7 Lightsaber Fighting Styles Your Kids Can Try

In the world of Star Wars, there are 7 lightsaber fighting styles used by Jedis.

You can certainly bring these 7 techniques into reality and teach them to your kid. It might take a few weeks or months to learn them, but that’s well worth the time.


There are a lot of lightsabers for dueling and you can one of them to your kid to practice these fighting styles. This can lead to developing agility, presence of mind, balance, and control over body movements.

Remember just slashing randomly with a lightsaber will do no good. In fact, these techniques will make the time with lightsabers more interesting and even educational.

Style 1— Shii-Cho

The first and the most basic style of lightsaber fighting is Shii-Cho. You can easily teach this to your kids by showing them basic sword-fighting skills.

As Shii-Cho was more of a defensive style that focused on disarming the opponent’s weapon, your kids can learn to do the same. All they have to do is maintain elementary postures and then try to get rid of their siblings’ lightsaber.

In terms of Star Wars, the Jedi Order developed this style in order to teach young Jedis the techniques of fighting. It was the first fighting style used right after the transition from traditional words to lightsabers!

Style 2— Makashi

To combat the weaknesses of the Schii-Cho form, Jedis developed the Makashi form. So, after your kid master Shii-Cho, you can move on to this technique.

The main idea of this style is to focus on body movements, make more calculated steps and bring in some agility. So, rather than dismantling the opponent’s lightsaber, the focus should also be on protecting one’s own lightsaber.

The curved hilted lightsaber could be more suitable for such a fighting style and the Jedis used it too. To perfect this style, teach your kids about balance and learning to be more focused on their opponent’s body movements!

Style 3— Soresu

The Soresu form came into action as the Siths started using Blasters and the older dueling techniques became obsolete. The main purpose is to deflect the blaster rays and protect oneself.

So, how do you teach it to your kid?

Rather than an actual lightsaber to lightsaber fighting, this style can be practiced alone.

Tell your kid to imagine that someone is using a blaster on them and then deflect those rays with their lightsaber. So, subtle foot movements, dodges, short sweeps, and crouching positions should be taught.

Try watching some of the fighting techniques of Obi-Wan Kenobi who was a master at this form.

Style 4— Ataru

Ataru is like the ultimate Jedi offensive style of fighting. As your kid masters each style and gains physical strength and agility, you can then proceed to Ataru.

To master this technique, your kid must develop fast movements, powerful swings, and tack with more power. With Ataru, kids must learn to attack from all sorts of angles like from the front, back, and sides.

If your child can learn some gymnastic moves like backflips, spinning in the air, or even somersaults, this fighting style will become more effective.

However, it’s best not to try playing this one with LED lightsabers. It’s best to get a steel lightsaber to prevent breaking as the style is extremely offensive!

Style 5— Shien & Djem So

The Shien and Djem So together make this lightsaber fighting style. Shien is for defense and Djem So is for active one-on-one attacks.

The Shien style is basically defense against blazer attacks. The Jedi reverse holds his weapon like a baseball bat and then deflects opponent attacks.

However, the idea is to deflect the blazer rays back to the opponent. Even though it’s a defensive style, it still is offensive.

The Djem So technique focuses on body strength and powerful strikes on enemies. So, tell your kid to slash as hard as he can to harness the power of Djem So.

Style 6— Niman

Niman is the combination of all the older styles of lightsaber fighting including style 1, style 3, style 4, and style 5. So, this style doesn’t have a distinct pattern. Rather all of the techniques are used in moderation.

When your kid masters style 1 through style 5, tell him to use all of the techniques together. So, depending on the opponent’s attack, these techniques will be used in combination.

A lot of creativity, intuition, and experience are required in order to master the Niman. Darth Maul used this style in moderation and Obi-Wan Kenobi also used it occasionally.

Style 7— Juyo

Juyo or Vaapad is the last lightsaber fighting style. Jedi Master Mace Windu used it to attack enemies and is also the most offensive of all the fighting styles.

The Jedis didn’t consider it a graceful technique as it uses too much power and has the ability to harm the opponent lethally.

To teach Juyo in a graceful manner, tell your kid to be unpredictable in his attack. So, his opponent will hardly realize what attack is to come! More practice & focus is necessary.

Final Words

These 7 fighting styles will help your kid spend a more enjoyable time with his lightsaber. But make sure he learns one technique at a time and moves on only after he masters each one.

The best reference to actually learn these techniques is to watch more star wars movies and shows and read books. All you have to do is give some time to it and include your kid in this journey.

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