10 Things to Do While Pregnant: All the Things I Wish I Did


Every woman’s pregnancy is different, so are their regrets. Regardless of this beautiful feeling of womanhood, we all somewhat miss out to live it to the fullest.

I have heard about some other moms’ unfulfilled wishes in their pregnancy, which has reminded me of mine. So here I am, sharing my 10 wishes I would redo if I could relive it all again.

And since you are here, don’t forget to leave a comment below sharing yours. I would love to know them all.

1. I Wish I Had Trained My Little’s Sleeping Pattern in My Pregnancy

Just a few days ago I learned that listening to soft, soothing music while pregnant helps to build the baby’s sleeping routine. I wish I learned that in my pregnancy.

I had a really hard time getting these tiny, alive soundboxes to sleep after they were born. None of my two wouldn’t go easy on me. And that was so exhausting!

If I knew it back then, I would start their sleep-training prior to their birth. I would put on some soothing music every night before sleeping every night throughout my pregnancy. It’s also good for relaxation, you know.

2. I Should Have Had Some More Umm.. Sex

Like so many pregnant women out their, I also had mixed opinions about having sex in pregnancy. It’s not that I had totally restricted myself on that. But I put it more on the DON’Ts list in my pregnancy.

But, there was no rational reason like placenta previa or other complications in my pregnancy. And I was too shy to consult with my doctor about it.

But if you are going through the same dilemma, then go edit your DOs and DON’Ts right now. Because, sex is completely safe for most preganant women.

If you still have the dilemma, don’t bother asking your doctor at all. Or else you will end up writing your “wish I had” in my comment section later.


3. I Should Have Prepared Myself for Breastfeeding and Pumping

I know a lot of pregnant women out there are still eagerly waiting to welcome their baby into the world with zero clue about breastfeeding. Just like me.

I took it for granted and thought that there’s nothing to learn about pumping and breastfeeding. It should be so easy.

If I could go back and give a lecture to my pregnant-self, I would have done that right now. Yes, you can learn it after the baby is born. But just like you buy all those baby stuff beforehand, it should be the same.

As a working woman, I knew I would need a breast pump to store and feed my baby. But somehow I forgot to study more about a good breast pump and more importantly how to use it.

And it took me a great hassle to feed my first baby for the first time, although I breastfed. So all the new mom-to-be reading me out right now, start practicing already.


4. I Wish I Had Taken a Little Less Shame and a Lot of Pride in My Pregnant Body

I am aware of the fact that in this modern world, most men and women have normalized appreciating pregnancy and the extra weights women put on during this period.

But honestly speaking, I was more anxious about my own body than anyone else around me. Instead of self-loathing for those extra weights, I could have done a lot of things instead.

However, I went easy on myself on my second pregnancy at the least. Unlike the first time, I did workout and took care of my body and skin during the whole pregnancy. And I noticed that I could enjoy all those pregnancy perks better afterwards.


5. I Should Have Slept Like a Koala. Really!

Pregnancy is all about the hormones streaming up and down. And through this process, most pregnant women experience strange changes in their sleeping patterns.

Some women get the worst insomnia ever. On the contrary, some oversleep through their pregnancy. Although, none of these extremes is good for you. A good nine-hours of uninterrupted sleep is the ideal here.

However, one thing that every pregnant woman has in common is the frequent feeling of exhaustion and tiredness. In my case, I felt exhausted but ignored it for I don’t know why.

I should have slept more when I still had that golden opportunity. Because after each birth of my two, I had countless sleepless nights. And now I regret all the chances I missed during the pregnancy.

6. Not Saying Yes to All Those Safe Adventures – I Regret it the Most

If you have any chance to go on trips or hangout with friends, don’t miss it out. As long as you are aware of all safety measures during pregnancy, you should take every chance to go for adventures. 

I regret it because I got overwhelmed with my flowing emotions and didn’t go anywhere for the fear of those pregnancy throw-ups, nausea and mostly those sudden urge of pee.

Hanging out with friends and going on adventures is really important for your mental health too. I realized that later.

7. I Wish I Knew the Kinesio Taping Technique That Time

You all must have heard about Kinesio Tape more or less. I heard about it too. But I did not know its role in relief of the pregnancy discomforts, until now.

It’s an elastic therapeutic tape that helps to treat and prevent injuries. What it actually does is to lift the belly skin and relieve its pressure and also promote blood circulation.

So, pregnant ladies out there, try this technique on and let me know your experiences in your comment.

8. Had I Only Arranged a Baby-Shower 

I know modern moms don’t miss out on any chances to celebrate their pregnancy. But due to this covid situation many moms had to let go of the chances just like me.

No, I didn’t miss out due to covid. But I couldn’t make time for a baby-shower. And now I regret all those gifts and pamperings from friends and family.


9. I Wish I Had Maintained a Pregnancy Journal

One thing is for sure that you are going to miss your baby bump and all those happy and sad moments of your pregnancy once it’s over. Personally, I never imagined that I would miss it this bad.

If I knew it then, I definitely would have done all those cliché things like keeping a journal, writing letters for your baby and whatsoever I missed out in my pregnancy.


10. Wish I Had Taken Those Fresh Stretch Marks Seriously

Stretch marks are OBVIOUS in pregnancy. There’s not much we can do about it. 

But if we start treating them right when they appear, it lessens up its appearance a lot.

There are many dedicated remedies and products for stretch marks. But before choosing one for yourself I would suggest to consult with your doctor or a dermatologist first.

Final Words

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage of womanhood. So, I hope we women live and enjoy this period to the fullest.

Yes, we want a thousand things to do within this short period of 9 months. Apparently, everything might not be possible to do.

But at least create your priorities in wishes to do things in your pregnancy and get them all checked before giving birth to a beautiful little soul.

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