How to Keep Baby Warm in the Crib – 7 Effective Ways

To keep the baby warm in the crib, warm up the crib first using an electric blanket, hot bottles, or a space heater. Next, dress up your baby properly. Also, get a certified Crib for your kid and avoid keeping it near any wide window or under any fan.



I’ve explained only 3 ways but there are 3 more ways. Throughout this article, I’ll be discussing all 6 ways with more explanations. So, continue reading the article.

6 Signs the Crib is Too Cold for the Baby

Before you learn the ways of keeping the baby warm in the crib you should learn to detect if the baby is cold in the crib. For that, I am showing 6 signs below to detect it.

When the Baby Isn’t in the Crib

  • Check the room temperature. The ideal room temperature for your baby is 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is below 68°F then the crib should be cool for the baby.
  • Touch the crib mattress and rods. Feel how cold it is.

When the Baby Is in the Crib

  • Touch the nose of your baby. A cold nose is a sign the crib is cold.
  • The baby will grow pale skin.
  • The feet and the hand of the baby will be cold.
  • Your kid will be fussy.

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6 Ways to Keep Baby Warm in a Crib

It’s time to discuss everything in detail on how to keep the baby warm in a crib. Below I’ve added 6 easy ways to do it. So let’s learn about them.

1. Place the Crib in the Right Position

To keep the crib temperature comfortable for the babies it’s important to understand the ideal spot to place the crib. 

For example, you shouldn’t place the crib exactly near any wide window. The outside warmth can attract the crib very easily. 

Again, avoid placing the crib right below any fan, near the air vents, and warmer. It will help to have the temperature not too cool or too hot. 

Want to know which fan is perfect for your baby’s room? Check out this guide.

2. Preheat the Crib

Preheating the crib is another good method to keep the baby warm in the crib. There are several methods to do it. Let’s see how to make my baby’s crib warmer.

  • First, you can use a few hot water bottles to warm up the crib.
  • You can always put a warm blanket in the crib while the baby isn’t using it.
  • Using a space heater is another way to heat up the crib (Temporarily). For know, whether space heather will be safe or not for your baby you can read this article.
  • If you have a sleeper in the room, you can also use it to warm up the crib.
  • Finally, you can use an electric blanket to heat up the crib.

Now you’ve to be cautious about the temperature. Make sure you are not overheating the crib. As babies can’t regulate the temperature of their bodies, it can be highly dangerous for the baby.

3. Get a Certified Crib

Before you are purchasing a crib make sure you are investing in the right products. Now, how can you understand that the crib is ideal? Below I am helping you to understand the facts.

First of all, find a crib that exceeds the Children’s Product Certification (CPC). 

Next, make sure the bars of the cribs aren’t heat/cold absorbing. I would suggest getting a crib made of wood. 

If you’re still in trouble choosing a crib, here I’ve got the best suggestions for you. 

Product 1 Graco 5-in-1 Convertible Crib
Product 2 Dream On Me 4-in-1 Mini Crib

4. Dress Your Kid Appropriately

Before you dress him/her, understand the temperature of the room. Make sure to put them on a long sleeve shirt, thick pajamas, socks, and others. 

NB: it’s not always recommended to put socks on the baby before sleep. Especially if the room temperature is okay. However, a tip for you is – #socks are sometimes helpful for a baby with a fever. 

5. Use Tight, Fitted Flannel Sheet

Before getting into this segment a suggestion is to use a firm mattress in the crib instead of a plush mattress. 

Now to keep the mattress warm, tight, fitted flannel sheets are found efficient. However, make sure it’s bunched up. Because it can increase the risk of suffocation by covering the baby’s mouth and nose. 

6. Swaddle the Baby

Do you want to know how to keep baby warm in crib without blankets? If so then the last tip for you is to swaddle your kid. Swaddling helps to maintain body heat. So, babies can sleep with comfort. 

7. Use Sleep Sacks

Can your baby roll onto her stomach? Then the previous suggestion of swaddling is a big NO due to the risk of suffocation. In that case, a sleep sack is a safer option for your kid. There is no chance of suffocation and it provides plenty of legroom for the babies. 

Sleep sacks are founded to be effective in keeping baby warm in the crab, however, there’s a condition; the sleep sack must be made of breathable and warm material. Nested Bean Zen Sack is one of the recommended sleep sacks for your baby (6-15 months).


Even though all the methods are safe and easy to do, there is still something you should keep in mind. Below I’m addressing the points.

  • Never cover your kid using any loose blanket. It increases the risk of suffocation.
  • Whatever method you try to follow, make sure you aren’t making the crib too hot for the baby. Overheating the baby results in serious health risks.

4 Signs The Crib is Too Warm for the Baby

After reading the warning part you must be worried about overheating the crib. No worries, you can identify that. Here I’m showing some signs to identify it.

When the Baby Isn’t in the Crib

It’s quite easy. First, measure the temperature of the room. And then put your hands on the mattress in the crib and manually feel the temperature.

When the Baby is in the Crib

When the baby is in the crib and it’s too hot you can understand it by noticing different behaviors in babies.

  • You will find the baby sweating.
  • The baby will act restless.
  • The heartbeat of the baby will increase.
  • You’ll notice flushed skin in the babies. 

How to Cool Down a Warm Baby?

A topic comes naturally – what if you found your baby too hot in the crib?  

  • Immediately remove a layer of clothes.
  • Let them have a lukewarm bath.
  • Slightly decrease the room temperature.

Final Note

I think I’ve covered pretty much all the ways. So now you should have no more confusion on the topic of how to keep baby warm in the crib.

Make sure you’ve read the different signs for detecting the temperature of the crib. It’s necessary to understand when to warm up and when not. 

That’s all for today. See you soon with another solution to any major problem.

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