Tips On Holidaying With Kids In Asia

Embarking on a holiday with kids in Asia is an adventure filled with excitement, cultural exploration, and cherished family moments. From vibrant cities to serene beaches and ancient wonders, Asia offers a multitude of experiences for the whole family.

However, traveling with children requires careful planning and preparation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip for everyone involved. In this article, we will share invaluable tips and insights to make your family holiday in Asia a resounding success.

Discover how to navigate flights, choose accommodations, create a well-paced itinerary, and uncover hidden gems that will captivate both young and adult travelers. Get ready for an unforgettable journey of discovery, bonding, and endless fun as we delve into the world of holidaying with kids in Asia.


Consider flight arrival times for mid- or long-haul journeys. Arriving in the early hours may require an early check-in or an additional night’s stay to avoid the exhausting jet-lagged experience, especially with young children. If possible, pack swimwear in your carry-on to relax by the pool or prioritize rest and a shower at your accommodation for a refreshing start to your trip.


Beware of hotel booking sites claiming “one room left,” which often refers to the site’s allocation rather than actual hotel availability. Tour operators can often secure accommodations even when booking sites appear full. If not booking through a tour operator, consider contacting hotels directly, as they appreciate direct communication and avoid paying hefty commissions to booking sites.


Every destination has an ideal timing known as the “sweet spot.” This period usually occurs during the transition from peak to shoulder season when prices drop, and the weather remains favorable. During school holidays, it’s crucial to book well in advance due to high demand, as prices tend to remain constant or even increase. Tour operators often secure flights at initial prices for a longer duration.

Living in Asia provides an advantage as international school holidays often differ from major holiday periods in countries like the US and the UK. For instance, late June and early July are favorable for travel before Europe and the UK begin their summer break in late July.

According to Experience Travel Group, some favorite “sweet spots” include Sri Lanka in September, Kerala in April, Vietnam in May, Indonesia in June, and Bhutan in December. These destinations offer excellent experiences with favorable weather and fewer crowds.


Uncover the secret of free domestic flights in Asia when flying with the national airline. Experience Travel Group suggests leveraging associated domestic flight networks for airlines like Vietnam Airlines, Thai Airways, or Malaysian Airways. If booking independently, consider building a ticket with the country’s main carrier to maximize benefits, although it can be more challenging to do it yourself.

While using rewards for upgrades can be advantageous, it may come with compromises such as inconvenient timings and the need for additional nights. Assess whether the extra cost and hassle are worth the benefits before making a decision.


When traveling as a family group, carefully consider the practicalities of sharing rooms and bathrooms. While family rooms offer benefits, Experience Travel Group advises that clients may feel a bit overwhelmed after a few nights of communal living. Reflect on whether you would be comfortable with this arrangement at home and assess whether saving on an extra room may negatively impact your overall trip.

For groups, investing in a multi-bedroom suite or villa is recommended. Although more expensive than a single room, these accommodations provide a living area and larger space. Comparing the cost-effectiveness of a villa versus a hotel is a useful tip, as villa staff purchasing food and drinks at local prices can offset expenses.


Craft an intelligent itinerary if you plan to move around during your vacation. Optimize your stay in cities by visiting them on weekends when they are liveliest. Start your trip slowly with a couple of nights at the initial destination to acclimate to different foods, climates, and time zones, especially when traveling with young children.

Consider the proximity of the airport to your destination city and plan accordingly. For example, in Sri Lanka, where the airport is at least an hour’s drive from Colombo, accounting for traffic is crucial.

Pace yourselves and begin with relaxing beach time to recharge. Gradually transition to activities that require more energy.

End your holiday on a high note. Experience Travel Group suggests avoiding finishing at the beach to prevent dwelling on the vacation’s end. Instead, spend a couple of days in a vibrant city before heading back. Engage in shopping, enjoy rooftop bars, and savor every last minute without worrying about pending tasks. Look forward to a final exciting stop to prolong the holiday spirit.

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