Toys That Start With N

As a mother, I am always on the lookout for toys that can engage and stimulate my children’s minds. I want them to have fun, but also learn and grow in the process.

The search for the perfect toy can be daunting, and thats why I’ve put together the below list to help parents who are on the lookout for the most exciting toys for their kids!

I’m sure the toys on the list will definitely bring so much joy and learning into your home. The moments when your children play with their favorite “N” toys will be some of the most cherished memories you will have seen as a mother.

Seeing them laugh and learn at the same time is a feeling that fills any parents’ heart with pride and happiness.

21 Exciting Toys that Start With N

Nanoblock Sets

Nanoblock’s Collection series offers a Seahorse model with 150 small bricks, perfect for building amazing 3D art. With a difficulty level of 2, it is recommended for ages 8 and up. The set includes detailed instructions and produces incredible detail and realism.

Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm

The Pump-handle scatterblast water blaster is capable of spraying 5 streams of water at once, reaching up to 34 feet away. It has a large 22-ounce capacity and comes with a flip-up sight for better aiming. Soak your target to the max with this powerful water blaster

Ninja Slackline

This obstacle course is adjustable with no fixed obstacles, allowing for customization and endless possibilities. It comes with an exciting assortment of obstacles and is suitable for kids over 4 years old. This is a great alternative to a playground and can be installed in various locations.

Noggle – Extend Your Car’s AC to Your Kids

This is a must-have for road trips with kids. It quickly and easily extends cool or warm air from the air vent to the second or third row of seats. With no tools required, it installs in less than 30 seconds and is compatible with most vehicles.

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer for Kids

This non-contact thermometer uses infrared technology to measure body temperature without touching the ear or forehead, preventing cross-infection. It provides an instant and accurate reading within 1 second with a measurement distance of 0.4-1.96 inches. It has multiple measurement modes, a large LCD, and a silent mode to prevent disturbing a sleeping baby.

North Star Games Happy Salmon Card Game

The Happy Salmon is a fast-paced game that can be played by up to 12 players. It only takes 30 seconds to learn and each round lasts about 60 seconds. The game involves silly actions like “High 5”, “Pound It”, “Switcheroo”, and “Happy Salmon”.

Num Noms Snackables Dippers


The Num Noms Snackable Dippers Series 2 is a collection of scented toys that includes two big dipper Num Noms, one little dipper Num Nom, a scented secret sauce, a reusable slime cup, and a collector’s menu.

Nutcase – Little Nutty Helmet for Kids

The Little Nutty helmet is designed for safety and style, featuring Crumple Zone EPS foam pads, a durable ABS shell, and the MIPS System for additional protection. The Fidlock magnetic closure and built-in dial system provide a perfect fit for growing riders, while the detachable visor and 11 vents keep them cool.

Nike Pitch Training Soccer Ball


This makes the perfect gift for you kids! This gum soccer ball is made of resistant material and kids can enjoy hours of fun in the backyard!

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller



This wireless switch controller features a unique cracking process and random, unique patterns. It has adjustable LED lights with multiple modes, high compatibility and stable wireless connection, turbo function with customizable speed, and built-in 6-axis gyro motion controls. 

National Geographic Kids Ultimate Dinopedia Book


The Nat Geo Kids Dinopedia is a comprehensive dinosaur reference book with over 600 species, including recently discovered ones, presented with colorful illustrations and information on their habits, diet, and when they roamed the Earth.

Nostalgia Retro Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster


The hot dog and bun toaster can toast up to 2 hot dogs and buns simultaneously with adjustable settings for preferred doneness. It includes a hot dog cage and tongs for safe removal and a drip tray for easy cleaning.

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Toy


The Nuby Octopus Hoopla is a fun and interactive floating bath toy with 3 rings that encourages play and helps develop hand-eye coordination and stimulate senses. Its vibrant colors and different textures engage a child’s attention while avoiding mold issues, and it is made of soft and flexible BPA-free materials.

Nickelodeon PAW Patrol Chase Remote Control Police Cruiser


The PAW Patrol toys allow kids aged 3+ to use their imagination and create new adventures for their favorite characters from the popular TV show. Collect them all for even more fun!

Nightlight Teddy Bear


The GummyGoods Nightlight is a fun and functional tribute to the classic candy. Shaped like a giant gummy bear, it emits a soothing, colorful glow that’s perfect for bedtime.

Night Vision Goggles

These night vision goggles are designed with a comfortable fit and can be used in various scenarios, providing night vision up to 25 feet. The goggles can also emit a cool blue light and are made of durable PC material.

Ninja Kidz TV DIY Ninja Obstacle Course Kit


This is a high-quality, durable slackline webbing and ratchet set with 13 Square Buckle sets for customizing the course. It includes 7 obstacles, climbing rope, tree protectors, and a carry bag, and can hold up to 440lbs.

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Robot Kit

The Nintendo Labo is an interactive toy-building kit that uses cardboard creations called Toy-Con and interactive instructions on the Nintendo Switch. You can customize your Toy-Con creations, uncover how they work, and play with them in entirely different ways when combined with the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo 2DS



The Nintendo 2DS is an affordable gaming system that can play all Nintendo DS and 3DS games in 2D. It features wireless communication modes to connect with friends and unlock exclusive content.

Neliblu Galaxy Slime Kit

This slime kit features a unique blend of colors and is made from non-toxic materials, making it safe for kids of all ages. It’s perfect for parties, playdates, or as a gift for any occasion.

Nesting puzzle


Lewo’s stacking rainbow toy includes 12 flat blocks in bright colors and sizes, made of high-quality natural solid wood with smooth edges and surfaces. This open-ended toy encourages creativity and imagination, as it can be used as a bridge, tunnel, or bed for dolls.

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