How Many Swaddles Do You Need?


Swaddling is an ancient act and one of the few that has found its way into the modern era!

For years, mothers have tried to wrap their baby around a cloth to keep them warm and cozy. And so did I and now you.

So, the question is how many swaddles is enough.

The simple answer I have is it’s never enough. Haha!

It’s true. Swaddles have a lot of uses, other than just wrapping your baby. After you consider all your options, you can finally come with a number that will be enough.

For me, 4-5 swaddles were mandatory and at some point I had more than 20 swaddles.

Here’s a guide that will help you to find exactly how many swaddles you need.


Getting to Know a Swaddle— What it Really is?

A swaddle is simply a piece of cloth that is used to wrap a newborn, so that they remain in good position and don’t wriggle out. In most cases, mothers use it to make the baby feel the warmth of the womb.

The time period of swaddling ends at around 5-6 months when the baby starts moving around. This is the time when your baby also starts weaning.

Don’t be confused with swaddles and receiving blankets.

Swaddles have winged sides and are easier to wrap the baby around. Whereas, receiving blankets have square sides. But sometimes, both names are used interchangeably for the same item.

Modern swaddles might sometimes come with zippers and velcro straps for more convenience.

Factors to Determine How Many Swaddles You Need

Different Uses of Swaddle

1. The obvious— wrapping up
Wrapping your baby using a swaddle is probably the #1 reason you are buying a swaddle. For this purpose alone, you might need 3-4 swaddles.

One-you will be using, the second- spare, the third- in the laundry and the fourth- a variance of the regular swaddle.

Here’s a video demonstrating swaddling, if you have never done it yet:


2. Changing nappies

While not as a regular changing mat, you can use a swaddle as a changing mat in emergency situations. Think of a muslin cotton swaddle. It’s extremely soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. Instead of using public changing tables, just lay the swaddle flat and get the job done.

Just keep a separate swaddle in your bag for this purpose and it won’t take up any space at all.

3. Nursing cover?… yeah sometimes!

The same price you have been carrying as a changing mat, can turn out to be a nursing cover in some situations. Muslin swaddles are highly breathable, so it won’t create any breathing issues while you cover and feed the baby.

4. As a burp cloth

Just after your baby feeds, sling a swaddle over your shoulder and let the baby burp on it. Yes, you could use a towel for this. But washing and drying a towel is a lot more tedious than a swaddle.

The moment I realized how efficient swaddles were, I kept one especially for this purpose.

So, that makes four swaddles for wrapping, one for changing mat+nursing cover and one for burp cloth. 6 swaddles!!

Types of Swaddle

Depending on the type and fabric of the swaddle, the number of swaddles you need might vary.

As a general guide, you should have at least:

6 muslin swaddles— Muslin cotton swaddles are the most versatile and perfect for summer seasons.

1-2 bamboo swaddles— Bamboo swaddles are softer and are more suited for babies with sensitive skin.

2 Jersey knit swaddles— These swaddles can be used during night or for any purpose where prolonged usage is necessary.

2-3 fleece swaddles— These are perfect for winter and also dry up pretty fast.

1-2 wool swaddles— Not all wool fabrics are suitable as swaddles. Those that are suitable turns out to be a great winter swaddle.


Frequency of Usage, Spoil and Laundry

Spitting up is common in newborns. So, the chance is you have a huge laundry list. In that case, you will need to have at least 1 or 2 more swaddles of each kind I listed earlier. The frequency of use might also be crucial and it means you will need to change more than often


So, How Many Swaddles Do You Actually Need?

So, overall, you will need at least 13-14 swaddles including muslin, bamboo, jersey knit, fleece, wool keeping in mind the various uses and scenarios.

But in most cases, you can get away with just 4-5 muslin swaddles.

Hope you got what you need. Stay connected!!

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