7 Most Realistic Baby Dolls That Can Cry and Poop and Eat

Kids are hard-wired to love playing with dolls, regardless of their gender. With the ever-evolving advancement of technology, dolls are becoming progressively realistic with every passing year.


A recent study by Cardiff University has suggested that playing with lifelike baby dolls fosters a sense of empathy, independence in kids. Moreover, pretend play sessions with toys that talk and behave like humans are known to develop social and communication skills. 

Today, manufacturers put a lot of thought behind the design of realistic dolls to ensure it encourages imagination and creativity in little humans. Above all, playing with a doll that also acts like a tiny human is a source of unadulterated joy for babies and toddlers.

In this article, I will go over the salient features of 7 brilliantly engineered realistic baby dolls that cry and poop and eat.

Here it goes 

Images Name Special Feature
Toy-Chois Baby-Doll Cry, Laugh, Drink, Eat, Poop
Baby Born Baby Doll Cry, Drink, Poop, Bath, Sleep
Baby Alive Sunshine Snacks Doll Water play, Eat, Poop
Baby Alive Blond Doll Move,Talk,Drink,Eat,Poop
Mealtime Magic Mia Doll React to food, Eat, Sleep
Cry Babies Unicorn Doll Cry Real Tears
Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Cry,Talk ,Drink, Wet

7 Realistic Baby Dolls That Cry and Poop and Eat

1. Toy Choi’s Interactive Baby Doll

Toy Choi's 16 Inch Interactive Baby Doll
  • 16 inch soft baby doll with 4 different sounds
  • Complete set with accessories such as clothes, biscuits, plates, spoons, baby bottles, and pacifiers
  • Made of safe material, no sharp edges, helps children develop basic life skills, social and emotional skills

The first entry on this list of realistic baby dolls that cry and poop and eat would be the best option for you if you’re on a limited budget. Apart from the usual sound effects like crying, laughing, saying mama, papa in a cute baby voice, it also makes a very realistic sucking noise when you feed the doll with a spoon or bottle.

It has blue eyes which constantly open and close, making the doll seem even more realistic. Despite being an affordable doll set, the accessories are built with quality material and can take some serious beating. My kid’s favorite accessory in the set is definitely the potty. 

Every time it makes the flushing noise, my little one goes crazy. Quite an until you ask me. The 16“ inch tall, talking, and giggling doll is not only designed to be easily maneuvered by toddlers but also comes with a host of accessories to make playtime more fun.

According to the description, the doll is made of non-toxic silicone material. It’s actually pretty soft and squishy – another reason my kid is obsessed with it. She also enjoys playing dress up and washing once she’s done feeding the doll. 

Playing with a doll that mimics a baby genuinely helps with emotional and social skill development. Holding and snuggling a realistic baby doll also helps firstborns easily connect to the newborn sibling and shrug off the initial resentment they might feel.

You need two AA batteries to activate the effects. The batteries are included, which is awesome but on the downside, it took me a while to figure out where the battery compartment is. It wasn’t mentioned in the manual.


  • Made of eco-friendly, soft material, appropriately sized for a toddler.
  • Makes cute laughing, talking, crying sounds.
  • Comes with a bunch of accessories including snacks, baby bottles, spoons, forks, pacifiers, and a potty that makes flushing noise.
  • You can take the clothes of the doll for cleaning.
  • Terrific value for money.


  • No instructions in the manual on where the battery compartment is. You have to figure that out on your own.
  • Some might find the noises overly loud.



2. Baby Born Interactive Lil BOY Baby Doll

Baby Born 14” Interactive Lil BOY Baby Doll
  • 14” interactive Baby born Lil Boy doll is easy to hold and features a huggable body for all day play.
  • 6+ real-life nurturing features including feeding, crying, peeing, changing diapers, bathing, and nap time.
  • Introduce potty training by placing the doll on the potty and pressing its tummy button to make it pee, and eyes close for naptime.

This one is about 2 inches shorter than Toy Choi’s doll, making it a perfect little present for a tiny human. It not only eats, poops, and cries but also sleeps and fusses like a newborn. The anatomically-accurate doll even has a button on its tummy which makes it pee. 

In the kit, you will find the toy replica of a dish with a spoon, a diaper, a pacifier, baby clothes, a potty, and a bunch of other small stuff that make playtime engaging and entertaining for the tots. Interestingly enough, the baby boy doll can be put to sleep and potty-trained as well. 

I was hoping to receive a bathtub too but later, I found out that it’s sold separately. It wasn’t a big deal for me, given the doll ticks all the right boxes, design and feature-wise. 

The material is really soft and pliable. Toddlers can effortlessly maneuver its arms and legs to make it sit up, stand, or lay down as they please. I love how it slowly closes its eyes when you lay it down for a nap. Playing with this doll is the closest possible thing to nurturing and caring for a real baby.

It’s possibly one of the healthiest and most creative ways to familiarize kids with our world. You can also use lifelike dolls like this to teach your tot basic anatomy and language skills. What’s not to love?


  • Made with ultra-soft, huggable material.
  • Does pretty much everything a human infant would do, including crying on top of its lungs when it needs a diaper change.
  • Perfect size for tiny hands.
  • The accessories are made of sturdy plastic and therefore, are well-capable of withstanding abuse.


  • The bathtub is sold separately.



3. Baby Alive Sunshine Snacks Doll

Baby Alive Sunshine Snacks Doll
  • Ready for both feeding and waterplay, complete with a removable swimsuit top and sarong, sunglasses, gladiator sandals, solid doll food containers, ice pop mold, fork/spoon combo, and comb.
  • Easy diaper flap for changing and cleaning up after doll ‘poops’.
  • Perfect for both girls and boys ages 3 and up and ships in recyclable, frustration-free packaging.

Unlike the other dolls featured in this list, the Sunshine Doll arrives in a rather unassuming package. If you’re thinking of buying this as a present, you need to put a little extra effort into wrapping the present.

The doll itself does everything it is advertised to do. It has a really cute face with curly hair and is small enough to grab and play with for 3-4-year-olds. It comes with a bunch of bright and colorful clothes and a comb, allowing the kids to play dress up.

This one has a rather unique diaper-changing mechanism. All you have to do is open the plastic flap to empty the faux poo. The doll is perfectly safe for taking a bath.

So, if you are specifically looking for a realistic toy for waterplay, look no further. The doll even has its own beach essentials i.e swimsuit, sarong, sunglasses, and sandals. To take things up a notch, there’s also a popsicle mold included in the kit.

Since the doll is meant for waterplay, it doesn’t use any batteries. While not needing batteries has its own perks, it also means you won’t be getting any of the usual sound or motion effects typically found in lifelike dolls.

That said, the whole happy summer vibe this doll exudes makes it an excellent choice. It’s also one of the cheapest realistic dolls on this list, so if you can get past the obvious shortcomings, the Sunshine Doll can be one of the best presents you can get for your kid.


  • Easy-to-understand feeding and diaper changing mechanism.
  • Great for playing dress-up.
  • Suitable for waterplay activities.
  • Comes with its own beach essentials.
  • Doesn’t require batteries.


  • Since it doesn’t use batteries, it lacks the typical laughing and crying sound effects found in realistic dolls.



4. Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby Blond Curly Hair Doll

Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby Blond Curly Hair Doll
  • Enjoy the fun and messiness of feeding with an interactive baby doll that makes mealtimes feel real – featuring 50+ sounds and phrases that respond to being fed.
  • Fun feeding and changing accessories included to make baby’s food, feed, and change her.
  • Suitable for kids ages 3 and up – baby doll opens wide, moves, talks, drinks, “pees,” and “poops.”

The makers of Baby Alive Doll took the “realistic” bit way too seriously, it seems. They are constantly hungry, making a mess, and needing a dozen diapers a day. Playing with Baby Alive can be an excellent babysitting drill for your toddler.

The doll’s skin is made of soft silicone, giving it a human-like texture. Thanks to the soft skin material, the doll can open its face wide when you feed it.

It even interacts with its “mommy” or “daddy” during mealtime. The doll speaks both English and Spanish (quite a feat for an object with no brain, if you ask me!).

The kit includes two packets of doll food which needs to be mixed with water. Since the doll is constantly hungry for some unfathomable reason, you need to keep extra food packets handy.

It also poops right after eating and pees seconds after drinking water, so you will be needing dozens of diapers too. The kit only includes two diapers, so make sure to purchase a bunch of Baby Alive diaper refill packs. In a pinch, you can also use cloth diapers. I’m sure the doll won’t give a flying duck.

All in all, it’s a great little interactive doll with a host of realistic functions that not only sparks imagination but also helps to build strong socio-emotional skills.


  • Responds to movements and talks to the “mommy” or “daddy” using over 50 words, hence great for encouraging language development.
  • Has human-like soft skin and beautiful curly hair that’s fun to style.
  • The bobblehead function makes it seem more lifelike.
  •  Comes with a huge assortment of accessories.


  • The kit doesn’t include a potty, so things can get real messy from time to time, owing to the doll’s frequent bowel movement.
  • The cost of diaper refills can add up quickly.



5. Mealtime Magic Mia Interactive Feeding Baby Doll

Mealtime Magic Mia, Interactive Feeding Baby Doll
  • Dynamic facial expressions and over 70 sounds and phrases to react to food combinations.
  • Comes with 10 double-sided food tray, light-up smart spoon, interactive bottle/soother and bow.
  • Perfect gift for kids aged 4 and up, covered by Spin Master Care Commitment

Magic Mia is a feature-packed real baby doll that giggles, and interacts using over 70 words and phrases. The dolly is carefully engineered to respond to different foods and motions using various facial and verbal expressions to make meal and nap time seem realistic.

The set includes a specialized feeding spoon that lights up when you feed and 10 different snacks to choose from. The doll has a specific response for each food. It even makes the “ahh” face, moves the mouth, and says “yuck” or “yum” or blows raspberries when it likes or hates a food combination.

The toddlers can whip up over 50 food combinations with the assortment of food packs included in the set. Just like a real baby, it burps after eating. The skin of the dolly is made of soft, smooth rubber which further adds to its lifelike appeal. It’s perfect for cuddling.

Props to the manufacturer for their terrific attention to detail. The subtle changes in facial expression when it talks and blinks are remarkably realistic. That said, the product isn’t devoid of flaws.

I noticed the paint on the lips was chipping after only a few days of use. Also, it can get annoyingly loud at times and there’s no volume control.


  • Cute and realistic mouth movements, facial expressions, and sound effects.
  • Interacts with the kids using over 70 words and phrases when fed and cuddled.
  • Comes with a special spoon that lights up and an assortment of 10 food packets that allow you to create dozens of food combinations.
  • Gives specific reactions to certain types of foods
  • Easily fits into newborn and preemie clothing.


  • Can be excessively loud at times.



6. Cry Babies Dreamy the Unicorn 12′ Baby Doll

Cry Babies Dreamy the Unicorn 12” Baby Doll
  • Cries real tears and makes realistic baby sounds when her pacifier is put back in her mouth and she is gently laid down.
  • Fun painted-on hair and cute star details on her face.
  • White and pink shimmery removable pajamas with a rainbow design and a gold unicorn horn on her hoodie.

If rainbows and sunshine had a tangible form, it would perhaps look something like this doll. I am totally obsessed with its unicorn horn hoodie and pink pajamas.

The 12″ doll is neither too small nor too big for preschoolers and toddlers. The super adorable hybrid of a unicorn-human baby cries real tears (well, not REAL real).

You just have to fill it up with water and take out the pacifier to trigger the crying function. It stops crying once you put the pacifier back in. After that, the doll can be cuddled and put to sleep.

On the downside, typical lifelike doll features e.g feeding, pooping, talkback features are missing. If you are looking for something basic but easy and fun to play with for hours, the Unicorn baby doll is definitely worth a shot.


  • Cries real tears when you fill it up with water and remove the pacifier. 
  • Can be cuddled and put to sleep.
  • Very realistic crying noise.
  • Will fit into preemie clothing.
  • It looks goddamn adorable with its unicorn hoodie and innocent face.


  • No feeding or talking function.



7. Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby

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Like the previous doll, the Baby Alive can cry too but it does a lot more than just crying. It can show a range of emotions, both verbally and with facial expressions. What makes this doll particularly stand out is that it can pretend to be sick.

Its nose lights up when it catches a cold and you have to wipe it with the included tissue. You can even check its temperature and heartbeat with the thermometer and stethoscope included in the kit. It’s seriously adorable.

Playing with the interactive doll that falls sick like a real baby can foster empathy in children and teach them how to provide basic care to a sick person.

You will also find a juice box in the kit which needs to be filled up with water. The water gets emptied in the form of tears and not pee, so no need to worry about dealing with wet diapers.

Styling the soft and silky hair and dressing it up with colorful baby clothes is another great way to play with this doll. I must also mention that the quality of accessories surpassed my expectations.

Now, let’s come to the negatives. You have to push the buttons every time you want to initiate a specific response like talking, sneezing, or getting the nose lit up.

Secondly, sometimes I can’t stand how loud it is. But then again, it’s a kid’s toy, that too a doll that’s supposed to mimic a real baby. Babies are loud. I did the math.


  • Drinks only water through the juice box and empties it in the form of tears. 
  • Long, silky smooth hair allows the kids to get creative with the hairstyles.
  • No pee or poop – hence, no mess.
  • Talks in both English and Spanish and makes various facial expressions.
  • Gets sick, lets the toddlers pretend play doctor with bandage, tissues, thermometer, and stethoscope.


  • You need to push buttons every time you want the doll to respond.



In Conclusion

It’s a well-established theory that pretend play with realistic baby dolls that cry and poop and eat is supremely beneficial for the social, emotional, and linguistic development of kids. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology we have at our disposal today, we have unlimited choices of ultra-realistic baby dolls to choose from.

If you are scratching your head wondering what to get for a baby as a Christmas/birthday present, wonder no further.

Babies are curious beings who would happily spend hours tinkering with a doll that talks and behaves just like them. Isn’t that the goal? To keep them occupied for a few hours so that you can finally just pause for a moment and catch your breath?

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