Should I Put Socks On Baby With Fever? Does It work?

Yes, you can put socks on your baby when they are suffering from a fever. The main reason here is sometimes you find their body temperature different from their feet temperature. When the feet are cold and the body temperature is above 100F, you should put socks on the baby to keep the feet warm. 


However, there are also some other reasons, and in some certain cases you shouldn’t put on socks. In this article, I’ve discussed everything. So keep on reading and be cautious. 

3 Reasons You Should Put Socks on Baby with Fever

I’ve already mentioned a reason before. But there are more and you should know everything in-depth. So, read on.

Reason 1: Socks Help to Warm up Cold Feet

The first thing is it’s dangerous if your child has a different temperature in the different body organs. To understand it check your baby’s armpit and forehead temperature. If it’s hot then check the temperature of the feet. If it’s cold then it’s not a good sign.

Now your first duty is to warm the baby’s feet. To do so use socks. This is how wearing socks helps a baby with a fever. 

Reason 2: Socks are Helpful with a Fever with a Cold

If it’s a kind of flu such as a fever with a cold then socks are helpful. In such conditions, it’s important to keep the cold under control. Putting socks in such a situation helps to reduce the cold as well as help to maintain an ideal temperature level for the body.

According to some child experts’ cold or wet shock is more helpful. It’s recommended to use it before bed. It helps to increase blood circulation which helps to reduce the fever. 

Reason 3: Socks Reduce the Risks of Developing Dangerous Complications

During fever, there are more possibilities for the child’s body to develop dangerous complications such as mild frostbite, blisters, etc. Using socks reduces the risks and helps the baby keep safe.

The Theory Behind Wet Socks Treatment?

You might have heard this before from your grandparents – “Wet socks help to reduce fever.†It’s kind of a myth.

Once upon a time, people used this treatment without having any evidence. However, now there is some certain logic behind this statement. 

Science has found that, if you put wet socks on your child with a fever, their body starts to increase the internal heat. As a result, their cold feet get warm, and thus it helps to kick in the immune system. It works kind of the same way as a wet towel on the body.

Moreover, wet socks help to decrease congestion and increase blood circulation which is helpful to fight cough and cold. Eventually, it helps to reduce the fever. 

Best Types of Socks for babies during fever

When your baby is suffering from a fever and you’re trying to put on a pair of socks to reduce the fever you must be conscious while choosing the socks. Here I am adding some points you should consider while purchasing baby socks for fever.

  • The socks won’t be tight-fitting. Better get a loose-fitting and comfortable one.
  • Make sure the socks are made of high-quality factic.
  • Make sure the rubber on the top of the sock isn’t too light.

Below I am adding a suggestion table for the best types of baby socks.

Product 1 Luvable Friends Unisex Baby Socks Set
Product 2 JAKIDAR 12 Pack Baby Socks


Is There any Harmful Effect of Putting Socks on Baby with a Fever?

Above I’ve answered the topic – can you put socks on a baby with a fever? The answer is positive and that can raise another question and it’s about the harmful effect. Let’s clear up your confusion below.

The general answer is no, there is no harmful effect of putting socks on baby with fever. It is completely natural but there is a catch. You shouldn’t put them shocks on for more than enough time. It can create discomfort and sometimes make the feet too warm which is not good for the baby.

Another thing is when it’s a pair of wet socks you must be more conscious. Extra wet socks can be a cause for shivering. The warmth gained by shivering is not good for babies. Instead of reducing the fever, it can increase the fever. So, always be concerned about the socks’ temperature and the put-on time of wet socks. 

When to Remove Baby Socks During Fever?

I am sure the previous segment is making you worried about one more query. It’s how long you should keep the socks on or when to remove them. Below I am showing some signs which help you understand it’s time to put off the socks. 

  • If the feet are cold then feel the temperature. When you find the temperature matched the body then put off the socks. 
  • If you get your baby uncomfortable then remove them.
  • If you find the baby shivering after wearing wet socks then immediately put them off. 

Should I Put Socks on Baby at Night?

Most of the cases you should avoid putting socks on your baby at night. It’s because it can overheat the feet which are not good for babies. Especially, during the summer season, there is no need

However, to ensure whether socks are necessary at night or not, check the temperature of the room first.

Now if you’re living in a colder region or during winter the room temperature should be lower. In such conditions, socks are recommended to use at night. And if the temperature of the room is comfortable, no matter how cold the outside is, there’s no need to use socks at night.


That’s everything regarding the topic – should I put socks on baby with fever?

Finally, we found the answer is positive most of the time. Well, you’re the parent and you are the judge here. Read the other segments, especially when to put off, and take action accordingly. I wish your baby a speedy recovery from the fever.  

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