Toys That Start With R

Are you a parent looking for fun and educational toys for your child that start with the letter R? Look no further!

Whether you’re preparing for a themed day or simply teaching your child about words that start with R, we’ve got you covered. Our hand-picked selection of toys is sure to bring joy and entertainment to your child’s playtime.

toys that start with r

From racing cars to building blocks, our list covers a wide range of options to suit every child’s interests. So, get ready to discover some amazing toys that start with R – your child is bound to have a blast with them!

Toys That Start With R – 29 Interesting Finds

Remote-Controlled Car


Gesture Sensing RC Stunt Car Toys for 6-12 yr Boys
  • The 4WD RC stunt car is a high-tech toy that can drift in all directions, rotate 360 degrees, and respond to gesture control.
  • It comes with two rechargeable batteries for long-lasting fun and features a durable bionic joint that can conquer various terrains.
  • This cool and versatile toy makes an excellent gift for kids aged 5-12 and is perfect for birthdays, holidays, and Christmas.

Rocking Horse


Rockin' Rider Tex Rocking Horse Toy
  • This soft stuffed plush rocking horse features a beautiful wood base and comes with an exclusive “I’m a little Pony” song that can be heard by pressing the left ear.
  • The right ear allows you to hear six fun talking phrases and realistic horse sounds, while the moving mouth adds an extra layer of interactivity.
  • A perfect addition to any child’s playroom or nursery.

Robot Building Kit


Henoda Robot Toys for 8-16 Year Old Boys Girls
  • This STEM building block set comes with 468+ pieces and cool stickers, promoting children’s hand-eye coordination and practical ability while letting them enjoy the fun of building.
  • The robot toy moves in all directions, with glowing eyes, flexible rotating joints, and interesting transforming features that can help to enhance imagination skills.
  • It can be controlled through multiple modes, including a phone app and remote control, with a remote distance of over 20 meters. With a functional and creative design, high-quality materials, and safe construction, it makes an ideal gift for boys and girls

Race Track Playset

iHaHa 236 PCS Construction Toys Race Tracks for Boys Kids Toys
  • This construction toy set includes 200 flexible track components, 6 types of construction trucks, and various accessories to build a construction kingdom.
  • Kids can create their own road using Y-shaped track, arc tracks, and a bridge, and spend hours on imaginative and creative play.
  • Perfect for 3-5-year-old boys and a great way to limit screen time and encourage healthy play.

Rainbow Loom


Rainbow Loom® DUO Combo with JEWEL Rubber Bands Collection
  • The Rainbow Loom Duo Combo Sets includes 4,000 Latex-Free Rubber Bands, 2 Rainbow Loom, 2 Happy Loom, 2 Hooks, 150 Jewel Beads, 150 C-Clips, and Instructions all in an Organizer Case.
  • This perfect combo set is great for beginners or professionals, and provides endless hours of fun.
  • Expand your looms by connecting them to make longer or wider creations.

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik's Cube, The Original 3x3 Cube 3D Puzzle Fidget Cube
  • The Rubik’s Cube, a world-renowned puzzle, challenges your mind with its combination of math, art, and science.
  • Featuring six colored sides made up of nine squares each, the cube is twisted and rotated until each side has only one color.
  • Perfect for anxiety relief and fidgeting, this authentic toy is more than just a brain puzzle.

Roller Skates


Crazy Skates Rolla Roller Skates for Boys and Girls
  • The Rolla is a perfect roller skate for young and beginner skaters, featuring high-quality parts such as ABEC 5 chrome speed bearings and a high-impact chassis.
  • Polyurethane wheels and toe stops designed for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • The Rolla has an iconic style and comes in various colors with color coordinating wheels and laces.

Ride-on Car


Wiggle Car Ride On Toy
  • The wiggle car is a safe and durable ride-on toy for kids aged 3 to 8 years.
  • With no gears, batteries, or pedals required, it offers effortless operation and can be used on smooth surfaces both indoors and outdoors.
  • Made from high-quality plastics, it can hold up to 150 lbs. of weight and is completely washable.

Radio Flyer Wagon

Radio Flyer 3-In-1 EZ Folding, Outdoor Collapsible Wagon for Kids
  • The Radio Flyer collapsible wagon is a versatile and safe option for hauling kids or cargo with its 3-in-1 feature of hauling, 2 rider seating, and bench seating.
  • The wagon can hold up to 150 lbs of weight and has a UV protection canopy, seat belts, and front cup holders.
  • It easily folds for convenient storage and meets ASTM toy safety standards.



Descant Soprano Recorder Music Recorder Instrument For Kids
  • Made of food-grade ABS resin, making it safe for everyone, including kids and children.
  • A detachable design that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The 8-hole German descant recorder produces accurate tones and comes with a beginner tutorial, making it easy for kids to learn and play simple songs.

Rainbow Kite


Dragon Rainbow Kite for Kids
  • Build priceless memories with the new and improved version of the best-selling rainbow kite on the market.
  • Help your child develop coordination and critical thinking skills with the 80M tangle-free kite line, while encouraging physical activity and outdoor play.
  • With 4 quality rods and an easy-to-grip handle, this kite is simple to assemble and holds stable in any level of wind.

Reversible Stuffed Animals

Reversible Plushie Bear Stuffed Animal
  • This mini reversible bear plush toy features a unique double-sided design with different colors and expressions.
  • Made with skin-friendly and durable plush material and filled with high-quality PP cotton, it is safe for children to use.
  • Can be used as a mood toy, huggable pillow, or room decoration, and makes a great gift for various occasions.

Ring Toss Game


Reversible Plushie Bear Stuffed Animal
  • Tiki Toss Hook and Ring Game Set is a classic beach game that provides endless fun for all ages. The durable construction and stylish design make it perfect for any outdoor gathering. The objective is to swing the ring and land it on the hook, making it addictive and replayable

Rotating Art Supply Organizer


Lazy Susan Office School Supplies for Kids
  • The 360°Spin Base caddy organizer is perfect for keeping classrooms, offices, or playrooms clutter-free.
  • With its large, removable containers and unique groove design, this caddy can store all your essential items such as pencils, crayons, and scissors.
  • The anti-slide bottom and easy-to-grab handles make it convenient to use, and the durable plastic structure ensures it will last.

Retro Handheld Game Console


RG35XX Retro Game Handheld Game Console
  • The RG35XX Retro game handheld console is a classic video game console with a 3.5 inch IPS full view screen using Linux operating system.
  • Built with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and quad-core PowerVR SGX544MP GPU for smooth gameplay. With support for 2 players, HDMI output TV, and vibrating motor, it allows for cooperative or competitive gaming with friends and family.
  • Comes with 64G TF card and pre-installed 5470+ games in various formats including CPS, FBA, NEOGEO, and more.

Road Trip Bingo Game


Road Trip Travelling Bingo Game for Families
  • Imagination Generation’s Road Trip Bingo is a fun game that can be played with up to 4 players during a road trip.
  • The game offers different winning board patterns and can be played with the whole board as the winning pattern for long journeys.
  • A great way to distract from screen time and bond with family and friends on a trip, and the compact packaging makes it easy to take on any road trip.

Rock Painting Kit


Creativity for Kids Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit
  • The Hide and Seek Rock Painting kit is a complete craft kit that includes 10 rocks, 8 waterproof paint colors, a paint brush, rock transfer designs, and tracking stickers.
  • This screen-free kids activity encourages creativity and self-expression, and is perfect for beginners and adults alike.
  • Spread kindness and positivity by painting and hiding rocks throughout the community for others to find.

Roll-up Piano

88 Keys Roll Up Piano
  • This upgraded roll-up piano has 128 tones and rhythms, a built-in teaching model, and foot pedal and sustain function for a realistic piano experience.
  • Can be played on any surface, rolled up for easy storage, and has a long battery life and loud speakers for parties.
  • With multiple functions and interfaces, it can be played with a mobile phone or earphones with a realistic playing experience.

Roaring Dinosaur Plush Toy


Douglas Roaring T-Rex Dinosaur Plush Stuffed Animal
  • This soft and cuddly T-Rex plush toy is perfect for playtime adventures and hugging.
  • Squeeze his belly to hear him roar and let your imagination run wild with his lifelike green eyes.

Remote Control Drone


LANSAND 2Pack Mini Drones for Kids
  • Introducing the latest mini drone, equipped with both land and fly modes, making it a unique and versatile toy for both kids and adults.
  • Made from durable PVC material and with full propeller guards for safety, this drone also features an altitude hold function and cool LED lights. With 3 speed modes, race car mode, and 3D flip function, it provides endless fun for the whole family

Railways Train Set

54 Piece Cargo Railway Deluxe Set with Accessories
  • The BRIO cargo railway deluxe set includes 54 pieces such as two trains, a battery-powered engine, cranes, a truck, cargo, a bridge, rocks, and a crossing signal.
  • It’s the perfect gift for creative toddlers aged 3 and up and is compatible with all other BRIO railway toys, allowing for continued play as your child develops.
  • Playing with train sets helps children understand and learn about their environment in a fun way

Realistic Doctor Kit


No products found.

Rhythm Sticks

Classroom Music Rhythm Sticks
  • This package includes 48 safe and sturdy wooden rhythm sticks in 6 vibrant colors, each measuring 12 x 1/2 inches.
  • They are perfect for teaching basic rhythm skills in classrooms or churches and are suitable for various group rhythm and musical activities.
  • The sticks are designed with rounded edges and are smooth to prevent hand scratches, making them suitable for small hands to hold and use.

Rocket Ship Play Tent

JOYIN White Rocket Ship Play Tent
  • This play tent and tunnel set includes a white space-designed tent, a tunnel, cube play tent, how-to assemble instructions, and a carry tote.
  • It features 4 sturdy poles, roof and floor anchors, and can be easily installed and stored.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it promotes imaginative play and cognitive skills.

Remote Control Boat

YEZI Remote Control Boat for Pools & Lakes
  • This remote-controlled boat has a powerful high-speed motor, large propeller, and flip recovery function.
  • The radio-controlled remote is easy to use and the boat is rechargeable. Suitable for both kids and adults, it can race across water at 20+ mph and comes with a spare propeller, and boat tool

Ring Pop Lollipops


Ring Pop Individually Wrapped Bulk Lollipop
  • Unwrap the fun with Ring Pop Candy Gems, iconic wearable hard candy lollipop rings with an enormous eye-catching candy gem that is deliciously playful!
  • Each bag contains 20 individually-wrapped Ring Pop lollipops in 5 fruity flavors: Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Twisted Berry Blast, and Blue Raspberry.
  • These shelf-stable treats are perfect for kids and the whole family to enjoy or bring to your next gathering as a fun candy for everyone.

Reading Rug


Numbers and Shapes Educational Learning & Fun Game Play Rug Carpet
  • This educational rug features the alphabet, numbers, and shapes with animal character and object illustrations for an interactive learning experience.
  • Made of high-grade nylon low pile and latex rubber backing, it is easy to clean and safe for kids and pets.
  • Ideal for playtime and enhancing the style of any room, it is a great gift for kids of any age.

Rolling Pin Art Kit

Rolling Pin nonstick and Silicone Baking Pastry Mat combo kit
  • This rolling pin and pastry mat set is made of high-quality stainless steel and food-grade silicone.
  • The rolling pin has 4 sizes of removable rings for easy kneading of dough to the intended thickness.
  • The 17-inch rolling pin and pastry mat set has double-scale for easier baking and can be used to create a variety of mixtures. It’s perfect for DIY baking with family and friends on special occasions.

Rebounder Trampoline

Fitness Rebounder with Adjustable Foam Handle
  • This is a second-generation upgraded trampoline made of thickened 3mm steel with a high-strength stainless steel preservative spring, designed for safe and efficient jumping for kids and adults.
  • The heavy-duty handlebar is adjustable, and the unique frame design allows for easy storage and portability.
  • The 32 closed springs and waterproof mat provide a powerful elastic recovery system, and the folding oxford pad is easy to clean.
  • This trampoline is an excellent indoor exercise option, and a 10-minute bounce session equals 1-hour jogging, 30 minutes cycling, or 20 minutes swimming.

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