Taking Care of Baby in Summer Days

Taking care of baby in summer

Hello Mummy and Daddy! Are you feeling worried about your little champion’s health in this hot summer days? The answer could probably ’YES’.

Anyway, in the shabby days of summer when the temperature goes up 30 degrees and above we adult cannot endure the heat. We always look for a cool or shady place to hide. Then imagine what about the baby who even cannot crawl.

Being a responsible parent you might take some extra care of your little angel to make ensure more cool and comfortable in the crummy summer days.

Every parent loves his baby smile, it’s unworthy to parents anything in this world. You do not have to make an empire for your baby just a bit of extra concern can make your baby all time cheerful and lively. Certainly!

Normally, a baby below 6 months stays most of the times at home laying on the bed. Or sleeping. So, the baby room must be cool and comfortable.

Make a super atmosphere for your baby so that he/she can have a sound sleep. Do not use any things that bother your baby sleeping. Be concern, the fan using for the baby room is quite or soundless. You might use a quieter and most convenient fan for baby’s room so that he/she does not get disturbed!

Most Significant Factors You Must Know:


  • The most important aspect you should concern throughout the summer. Make sure light color clothing for your baby. Dark color cloth can easily attract the sun heat and mosquito as we know summer is the days of mosquito.
  •  If you are thinking for your baby garments for summer then consider the good quality cotton fabrics. Cotton is the best fabrics for summer days.
  •  When buying cloth for newborn make sure the loose feting to avoid sweating. Body-hugging or slim fit dress can cause rash or uncomfortable for your baby.
  •  In terms of temperature changing condition especially when you go outside or in the AC room wear full sleeve cloth. It will save your baby from mosquito and also from the cold. Even when you are in the hilly areas or somewhere the weather changes rapidly you should wear layering cloth. Especially for the newborn from 0-3 months who really needs warm all the time. Warm means warm not the heat!
  •  Summer is the time to make water fun or water splashing with your baby. Get a good quality swimwear for your baby to make it more enjoyable.
  •  When you step outside of the home with your baby take a hat or cap for shading from sun heat. Be concern that the hat or cap is not elastic or tight which can leave spot or rash that you really do not want to.

Diaper: In terms of the diaper, you do not need to put the diaper on your baby all the time. let the baby feel free and skin breathing. Alternatively, you can use cloth nappy. If you need to wear a diaper then make ensure to change the diaper every two hours to avoid diaper rash.

Hydration: it’s a common scenario to us that we need more water during summer. So, it also important for your baby to keep him/her hydrated. If your baby is 0-6 months feed him/her every two hours instead of three to four hours to avoid dehydrated. Because baby pees very frequently and breastfeed is so light as it goes out through pees and poops.

If your baby is above 6 month then you can add some more water based diet apart from breastfeeding or formula. It could be water, watermelon, milkshake, coconut water and so on depending on your baby’s age. You can also counsel with a baby advisor in terms of baby diet.

Make sure you are giving the fluids using Sippy cups instead of a bottle because it’s more convenient to feeding a baby.

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Skincare: When it comes to messaging your baby you should use something which has a cooling effect like coconut oil, aloe vera jelly or curd.  Any of them you could be using while messaging your baby. Do not use something which causes uncomfortable to your baby.

  •  If you are applying oil your baby you must have to bath your baby. Baby loves water very much. So, you could be bathing your baby one or twice in terms of temperature demand. Do not bath your 0-4months baby twice hence your baby night gets Always prefer lukewarm water for your baby bath.
  • After finishing bath of your baby you have to use good quality lotion or cream on the body. Make sure the moisturization lotion or cream does not have a greasy or sticky effect which might cause a lot sweating your baby. you could use sunscreen cream prior 15 minutes while going outside on the whole body because sun rays can pass through the cloth.
  •  Using powder is not necessary for a baby. But you can use it a little in case of heat rash develop on your baby’s Again, your baby can be affected by the diaper rash so you must keep a diaper rash cream. You should apply it after putting off the diaper.

Protection from mosquitoes: Summer is the time of mosquito. we adult fear the mosquito bites and distress. It is also a dangerous enemy for your baby. the problem is doctor suggest not to use any product on the baby’s body or near because the smell can also invite the mosquito again the baby even cannot say or take revenge to the mosquito.

So, the solutions are

  •  Normally, below 6-month-old baby needs a particular place for staying the entire day.so you can use a   mosquito net to make a shield. for above 6-month baby, you could try some mosquito remedy products.
  •  Do not use any scented products which might attract the mosquito.
  •  Always put on the covered dress to avoid mosquito bites.

Heat protection: Do not get outside with the baby in the hot days after 10 am to 4 pm. This is because the sun really gets hotter at that time. If you need to go outside emergency, be ensure baby wearing a full sleeve light color dress and a cap on the head or sunscreen on the whole body.

 Tips: Especially For The Summer

  • Frequently look is the baby overheated due to the outfits he/she wearing
  •  Always be concern about your baby’s dehydration. The symbol could be dry lips or less wet nappies and less energetic.
  •  Your child could heat rashes due to sun heat or temperature as producing a lot of sweat on the body.
  • Do not get your child immediately under fan or AC after the bath. You should wait at least 10-15 minutes to come back your baby temperature into normal.
  • When going outside from AC rooms try to switch off the AC 15 minutes earlier. The standard air conditioner temperature for a baby is 18-24 depending on age. You might look the temperature is not too cold or too hot.
  •  Use warm water for your baby. Do not use cold water while bathing as it causes cold and uncomfortable for your baby.

If you watch out any bad symptoms of your baby take immediate action on it. You can counsel with a child specialist regarding your baby health. The more you concern the more your baby will feel comfortable in this shabby hot summer days. Have a cool summer with your little angel!

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