backrest height of 29″ and above. The higher it is, the better. 

However, if you are on a budget or finding it difficult to find anything that tall, it will be ok to settle for a 36-38″ tall glider with a minimum chair back length of 26″. 

Of course, your options will be limited when you have such specific requirements. But that’s exactly what this guide is here for. So fret not. 

Reclining Mechanism

Although not essential, having a reclining function is any day better than not having it. 

On some days, you’d wish you could just doze off with your baby on your lap on the glider or just recline back a little to stretch and relax. 

Therefore, if you can, save up some more and invest in a glider that reclines. You won’t regret it. 


The first thing you need to do unboxing the glider recliner is look for the traces of exposed moving parts. 

Small gaps between moving parts in the framework trap and pinch your baby’s tiny little fingers. It hurts to write about it. 

Make sure you thoroughly scan the frame of the glider before for exposed moving parts before bringing your baby anywhere near it. 

Locking Mechanism

If the glider you’re planning to bring home has a reclining function, it should have a locking mechanism too. 

That way, you won’t have trouble getting up from the chair after a prolonged period of sitting. 

Moreover, it just feels comfortable and safe if the back locks into your desired reclining position instead of just free-falling. 


A lot of models these days come with matching ottoman to help parents stretch out their legs and relax after a tedious feeding session. 

A person can really use a stool or ottoman to take some stress off their back and legs. 


So that was my take on the 5 best nursery gliders for tall parents for those back-to-back, exhausting (yet extremely rewarding) nursing, story reading, and quick napping sessions. A quality nursery glider right now will serve you well years after your child has grown up. 

The smooth rocking motion works as a natural sedative for both babies and adults. So when the nursery isn’t a nursery anymore, keep the rocker in your own room, sit and have a glass of wine on it after a long, tiring day at work. 

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