Do I Need A Glider For My Nursery?


When you have a new baby at home, there’s a lot of things you need to buy. Cribs and breast pumps are some of the most essentials.

But is a glider really worth it?

And what is its end value when compared to some of those essential items?

Our prior generations of moms and dads raised children without a glider. So, you can do without it. But then again glider has become popular in just recent years.

If you have the budget and are looking to create the perfect nursery, why not buy it. What I think is it’s as essential as a crib.

Read more in detail!

A Brief Introduction to Nursery Glider: How it works and stuff

Gliders look just like any other chair or couch and it has a fixed track. What it does is it moves forward and backward. The movement is smooth and almost noiseless. Some gliders even swivel and recline too.

Most gliders will have comfortable cushions on them with armrests on both sides. They come in various designs and shapes. If you are a short mom, there’s a few gliders for you too.

How Will You Know If You Really Need a Glider?

If you fall in one of these situations, you should definitely buy a glider.

Your Regular Chair Doesn’t Feel Comfy Anymore

Chances are you have a good old chair at home that you use to sit in the nursery. But the fact is you can’t use a normal chair to sit for hours and your back will feel cramped. This was a mistake I made during the first few months of my baby’s homecoming.

Baby Keeps Crying When You Hold Her

Babies love movement and motion. Their mind is trained to relax when they experience motion and much of it is because of her stay in the womb. So, if you are sitting with her on a stationary chair, she will cry more often than not. And how long will you keep moving or shaking your legs?

You Need to Sleep a Little in Between Feedings

Yes. A lot of moms prefer to take a nap in between feedings during the first few weeks or months. A glider will help you sleep and boost your energy. You can even sleep with your baby in your lap.

Why Should You Invest in a Glider for the Nursery?

Now, the obvious, why should you buy a glider. Here are the reasons:

1. A place to relax when you’re watching over the baby

During the first two months after the baby arrived I was glued to the nursery. I even ate and slept in it. It was like my only place where I should be or could be.

A glider will give you a place to relax and watch over your baby without hurting your back. If you sleep on a mattress, you are blinded by the crib’s edges and you can’t keep standing all day long. So, a glider is the solution here.

2. Helps to keep your baby calm and relaxed

The back and forth motion of the glider will mimic the motion of the womb. Not as aggressive, but close enough. This subtle movement will keep her relaxed and calm for much of the day when you are sitting with her.

3. No tears breastfeeding

Ever wondered why your baby cries even though she is breastfeeding? I have seen a lot of moms shake their legs or their body when they are breastfeeding to calm the baby. But this ploy isn’t very convenient and can spill milk. Instead, a glider can make breastfeeding sessions a lot more comfortable, tears and spill free.

But.. I Have Seen Parents Buy Rockers. So, Why Buy a Glider? Glider Vs. Rocker

Here are some issues with rocker and advantages of using a glider. This will help you make the final call.

The Problems With Rocker

  • A rocker simply eats up space. It moves in an arched motion, so it needs more space on the front and back of it to be fully functional.
  • Tipping over isn’t uncommon in rockers. When your baby starts to crawl, the rocker can become a safety hazard.
  • The motion of a rocker is a lot more aggressive and also makes annoying noises. Even though the motion can relax a baby, the noise can disrupt her sleep.

How Glider Is Better

  • The type of motion a glider makes minimizes its footprint. So, it will work for small nurseries.
  • The movement is a lot smoother than rocker. The best part is it doesn’t make creaking noises to disturb the baby.
  • Gliders are more versatile and have a lot more functions like reclining, swiveling etc.
  • Some gliders come with ottoman to add comfort and some of these ottoman can even move back and forth along with the glider.

You Live in a Small Home? You Can Still Use a Glider

Although a glider won’t take up much space, many parents are still confused if it can fit their small nursery. The good news is there are few gliders made for small nurseries. They are smaller in stature and can get as narrow as 25.75”.

Final Words

You need a glider just like why you need a crib or a changing table. Contrary to the popular belief that gliders or things like these can be purchased later, I would say, you need it more at the beginning when you need to stay close to the baby. You can find a glider in all kinds of sizes. There are gliders for tall people too. Hope this post helped you!

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