Can Baby Sleep in the Swing All Night?

Can Babies sleep in the swing overnight?- The short and simple answer is a ”NO”.

A lot of parents use swings for baby’s reflux and to be honest, the result can be highly rewarding. So, you might be tempted to use a swing to make your baby sleep through the night.


There have been reported a number of child deaths due to SIDS while the babies were left alone in the swings for sleeping. 

Unsupervised babies sleeping in the swing for prolonged time has become one of the biggest child safety concerns in the last few years. That’s why every parent needs to know why their babies shouldn’t be left sleeping in their swings overnight.

Why Can’t a Baby Sleep in the Swing All Night?

AAP has published an official journal that sitting devices for babies such as, baby swings, stroller, car seats, bouncers etc. are not suitable for your baby’s routine sleep. 

However,  in general, they are not recommended for longer sleeping. Because this position can block their airways leading towards dangerous incidents like SIDS. 

Swingers and bouncers are safe only when used under supervision, especially for small babies. So, never leave your baby asleep in the swing or any other soft squishy surface when you are not around. Older babies with stronger neck support are much safer to be in the swing. 

However, even if under supervision, it’s not a good practice to let your baby spend whole nights in a baby swing. A short nap is okay but for routine sleeping, you must shift your baby to its bassinet or crib, on a firm and even surface. It’s best if you practice tucking your baby securely with his crib.

What Should I Do If My Baby Falls Asleep in His Swing?

Swings are great to make your super energetic little babies fall asleep faster. Since it mimics the motion inside of the mother’s womb, it soothes your baby and relaxes them. 

So, chances are high that you left your baby for two minutes in his swing and come back to find him asleep already. It’s a dilemma for every mother to wake her child up from fresh new sleep, but trust me it won’t affect his sleeping, but leaving them there may.

As soon as you find your little one sleepy or already asleep in a swinger, bouncer, stroller or in a car seat, take him out and lay him down on a safer surface. Most of the time your baby will not even wake up, but if they do, don’t worry. They will fall asleep soon again.

Why Should I Buy a Swing If My Baby Can’t Sleep in It?

Now, if swings and bouncers aren’t safe for your baby to sleep in, why bother buying one?

If this question crosses through your mind, let me rephrase it for you. Swings and bouncers are not safe for a baby’s long sleep. 

It’s just because the sliding motion of swings or gliders may misplace your baby’s head and put it in a not-suitable position for sleeping. Otherwise, there’s no particular harm from swings or bouncers itself. Instead, swings, bouncers and gliders are great aid for both little babies and mommies to relax.

To make your life a bit easier, you can get a plug-in baby swing that won’t require batteries. You’ll end up saving quite a lot and also relieve yourself from the boring task of changing batteries frequently.  If your baby is much older, you can also check out other baby swings designed for older babies 


Swings soothe babies with its little relaxing motion. It comes in rescue when your baby is getting cranky or irritated and won’t fall asleep no matter what you do. 

Yes, there are some safety concerns for every child related product. But that doesn’t mean, you have to entirely avoid it. Swings are still helpful and soothing for your baby. So, feel free to make the best use out of it. 

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