Best Power Wheels With Remote Control -(2023 Guide)

Remote control power wheels can be the ultimate way to give your child the first taste of driving.

It can develop a sense of independence in your child and also improve their hand-eye coordination.

But most importantly, you are buying this so that your kids can have fun!!


We reviewed the best remote control power wheels for the reason that you can control their riding and make sure they aren’t going off the track.

Most of them come with features that mimic real-life cars. So, your child won’t feel he is riding a toy.

Interested in off-road riding? Don’t forget to check our detailed guide on 10 year olds ATVs.

For now, here is our take on RC power wheels.

10 Most Popular Power Wheels with Remote Control In 2023

1. Best Choice Products Kids 6V Ride On Truck

Weight capacity: 44 lbs

Speed limit: 2 Mph

Run time: 45 min

 Best Choice Products Kids 6V Ride On Truck

Wanna give your kid the first taste of driving? These power wheels from Best Choice products are perfect for him. Remotely control the car until your kid is grown enough to ride on his own!

It’s got everything from LED headlights to horn. Even the accelerator pedal looks real and gives the best riding experience! The wheels do a great job on concrete as well as on light grass surfaces.

With the remote you can control the speed & the forward and reverse motion. Though the 2 Mph isn’t that fast, you still have 3-speed options to make it safer for your little one. That’s the reason it’s considered as the best beginner power wheels with parent control. Size wise, it’s suitable for kids under 6 years.

Inside there’s also an AUX port to plug-in media devices and play songs. What’s really nice is you can also control the volume. The music performance isn’t bad and keeps your child more interested.

Some users have found issues with steering. But you can fix it by bending the two tabs on the steering rods. This should help to turn the car better. Last, but not the least, the remote control is flimsy, but it works like a charm!


  • Low speed limit keeps the youngest riders safe.
  • Realistic foot pedal makes the car look genuine.
  • Can play music from other devices and has the option for volume control.
  • 3 speed control options using the remote.


  • The remote is flimsy and might break if it falls. So, use it with care.
  • Needs a bit of tweaking to improve steering and turning.



2. Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck

Weight capacity: 65 lbs

Speed limit: 3.7 Mph

Run time: 1-2 hrs

Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck

This version of the Best Choice Products power wheels is a lot more powerful than the previous one. It’s got better wheels and has a higher speed limit. Essentially, it’s more suited for kids over 3 years old.

The remote allows you to control the speed and the forward and backward direction. What you need to consider is that you can change speed only using the remote, So, the child can’t alter the speed. For fuzzy kids, this could be a great addition.

Although, the car has plastic wheels but they offer better grip and can perform quite well on dirt and grass. However, the best performance can be seen on flat tracks. Moreover, having larger tires and spring suspension really makes it the best remote control power wheel.

The car features a soft start which we think is safer for kids of this age. So, it doesn’t feel that the car is blasting away and also keeps them in a better position. Additionally, the option to connect a media device or load a micro SD card is a plus and makes riding way more fun.

The only thing that can be an issue is the inability to change speed manually. It might be good for now, but in future when your kid wants more speed, you will have to do it for him with the remote.


  • Large tires and spring suspension for easy outdoor riding.
  • Soft start feature keeps the battery and the child safe.
  • Play music from media devices or SD card.


  • Speed changing is only limited to control from the remote.
  • The battery might not last as expected, but can be fixed with a different charger.



3. Uenjoy Electric Kids Ride On Cars

Weight capacity: 77 lbs

Speed limit: 2.4 Mph

Uenjoy Electric Kids Ride On Cars

Who doesn’t love a futuristic car? Certainly kids do. This Uenjoy features an eye-catching front LED and a design that looks coming right out of a sci-fi movie! With 3 colors to choose from, it can be a great gift to your daughter or your son.

Your kid’s gonna love the dashboard. It has a steering wheel, start button, music system and a foot pedal. It’s enough to give your kid a realistic riding experience. You can connect music devices using the AUX or USB port. However, it doesn’t have a way to control the volume.

The coolest feature are the LED lights and they keep on flashing. The addition of engine start sound is a nice thing to have. It’s one of the best looking power wheels that comes with remote control and you can control the speed and motion without any lags or issues.

Don’t be fooled by the weight limit and the recommended age. Kids 2-3 are more suited for this and anything higher will make it clumsy and slow. The assembly can be a bit tricky and it’s better to search on youtube for proper instructions.


  • Interactive dashboard to keep your child interested.
  • Flashing LED panel gives it a futuristic appearance.
  • Seat belt and lockable doors for maximum protection.
  • Engine car sound for realistic feel.


  • Goes slower when you reach the end of max weight limit.
  • Instructions provided aren’t clear and comprehensive.



4. Aosom Kids Ride-on Car

Weight capacity: 66 lbs

Speed limit: 3 Mph

Run time: 45 min

Aosom Kids Ride-on Car

The Aosom off-road truck certainly isn’t a gimmick. It performs quite well on grass and dirt apart from straight concrete pathways. If you have a backyard full of grass and need a power wheel that can keep up, this is it!

One of the top-selling points of this car is its wide seating space! Unlike other models where the weight limit is higher, but unusable because of narrow seats, this Aosom truck will fit your 60 lbs kid perfectly.

The car has horns, headlights, openable doors and movable wing mirrors. There is even a small trunk at the back for carrying toys and stuff. What we loved is the battery life display and helps to know when you need to charge it.

The remote functions quite well and you can use it to change speeds and control the riding. However, you should make your kid wear a helmet as the car has a tendency to tip over when you try to brake in reverse mode.


  • Horn and headlights gives it a realistic feel.
  • Battery display saves hassle of guessing the right time to charge.
  • Spacious and wide seat is comfortable for kids 2-3 years of age.
  • Rides well on both concrete and grass.


  • Has issues of tipping over when braking in reverse mode.
  • The instructions for assembly aren’t much helpful.


5. Uenjoy 12V Kids Electric Ride On Car

Weight capacity: 55 lbs

Speed limit: 3.1 Mph

 Uenjoy 12V Kids Electric Ride On Car

Don’t be confused, it’s an officially authorized Lamborghini power wheel. Give your kid a taste of the real world and it should become a memorable childhood event that he will cherish for years to come.

Amazingly, it does look quite close to a real Lamborghini Aventador. The scissor doors give it an attractive appearance and most kids of this age will go crazy. In addition, the lights at the back and rear are detailed and not like toy lights on some of the other cars.

Compared to a lot of power wheels, this thing has better wheels. There’s a rubber strip that goes down the middle and together with the spring suspension, it should perform well on rough and grassy tracks. Surely, it fits most of our criteria for the best remote control power wheels.

In manual mode, the kid has the option to play with two speed settings. However, with the remote, you have 3 speed options. So, the car is suitable for both hands-off and hands-on operation.

As for negatives, there’s hardly any. The car has a double seat in it. However, it’s compact and will be good for only one kid. That’s the only thing that bothered us. If you have a single kid then go for it.


  • Lots of options to play music from devices.
  • Super realistic car features resembling real Lamborghini.
  • Rubber strip equipped tires and spring suspension makes riding comfortable.
  • Shift speed manually as well as using the remote.


  • Can’t fit two children even though there are two seats. 



6. BAHOM Kids Ride On Car 

Weight capacity: 110 lbs

Speed limit: 3 Mph

Run time: 60 min

BAHOM Kids Ride On Car

What you get from Bahom is a cool and aggressive looking car that can make any boy go crazy! It’s got everything from dual seats to speakers to keep the fun going.

We were quite impressed with the front LED lights as they turn on when you push the accelerator pedal— just like a real car. Both the seats on the car have their own seatbelt for safety and they are spacious enough to accommodate two kids.

This car has got built-in and it’s quite loud and clear. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can play right from your device from a distance. There’s not a lot of power wheels that come with this feature.

The shock absorber is an important addition and will offer better stability and riding experience. Apart from that the little features like key start-up and power display add tremendous value to the product.

Many users have complained about the battery and that it doesn’t last long. Some also mentioned about the battery losing its run time. But you can always change the battery later. Anyways, for anyone looking for power wheels for toddlers with remote control, this isn’t a bad choice after all.


  • Dual seats with seat belts for extra safety.
  • Better stability with shock absorber.
  • Play music using bluetooth.
  • Spacious seats to accommodate two kids comfortably.


  • Battery isn’t the best quality and it might start to lose its run time after few months of use.



7. Uenjoy 12V Electric Ride on Cars

Weight capacity: 66 lbs

Speed limit: 3.1 Mph

Run time: 1-2 hours

 Uenjoy 12V Electric Ride on Cars

The Uenjoy Off-road UTV is the best 2 seater power wheels with remote control. Its seats are spacious enough for a younger and older kid to ride together comfortably. This car is known for better performance on a variety of tracks and not just concrete.

The manufacturer mentions about 3 speeds. However, some users have reported that it has only two speeds— one that goes fast and another slow. For a first time rider, this could be difficult to grasp, but once he gets a hang of it, it won’t be a big issue.

The tires on both front and rear are made from durable and non-toxic plastic. It also features spring suspension and performs quite well on dirt, grass, rock and concrete. The high chassis design of the UTV also helps in this case. Compared to a lot of power wheels, this one handles bumps better.

The issues with this Uenjoy car is that turning can be difficult using the remote. The turn radius is limited. So, you will need a larger space for your kid to ride this without hitting any obstacles.


  • Durable plastic tires & spring suspension handles bumps and various terrains quite well.
  • High chassis design makes it easier to ride on bumpy tracks.
  • Wide seating space accommodates two kids easily.
  • Can play music using bluetooth.


  • Turning with the remote is difficult and need a larger space for smooth riding.



8. Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500 Ride On Car

Weight capacity: 77 lbs

Speed limit: 3.1 Mph

Run time: 1-2 hrs

Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz SL500 Kids Ride On Car

The little Mercedes-Benz from Uenjoy has a comparably higher remote range and you can control riding from a distance. This could be the perfect power wheels for those of you having twins or two kids.

We loved the area of the dashboard and the steering as it was packed with various buttons for music and horn. The speaker is loud enough and you can play music using USB or bluetooth from other devices.

As for speed, in the manual mode, the child can enjoy two speed options. While using the remote, you have three forward speed options. The higher range gives you flexibility and you won’t have to keep running along with your kid.

One of the nice things about this power wheel is it has a pull handle. So, you can lift the front wheels and carry it easily. The position of the battery might be an issue for some users as it’s located in the truck. Any kid with a curious mind can open it and take it out. It should have been put in a more secured position.


  • Limited speed on manual control vs remote control for safe riding.
  • Spring suspension limits bumps.
  • Higher remote control range to control car for a distance.
  • Pull handle on the fron to carry the car easily.


  • The battery can be easily accessed by any child and needs to be more secured.



9. Explorer 2 Seater 12V Power Kids Ride-On Car

Weight capacity: 100 lbs 

Speed limit: 5 Mph

Run time: 45-90 Min

Explorer 2 Seater 12V Power Kids Ride-On Car

The explorer 2 has the highest speed limit of all the power wheels in this list. For parents, this shouldn’t be a concern as you have 3 speed changing options on the remote. Though it’s one of the best power wheels with remote, it does lack a few basic features that might not appeal to some users.

One of the ways this car tackles the high speed is through gradual acceleration. So, it doesn’t boost right away. Moreover, there is a safety belt that is convertible to one kid use or double kid use.

Apart from playing music from external devices, the foam rubber tires are also pretty good. However, they aren’t of much use of grass and the car overheats. We recommend using it on concrete or smooth surfaces only.

The braking isn’t the most smooth. It jolts to a stop and your kid needs to get used to it. Surprisingly, this car doesn’t have a horn, which we think is a silly omission. Other than that, this is a great looking power wheel to buy for your young one.


  • Blue LED lights under the car and white LED lights on the wheels.
  • PU leather seats are durable and comfortable to sit in.
  • Gradual acceleration decreases speed impact.
  • Safety belts usable for one or two kids.


  • Doesn’t have a horn.
  • Performs bad in grass and recommended to use on only concrete.



10. Lil rider Ride On Toy Car

Weight capacity: 70 lbs

Speed limit: 3 Mph

Lil rider Ride On Toy Car

What’s better than a classic sports car as a birthday gift for your little one! It has a high quality plastic construction that should last indefinitely. Overall, it’s a sweet power wheels that most kids will love.

The good thing is you can control the Lil rider car using the remote or allow the child to drive himself. The steering isn’t bad but it doesn’t always go straight. So, it’s better if you have it in a larger space with less obstacles.

You do have the option to connect an external device to play music or just play the built-in songs. Extra features like the horn and the car sound effects are always nice to have on power wheels that are made for kids

The LED light flashes multiple colors and some kids are really into these stuff. This should impress your child too. However, the seating space isn’t that wide, so this car is more suitable for kids 4 years or under.


  • Bright dashboard keeps children interested.
  • High quality plastic construction is durable and long lasting.
  • Flashing LED lights and car sound effects for extra fun.


  • Needs more space for riding as turning isn’t always perfect..
  • Seat isn’t wide enough for older children over 4.



Things to consider when buying Remote Control power wheels

1. Entertainment features

There’s nothing wrong with power wheels that lets your child from point A to point B. But that won’t be much appealing.

So, you need some extra features that will give them the feel of riding a real car.

Look for the following features:

  • Horn
  • Brakes
  • Engine start sound effect (available on Uenjoy electric
  • Built-in music
  • Colorful and interactive dashboard
  • Option to start with a keym (available on Bahom)
  • Trunk space for keeping toys (available on Aosom)


2. Full Parental speed control vs optional parental speed control

While most of the power wheels let you control the speed with a remote as well as when riding on manual, some have speed controls only limited to the remote.

So, depending on the age and the skill level of your child you should make the decision.

For example, the Best Choice Products 12V’s speed control is only limited to remote. So, the child can ride in only one speed and can’t change it himself.

3. Music device connectivity

Yes, most power wheels in this list let you connect external devices to play music. Some have auxiliary ports, some USB or both. Only a few have bluetooth connectivity that let you play music from a distance. The Bahom and Uenjoy Off-road UTV has bluetooth music connectivity.

4. Safety factors

A seat belt is a must for safety and the good news is almost all the power wheels have it. Other than that, dual lockable doors are handy and will help to rescue your child if any one of the doors get locked.

5. Stability and ease of riding

For stability, you will find spring suspensions on many of the power wheels. It might not be that strong to handle hilly or super rocky tracks, but good enough for kids riding on concrete and light grassy surfaces.

Some power wheels have better steering and others have steering that doesn’t work 100%. So, you need to take this into consideration as well. As a general rule, always pick a spot that is spacious and has lesser obstacles.

6. Speed options

RC Power wheels made for toddlers often have speed ranges from 2 Mph to as much as 5 Mph. For an absolute newbie, it’s best to buy one with the lowest speed range.

Some of them let you control the speed. So, you can either go for 2 speed option or 3 speed option. Also. look for features like slow starting speed or gradual acceleration to minimize impact.


Editor’s Choice and conclusion

Among the various Uenjoy power wheels, it’s tough to choose one. However, keeping the new riders in mind, the Best Choice products 6V is the best remote control power wheels compared to the price you pay.

It has a lower speed limit that keeps your child in the safest position. The controls are easier to use and respond quickly. Even in the 2 Mph speed limit, you have 3 speed options to further control riding.

You can also look into the other models in this list and they have more exciting features! Hope this list is conclusive enough to make the right decision.

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