5 Tips for Creating a Productive Study Space for Kids at Home


“No studying on the bed”— Seems something similar? Of course it does. Every kid for generations has heard this loud and clear rule from their parents. And there is a valid reason for that. First of all, lounging on bed is not a good posture for your children to study.

Besides that, so much comfort tends to distract your little naughty one and make them sleepy while studying. That’s why it’s really important to make a separate study space for your child, especially in these Covid days, when your kids need to attend their classes online from home.

So, we will be sharing 5 pro tips to create a perfect study space for your kids. Let’s make their home schooling a little more fun and productive.

1. Be Creative While Decorating the Study Space

Being creative doesn’t mean to be extravagant. Keep the decoration simple with minimal furniture and organize all their essentials accordingly.

Alongside that, be creative with the decoration. For example, you can paint a protector around the room door, so they can learn and memorise the angles easily. 

You can write a poem that your kid finds quite difficult to memorise with some artworks and frame it. That way they will see it frequently and memorize fast. 

Creative learning helps them become attentive and also helps to memorize. So, why not make the best use out of it.

2. Keep it Quiet and Cozy

Set up the study space at a corner in the house. The space should be distant from television, computers, and other noise making devices. Because, noise distracts kids way too easily and makes them want to leave the reading table frequently. 

But if it helps your child, you can try putting on some soothing light music, or play white noise. Some kids tend to focus more with a background ambient music. 

So, keeping the space quiet and cozy is important. However, do not make it too extra comfortable. Too much comfort is also one type of distraction for little learners. 

3. Make Sure Your Kids are Not Struggling with a High Desk

Kids’ growth is variable from one to another and unpredictable. Although they tend to grow bigger faster, do not get a high desk thinking for the future.

Make sure their present desk is not bothering them. Get them a desk with suitable height, so they don’t get sore hands and back pain while struggling with it.

Study desks come in all sorts of functionalities and sizes. You can either go for an ergonomic desk with a few adjustable options or just a simple desk that matches your kid’s height will also be okay.

4. Cross Check the Overall Environment to be Suitable

Make sure to create a perfect environment for study, where you are planning to create a study space for the child. 

Check whether there’s enough light for them to see the little words on their books clearly. Also look for lights’ position. Crosscheck and ensure an optimal temperature for learning. Consider the humidity level and proper ventilation through the space as well.

All these factors have a role to play in creating a productive studying environment. Because, lack of any of these will cause discomfort and eventually will demotivate them from studying. And that’s the last thing you want. Right?

5. Get All Distractions Out of the Study Room

Kids act the fastest to any source of distraction. The reason behind it is their curiosity for EVERYTHING. So, keep all those things that distracts your kid from concentrating.

Different children have different levels of concentration. So, don’t blame your child if they have a shorter span of concentration than their siblings or friends. Rather make it easy for them.

Put mobile phones, laptops, computers, games, toys and every little distraction out of their sight. Even if that calculator seems too fancy to your child, keep it aside unless they are not solving math problems. 

If they throw tantrums about this, calm them down. And explain that, it’s not a punishment, it’s just for helping them to concentrate better.

Final Words 

Use these five tricks now, and you will notice a good difference. Creating such a suitable environment will help your kid to concentrate more.

The lockdown will no longer be dull again. However, your close attention will always help. So, don’t forget to give them that. 

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