How to Decorate a 3 Year Old’s Room (Functional and Creative Kids Room)

Your baby is no longer a baby now. He’s a toddler!

It’s time to make changes to the decor of his room that will suit his needs and desires.


At this age, children tend to make a strong connection with the space they live in. So, you need to make the space comfortable and soothing to the eyes.

While there are hundreds of ways you can decorate a room for a 3 years old, we have compiled a list of 8 basic ideas. From here on, you can make little changes to customize it to your own.

1. Add Fun Elements to the Space

A kids nursery without fun elements is totally worthless. You need to bring in a few elements that will encourage them to play.

This could be an indoor swing, a slide or an art gallery. You can also build a wall with rock climbing design so your kid can learn to climb from an early age.

Whatever you create or buy, the idea is to provide at least 2-3 elements of fun & play. 

2. Get a Toddler Bed That Can Blend in With the Decor

Now that your baby has outgrown his crib, it’s time to upgrade to a toddler bed. These beds look amazing and also are smaller in size to accommodate 3 year olds.

You can get a real twin bed. However, we think toddler beds attract the little ones more because of their cute design and interesting detail. Just make sure the color and design of the toddler bed is consistent with the decor of the room.

3.Look for Creative Ways to Make Storage Areas

Many parents overlook the need for storage spaces for kids at this age. The result is a messy room with clothes spreading all over.

Instead bring in a small wardrobe with a height that your 3 year old can easily reach. Your child will learn to organize his clothing from a very early age and the room will remain tidier.

You can also be a little creative and utilize spaces under the bed for storage. Do whatever works for you.

4. Make it Colorful

You can choose a particular color theme for your child’s room. However, as he grows old, he might not like the color anymore.

The best solution is to incorporate a range of colors into the room. Your kid will definitely be interested and when the time comes to change the colors, it will be far too easy.

For example, if the room is designed with the central color green. You will need to change all the green colors later.

5. Provide a Workstation for All Things Creative

Many parents overlook this. But we recommend installing a workstation inside your kids room. This will encourage your toddler to work with colors, art and other stuff. His creative mind will be at work and you will find be able to frame one of his creative works at some point.

The idea here is to provide a space for your kid so he can write and draw. Even if you don’t have the space for a workstation, a small desk and a chair will do.

6. A Space for Relaxing and Playing

This is almost compulsory. Yes, your 3 year old’s nursery needs to have a space for relaxing other than the bed itself. This is the space where he will spend most of the time of his day other than the bed. Leave the bed only for sleeping.

This space can be a light up tent, a comfy couch or a cozy mattress filled with plush toys and pillows. Whatever it is, it should be comfortable and interesting.

You can decorate this space with lights, hanging stars and mirrors.

7. Be Imaginative With Using LED lights and Other Kinds of Lighting

LEDs are the craze these days and you will hardly ever find a nursery without them.

You can use LEDs in various positions of the room to create a certain kind of mood and color. Some LEDs change colors and you can get a few of these at dirt cheap prices online.

Apart from these, you can also use other forms of lighting like lamps and bulbs to make the room look magical. 

8. A Personal Blackboard or Whiteboard

We have seen a lot of children’s rooms having walls painted black. This can act as a blackboard and your child can draw on it without any limitations.

You can also buy a blackboard or a whiteboard separately and it will achieve the same purpose. Children at this age have all sorts of creative thoughts and you will need to provide them something to express these thoughts.

Final Words

You get the idea! Based on these 8 decor tips, you can build any kind of room for your 3 year old. Keep the color and theme interesting and a space for your child to have fun. You can make changes to other parts depending on your preference. And if you have a good budget, you can also bring in an interior decorator to do the work for you.

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