When Do You Know Your Baby is Outgrowing the Bassinet?


It’s kind of fascinating and a bit sad at the same time how fast newborns grow bigger. So, get prepared to discard that cute, little bassinet you have bought as soon as the newborn phase ends. It usually lasts for four to six months since your baby is born.

As parents, we start making all the arrangements for our baby’s comfort even before they are born. By the time our newborns arrive at home, we probably have brought a cozy bassinet already.

Bassinet is much handy, safe and comfortable for both the babies and new moms. Especially for moms who had C-sections and have a hard time in moving around and nurturing the little one. 

There are even some bassinets that are dedicatedly designed for C-section moms and babies.

Initially, we pick bassinet in a general size and weight capacity. But, how fast the baby will outgrow it, is yet to discover. 

So, how do we know when it is time for the transition to a crib?— There are some obvious signs and some other variable signs that would tell you it is the time.

Obvious Signs of Shifting Your Baby from the Bassinet

1. Your Champ is Exceeding Manufacturer’s Recommended Weight Limit

Most bassinets come with a weight limit. For example, bassinets come with a weight limit between 30-40lbs in general. But, bassinet designed for premature babies usually have it between 15-20lbs. 

So, if you see your baby is gaining some weight exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended limit then you must know it’s time. It doesn’t matter how old your little one is, it’s time.

It’s not that the bassinet will fall apart if you keep it occupied. But, manufacturers usually set the maximum weight limit considering the safety for you and your precious little child.

2. Your Baby Just Made a Complete Roll-Over

The moment you see your little fella makes a complete roll-over, know that the bassinet time is over. Don’t delay.

When a newborn starts rolling over from front to back or back to front, it means they need more space to live and breathe now. And you don’t wanna interrupt his process of growing up. Do you?

Newborns do love compact and surrounded places to sleep. It makes them feel secure and sound. But when your child starts rolling over, it might feel congested in the bassinet.

3. Your Baby Can Now Stand Up on Its Own

At what age children start sitting down and standing up on their own varies from one child to another. Bassinets are usually for infants who cannot move and don’t have the risk of flipping off of the bassinet. 

So, as soon as you witness your little fellow trying to hold onto something and pull himself up without anyone’s help, you must get a crib with higher and stronger walls. 

Other Signs You Must Consider

4. Any Signs of Discomfort

Trust your instincts. No one knows what’s best for our children better than us as parents.

So, if you notice your child experiencing any form of discomfort, then immediately troubleshoot the problem.

Uncomfortable cushion foam, narrower on side, smaller in length, uneven surface, etc. are some common issues. So, if you find your baby’s having trouble adjusting inside the bassinet, then it’s time for the transition.

5. Growing Taller Fast

Some children don’t put on that much weight, but grow fast in height. Sometimes, one of the two twins grows faster than the other. So, if you have twins, choose the twins’ bassinets wisely.

Even if your little one remains within the recommended weight limit, once they outgrow by size and length, you must move them to a crib.

6. Moves Too Much

Some babies are born strong and spontaneous by nature. They get super excited every now and then and throw their cute little hands and feet in the air too frequently.

It’s nothing you should worry about. Rather you should pay attention to his safety first.

Bassinets are not as sturdy as the cribs. If your champ moves too or sleep on their chest, it’s time for transition.

Final Words: Transitioning to a Baby Bed

Determining the time of transitioning your baby’s bassinet into a crib can be tricky, since there is no such fixed date or age.

You need to use your observation and expert’s recommendation to decide the right time to discard a bassinet. In this article, we have tried to mention all those significant signs that indicate you need a new baby bed for your little fellow.

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