How To Take Care of Baby In Winter


Hello parents. Now the winter is up. Do you like winter? The answer could be Yes-No. But you would definitely admit with me that winter is the most anticipating season to the all age’s people. Cool weather, fashionable dress, delicious food and the perfect time for traveling the world.

But with so many beneficiary traits of winter there are some demerits also. As the temperature gets down the humidity level also drastically fall down. As a result, flu viruses, dry air or coughing, hard to breathing, dry and sore throats, croup, stridor, chapped lips colds, or just a stuffy nose.

All the above diseases are a common scenarios in winter which we could defend easily. But, when it comes to baby it’s really a headache matter to parents.

However, if you take some precaution then you can easily overcome this problem and have a pleasant winter with your baby!

Without much ado let’s get started-

Top 10 Winter Caring Tips You Must Know

In winter baby’s skin get dry quickly due to less humidity in the environment and lack of water. Your baby may face several difficulties like –itching, rash, hard to breathe, and so on. To prevent these problems you might follow the below tips for a peace and comfortable winter for your baby.

1. Messaging Baby’s Body:

A very important task in winter is to message your baby body. Though some think that messaging in winter is not necessary but doctors and health advisers highly advice to parents for messaging baby body through all the seasons. It boosts the baby’s immune system by circulating the blood thoroughly.

Keep in mind, in winter complete the messaging part within 8-10 minutes and soon wrap baby with warm clothes. Nonetheless, your baby might catch cold.

Moreover, Use almond oil or doctor recommended any lotion to your baby body.

2. Bathing Your Baby:

Try to bathe your baby regularly because baby catches very quick sweat as they wear heavy dresses. In addition, the temperature changes randomly hence baby feels irritate with heavy dress.

However, bathing gives them a refresh feel.

Most importantly, do not take more than 5-10 minutes in bath. As, water is the second cause of dryness in winter.

Again, you should use look warm water in bathing. If you are living in a cold area where the temperature is very low then you may sponge your baby with a wet tissue or cloth.

Tips: check water with wrist or elbow. Change your baby’s dress every now and then.

3. Moisturizing Your Baby:

The most important task in winter is to keep your baby moisturize all the day long. Because, In winter baby loos moisture quickly due to cold temperature as well as lack of water especially below 6 month baby does not drink water hence body gets dehydrated quickly and loos the moisture.

In that case, use moisturizing cream or lotion 3-4 times in a day. Especially, before going to sleep.

It is highly recommended that, moisturizing should be used in damp body like 1-3 minutes after bath and rest for the day use a towel to sponge the body then use moisture.

In case of lip moisturizing, the best way is to use breast-milk because using a product on lips can get into the mouth hence several problems ahead.

4. Using Humidifier:

In winter our room temperature drastically drooped hence the humidity level also fall. As a result, baby fight with various flu viruses, dry air or coughing, hard to breathing, dry and sore throats, croup, stridor, chapped lips colds, or just a stuffy nose.

To overcome from this situation install a good humidifier that provides moist to the air and keep the room in a perfect humidity level to live on. There are many good humidifiers on the market which really worth of praising.

5. Never Use Too Many  Products:

Never, never, never apply too many products upon baby whatever the season is. Sometimes it is seen that parents take it really hard to care their baby and use what they get near hand to their baby consequently baby suffer from rashes, bronchiolitis, or dry skin.

You should use the product which doctor or baby specialist recommends for your baby.

6. Never Use Heavy Blankets:

You may think of that if you use a heavy blanket while sleeping at night it would be better for your baby. But, believe me the opposite can be happened with your baby.

Your baby may need to shift the blanket in night again if the blanket comes over baby face he/she is unable to pull the blanket results sudden death. Take a look to the ratio of Sudden infant death syndrome SIDS from MAYO CLINIC. In that case, you should use a light blanket or baby-specialized blanket for your angel.

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7. Winter Cloths:

You should put on your baby comfortable clothes during winter according to the temperature. If you are at home then you can use less dress to put on your baby again when you are outside you should put on some heavy dress.

Full sleeve dress is recommended again cap, gloves are also important. Using cotton made cloths is highly recommended to baby for all season.

8. Continue to Breastfeeding:

We all know that mother’s milk is the best treasure of nutrition and antibody for the newbie baby. In addition, it prevents the usual diseases as well as boosts up the immunity system of the baby. So, try your maximum soul to breastfeeding your baby.

9. Maintain a Warm Atmosphere of The Baby Room:

As babies are prone to diseases especially in the winter so as a precaution you might make the baby room quite warm. As a study, undertaken by the Center for Disease Control expressed that the humidity levels from 43%-60% is best for the baby room as it prevents the flu viruses, germs, influenza and finally a soothing atmosphere. In that case, humidifiers can play a vital role.

Taking outside: You should not bring out your baby in the freezing weather. It might get cold instant. But, when the sun is shining or the outside temperature is quite endurable you can take your baby outside for a refresh. Keep in mind that your baby id full covered from top to bottom.

10. Nutrition Food Supply:

Before six month you should allow your baby your breast milk or formula. After that you can introduce some solid food like soup, juice or any liquid food to your is best to consult with a baby doctor about the diet.

Final Note

Above are the supreme facts that I discussed with you about the baby caring in winter. If any unwanted situation comes then you might go to a child specialist or health adviser for a healthy and charming baby face.

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